Mackenzie POV

"Thanks Bells" I said nicely as I started to unpack

I left most of my clothes in the suitcase and just put some stuff in the closet and drawers. The room was depressing. It had a small twin bed and a desk that was really small with a chair. The walls were blue and white. And I hated it. I was used to beautiful gold painted walls and a king sized canopy bed with golden and white threads. I had officially hit the bottom of the well.

Next day

I woke up and went downstairs to see Charlie and Bella already up. Who the fucking hell gets up before noon on a Saturday?

"Morning Mackenzie. How did you sleep?" asked Charlie nicely. I could tell he was being nice because of what happened.

"Hi Charlie. Hi Bella. I slept fine thank you. By the way I am going to have to go to school here?" I asked. I really didn't want to go to school in this stupid motherfucking town.

He sensed my hostility. "Yes you will be going to Forks High School with Bella. Don't worry you'll love it there. Bella does." He said with to much hope.

"Great when does it start?" I HATE school. I always had. It was just boring. The teachers were rude and everyone stared at me.

"Monday and I have already enrolled you. Would you like to go school shopping?" he asked just as the phone rang. "Bells will you get that?"

"Ok dad" She said and went to pick up the phone. I could hear screaming on the other line. It sounded like a five year old high on sugar. "Alice calm down, no I don't wanna go shopping. I HATE IT. That's why I don't wanna go. No I will no let her go with you alone. Her parents just died I don't think she will want to. Alice NO!" Bella just kept rambling on.

I walked into the kitchen where Bella was "Bella, can we go shopping today?" I asked sweetly. "No Mackenzie. Please keep quiet right now please." Bella was pleading with me. Wow. Has she sunken low. "AHHHH who's at your house Bella. Tell me. Wait you don't have to. There was a moment of silence and then Alice was talking again. "OMG Bella why didn't you tell me Mackenzie Johnson was your cousin and she is at your house. I WILL kill you next time your keeping secrets from me ok and Edward wont be happy about this you know." She was talking pretty fast. "It's okay Alice. Edward came with me to pick her yesterday. He knows about her. Anyway maybe she wants to go shopping with you today." She was offering me to go with a crazy person!!! "Ask her but I think she will say no until you explain that the whole family is going today and that my brother is your boyfriend" she said. "Fine but let her decide."

"Kenzie that was my…. My um friends sister. She wants to know if you want to come shopping with her and her family."

"Bella I will only go if you come with." I said stubbornly "I don't like to be alone with strangers." I was alone with strangers a lot but I didn't like it at all.

"Fine I'll go to but only because of you" She replied.

"Alice she said"

"YAY Bella's coming with us" Alice screamed

"Alice I didn't say."

"I saw it Bella."

"Fine when are we leaving Alice?" Bella asked Alice

"In an hour. Be ready. Bye Bella" Alice said

ok sorry i havent updated in a while. i got a dog for my birthday so i ve had to teach him stuff and blah blah. Anyway heres the chapter