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Precious Love: Part V.

A matter of weeks passed and Bree hadn't stopped thinking of that night she and Rex had spent together, so much that she'd worried herself sick. Most days she'd spend over an hour in the bathroom, just lying on the cold, tile floor until the nausea passed and she was able to carry on with her chores.

It was on such a day that the girls were over for their weekly poker game and Bree had rushed off to the bathroom, Lynette had noticed that Bree had been this way for maybe two weeks now and she lowered her voice, "Anybody else noticed Bree's uncontrollable bladder?" she asked, looking between Gabrielle and Susan.

Susan raised a brow and Gabby nodded, "Yes, I noticed it on Sunday at that thing she dragged us along to"

"Now that you mention it..." Susan began, "I did, but I didn't want to you think she's okay?"

"Look" Lynette said, "I don't think it's her bladder. Susan you remember when we saw Rex leaving the morning after her dinner party? And he was still in the same clothes..?"

Susan nodded and Gabby jumped in again, "You think Bree and Rex had some fun?"

Lynette gave a smirk, "A little too much..." she winked.

"You think she's pregnant?!" Susan gasped, as did Bree.

The girls all turned and saw Bree standing in the doorway, her face pale but yet flushed, she looked tired and her blouse and skirt were messed. She looked between her friends and then looked down, "You were talking about me, weren't you?" she muttered quietly.

Gabrielle was the first to speak, "Bree, we...we're worried about you and Susan and Lynette saw Rex leaving the morning after your party..." she offered, pinning the conversation on either of the other two women.

Lynette gave a nudge at Gabby and rolled her eyes, "Yeah...Bree. You two...had sex didn't you?" Lynette asked carefully, wincing as she waited for Bree to blow a fuse.

It didn't come, instead, she smoothed her skirt and fixed her blouse as she walked over to her chair and sat again, she clasped her hands together and sighed softly before she nodded, "We did and...I can't stop thinking about him. I love Rex still, so much...I thought I was ill because I've been driving myself crazy thinking of him and that night..."

"Maybe you should take a test..." Susan suggested, giving a comforting smile.

Bree smiled gently to her friends as they all reached to her hands to hold them and she nodded, "I will..."