Author's Note:: Okay, it's Casey/Bree. Based on RP, like I said. Pretty high femslash. Basic history; Casey dated John Munch. Bree's just divorced Orson. Bree and John get together...

Laws Of Attraction: Part I.

"Casey, I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to do it" Bree began, Casey threw back an icy glare, almost identical to the one the redhead usually wore at times, "You know how much I love you -"

"Obviously, not that much! I'd hate to see what you would have done if you disliked me!" Casey yelled as she scoffed.

Bree took a step towards Casey, taking her hands in her own, "Casey..." Bree sighed, "I love you so much but I was that annoyed with myself over Orson and the divorce, I just wanted some male company, please don't take it out on John, it was the alcohol and he's taking your break-up pretty badly"

Casey now sighed, "Why John?" she began, "And why didn't you tell me before...this?" she asked the flame haired beauty in front of her, nodding to her rounded stomach, "You could have and should have said something"

"Bree, look did I leave you when you slept with Elliot? No. And that was at the very beginning of our relationship" Casey smiled softly, "The point is we love each other, we were here when the other needed most. Bree, we're made for each other"

Bree sighed and nodded, "You're really okay with this?" she asked Casey, stroking her blonde hair from her soft face.

The blonde looked down to the side and sighed, "Well, not really, but I can get over it..." she offered.

"Casey, I'm sorry, I really didn't know what I was doing"

"Bree! It's fine, let it go now..."

The redhead looked to her lover and smiled softly, "Okay, if you say so...I won't mention anything else"

"I don't mind if you do, and plus you will need to, since you are carrying his baby...actually...I know you're going to hate me for this question but...whose child is it?" Casey asked carefully.

Bree looked into Casey's hazel eyes and whispered, "John's..."

"Oh..." Casey replied softly, she had kind of had a hunch it would be John's.

Bree nodded and then whispered, "Casey, I'm scared...I'm scared I'll be an awful mother, look how Andrew and Danielle went...I mean, and I couldn't even keep Benjamin..."

Casey wrapped her arms around a tiny Bree, "Honey, listen, life is about mistakes...and you will never be a bad mother, I know you won't...this baby will have everything; a loving mother, an amazing house to grow up in and all the compassion and generosity a child needs to learn values"

Bree held onto Casey and closed her eyes as she spoke to her, "I love you..." she whispered, "I love you Casey Novak"