A/N Kay, I wrote this because I have reeeeally bad writers block at the moment and chapter 6 of 'Three's a crowd' is being IMPOSSIBLE. So just an apology to anyone reading it, I'll have the next chapter up as soon as possible!

I had to write something to try and get my inspiration back, so heres the end result. Warning: this might be shit.

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Mercy – Iamx

So I celebrate your chemistry
if you bond with me
I could make your whole world sweet
I'm on my knees

Despite what people may have thought, it was never just sex. Ianto Jones was a new discovery to Jack. Jack wasn't really sure why he had given Ianto the job or what exactly Ianto was going to bring to the team...but one thing he did know was that he definitely wanted to sleep with him. He figured it wouldn't be too much of a challenge; after all it was Ianto who had stalked and flirted his way into Torchwood, sleeping with him should be easy.

Technically, it had been. Within one week of being there Jack had got him into bed, that wasn't the problem. In fact, Jack was a bit unsure as to what the problem actually was. The sex was amazing but it was never enough. With Ianto, Jack felt the need to impress. Jack could tempt and tease the Welshman into the early hours of the morning till Ianto was begging to be fucked, and yet Ianto still held the power over him without even realising it. Jack was desperate to please. He'd slept with enough people in his time to know when someone was there with him and when they weren't.

And Ianto never was.

Jack had been determined to change that.

The first two times Ianto had refused to look Jack in the eye during sex. On the third Jack had forced him to and instantly wished he hadn't.

Because Ianto hadn't looked at him, he'd looked through him.

And that's when Ianto had become an addiction for Jack. An infatuation. Every moan and whimper that escaped the younger man's lips was a small victory and Jack always craved more. He was determined to break through those walls of steel and crack the mystery that was Ianto Jones.

Unfortunately, he still had a few deeper, darker secrets to uncover first.