She was cold. That was the first thing she knew.

Slowly she woke up and realised that she was in a bed. *how did I get here?* the last thing she remembered was seeing Michael then the knife then... *oh* she remembered cutting her wrists and falling unconscious.

"Maria?" Liz's voice said as Liz's face moved into view. "God Maria! We were so worried!" Liz hugged her friend and called in the nurse. After the nurse had checked Maria's pulse was strong and steady and that Maria was okay she left the two girls to talk.

"Maria... why didn't you tell me? I would've helped you, I'm going to help you." Maria looked at her wrists and was surprised to see no marks.

"Michael healed them, then he brought you here."


"Yeah he's outside I'm gonna call him in."

"Liz! No!"

"Maria I'm calling him in. You two need to talk and here you can't run away from him."

Liz got up and opened the door saying "Michael she's awake come in and talk to her. Now."

Michael walked in slowly and waited for Liz to leave before closing the door. He stood staring at Maria for about a minute before he sat down on the chair and decided to talk.

"Did you do it because of what I did?" Maria didn't know what to say so she

opted for honesty.

"Yes... I did. You hurt me in more ways then you can imagine and you wouldn't let me get over you. You were always outside my window every night you were just watching me but that hurt enough. And then I saw the knife and I decided that wherever I went, Heaven or Hell it's gotta be better then here. And you know the rest."

Michael looked like he was about to burst out crying.

"I'm so sorry Maria. I love you and that scared me, I couldn't leave you but I wanted to.. Every night I found myself outside your window I didn't plan to end up there I just always did."

"You don't love me. If you did then you wouldn't have hurt me like that." She sighed deeply. "You don't love me" She emphasized each word. "So just walk out that door and never come back."

Michael stared at Maria, silently pleading with her to let him stay, to take him back, even after all he did "Maria" he whispered. Maria just looked at him, her eyes stone cold. "Leave, Michael."

He stood slowly, hoping she would change her mind, that she would tell him that she loved him and would let him stay. But she didn't. she just watched him walk towards the door, stared at him emotionless when he turned back.

"I... Goodbye Maria" He walked out.