SUMMARY: A darklighter has threaten Paige's life. In order to save her sister, Piper makes a deal. The darklighter said that he wouldn't kill Paige, IF Piper would have sex with her sister. Paige doesn't want Piper too have too do it. But, Piper is set on saving Paige's life. So she agrees and Paige withdraws from the act and from everyone around her. Can Piper bring her sister back? Or is Paige lost for good?

CATEGORY: Family/ Friendship/ Hurt/Comfort/ Angst/ Tragedy/ Crime/ Drama/ Romance/ Spiritual


CHATPERS RATINGS: G - M The M Ratings Chapters will be marked.


SEASON BASED IN: Fifth - AU setting so no baby Wyatt.



"This is crazy, just crazy." Paige moaned in her sister's ear. "We can't be doing this, we are sisters after all. It's total incest. It's against the law. Not only the United States law, but ...."

"Just shut up and kiss me, Paige." Piper sighed as she pulled her baby sister's face closer to her. She planted a kiss fully on Paige's mouth, begging for the other to open her mouth, so her tongue could slip in. Paige just wasn't going to play the game, sighing deeply and with regret, Piper bit Paige's lips, hard. Paige's mouth open in shock and Piper's tongue slipped inside.

Paige struggled and pleaded Piper to stop. She felt hot tears roll down her check, but Piper just contiuned to kiss and pull her closer to her. She had to take herself out of this situation, she had too, it was a matter of life and death.

Piper wanted to cry out in pain, pain that she was causing her baby sister. The sister who was in so much pain, all due to her. She was the one whom had gotten them into this precious situation that they found themselves in. It was up to her to save them and protect them. But, damn it if she wasn't destroying her sister in the process. She was going to make this up to Paige, even if it took the rest of her life too do it. She was going to keep Paige safe. Even if it meant from herself.

She felt Paige go into herself and she sighed in relief, bittersweet relief, but at least Paige wouldn't be fighting her. Fighting what had to happen to keep them alive. Piper lifted her right hand and gently brushed Paige's hair from the right side of her face, as she pulled away from her mouth. She looked into her sister's eyes, and she saw nothing. She no longer saw Paige's spirit. Tears sprung to her eyes as she realized that Paige may never come back from this. I'm so sorry, Missy Paige. I'm so sorry that we are in this situation. I'm so sorry that I'm abusing your trust. Her left hand moved around Paige's back to her stomach.

Paige was back in her mother's arms, the night that she finally met her mother's spirit. The night that she finally accepted being a Halliwell and a witch. Part of the most powerful witch family line there was. She was a Charmed One. She was feeling scared, alone, and very unsure of herself - with her older half sisters, Piper and Phoebe. But, they were the ones who gave her the gift of her mother's spirit. Even through Patty could only stay for a few moments. It was enough, for that moment. She closed her eyes and just allowed her mother to keep her safe.

Piper tried to be as gentle as she could with Paige, as she removed her clothes from her body. God, her sister was beautiful. She leaned forward and captured her sister's mouth in her's once more. She began to perform the acts that had been ordered. She ran her hands up and down her baby sister's body as it began to shake underneath her touches. She very well knew that the shakes won't those of passion, no the shakes were those of a frighten woman whom knew her body was being used. But, she was powerless to stop acts. That it had too happen to stay alive. With tears in her eyes Piper removed the final article of clothing off of her own body, her panties.

Paige was back in Leo's arms. She had another fight with Piper, and Leo had come up to comfort her. Instead of words that would die at her feet, he simply put his arms around her and pulled her close. She accepted the offered hug from her brother. Closing her eyes she allowed all the pain and confusion wash away from her.

Piper's right hand went down to Paige's clint, her thumb slightly teased it to make it tight. She could feel her sister's juices start to ease out. She bit her lip to keep the cry from bursting forth. "I'm so sorry Paige." She whispered as she slipped her fingers into her sister. She felt her sister jolt in spasm. She began to move her fingers in and out, up and around, as Paige's body kept spasming. She saw the tears fall heedlessly down her sister's checks. She bowed her head as she contiuned to pump in and out of her baby sister.

Paige was back in her mother's arms. She saw and felt herself as a baby. The day that Patty and Sam had to give her up to protect her. She could feel her mother's heart beat and heart breaking sobs, as she held onto baby Paige for dear life. She could feel her father's breath on her face, as he leaned down to kiss her one final time.

Piper pulled out of her sister. She reached over and grabbed the blanket that was too the side of them. She wrapped it around her baby sister. She wrapped her arms around Paige and put her head next to her sister's. "I'm so sorry Paige, I'll make this up too you. I promise." She cried in her comortos sister's ear. She cried silently as she held her sister to her side.