Author's Note:: Written for a friend at DFO! Bree/Rex after the divorce. Bree's alone with the kids. Rex has a new girlfriend. Long story, short; Bree has a dinner party and invites all..well, just read and find out! Don't forget to R&R!

Precious Love

"I don't believe you!" Rex cried out, "You sold my best suit? My Rolex?!"

"Consider it payback for what you did to me, Rex", she fired back, shaking her head, "And since it's divorce, it's only fair I get half of everything" she told him with a false smile.


"Well, you can have Andrew...since he doesn't hate you" Bree said, half joking, standing up and moving into the kitchen.

"Aww, come on" Rex said, following her.

"No, Rex, I mean it" she said, turning to face her almost ex-husband.

Rex studied his wife's face, she looked tired, worn. Everything that had happened over the last eight months had caught up with her. She looked somewhat older.

"Well, I suggest you get going, don't want to keep Annie waiting..." Bree said, venom and ice lacing her voice as she glared at Rex.

"No, I don't..." he looked at her and sighed, gently he leaned in and kissed her cheek, inaudibly whispering, "I'm sorry" and he left.

Bree stood in her kitchen, staring to where she had last saw Rex. Her hand slowly moved up and caressed the spot on her cheek where his lips had touched, she let her eyes close, wishing he was back there, holding her. She still loved him.

Yes, Bree Van De Kamp still loved her husband.

After everything they'd been through together, she'd still found it in her heart to forgive him. When he got sick, she could have just thrown him out to take care of himself, but being the perfect housewife, Bree found herself taking care of her husband, even after he'd told her he wanted a divorce.

Then there was Maisy Gibbons, one of Bree's friends from Barcliffe. They had been on the parent committee together for some years, and yet Rex had the indecency to go to her for sex. It tore Bree apart. Couldn't he have just gone to some hooker she didn't know? It would have been easier to deal with if he had done.

Of course, he was with...her when he had his heart attack. She, Maisy Gibbons had been the one who had signed for him, and that was how Bree found out about Rex's affair. And his tasteless sexual needs.

And yet, she couldn't find it in herself to hate her husband, really hate him. It was impossible for her to do. She and Rex had spent basically half their lives together, he had given her the best years of her life. Bree was a one-man woman. She didn't even look at other men, and she wished similar could have been said for Rex.

Bree snapped herself back into reality. She had yet another dinner party to organize. Well, not so much a dinner party, more snacks and mingling, and she was going to invite Rex and Annie. She had the perfect plan. So, in the kitchen she stood, hand still pressed to her cheek, leaning against the worktop, her other arm crossed over her chest. She stared off into space once more, thinking of how her plan would unfold.

Author's Note:: This will be multi-chap! Lol. Enjoy!!