Title: Life's Purpose

Author: JenCarpeDiem14@aol.com

Disclaimer: Not Mine. If Michael and Maria belonged to me.. well I wouldn't have time to write this fic ;-)

Rating: R for attempted suicide.

Summary: Michael left Maria, but he's not willing to let her go.. she is.

Notes: I wrote this in my super depressed stage.

Maria sat up on her bed, she could feel him, his eyes on her. Slowly she looked at the window, sure

enough he was standing there looking at her. She got up and opened her window, she just watched

him. He turned and walked away.

"Michael." Tears fell down her cheeks, why didn't anyone want to stay with her?

First her father left and then Michael, the two most important men in her life. But this one wouldn't let her try to get over the pain, and every time she saw him another part of her soul fell away.

She closed the window and turned looking at her mirror.

Was that her? The reflection looked so different, her eyes had large purple bags underneath them and her skin was pale. It had hurt so much when Michael had rejected her, all she wanted was for the pain to go, she wanted that more then anything.

Walking towards her bathroom she noticed her swiss army knife sitting on her dressing table, she stopped and studied it for a few seconds.

Making up her mind she walked towards it opening it so that the blade was exposed, he was back again, she could feel his eyes on her back, she turned so that he could see the blade.

His eyes widened when he saw the blade near her wrist and he struggled to open the window, unable because she had locked it. He watched with wide eyes as she pressed the blade onto the soft flesh of her wrist and ran it across her pale skin. Michael forced the window open, just as the red liquid oozed out of the cut and over the blade as if it had been released from it's prison inside her.

Michael ran across the room grabbing her arm and placing his hand over the gash on her wrist, silently willing his powers to work for once whilst begging whatever god would listen to let Maria live.

Oh god how could he have driven her to this? Why didn't he see earlier how much he had hurt her?

The cut closed, but Maria having lost too much blood was unconscious. Michael picked her up and carried her out of the window and ran with her to the hospital, finally realising that he couldn't live without Maria, she was his life, she was his life's purposeā€¦.