Creddie! Enjoy.

iWonna kiss Freddie

Carly's POV

I looked at the boy standing in front of me, tinkering with his equipment. Freddie Benson is a cute boy that i have rejected so many times, but now i feel confused and sorry, because i now know that i love him. Ugh, he probably wont ask me out again. He suddenly looked up and our eyes locked, chocolate brown eyes looking into deep brown eyes. Both our heads snapped to the elevator as it made a loud ding noise.

'Wassup Carly? Fredward.' Sam Puckett, my best friend, asked beaming at me, then frowning at Freddie.

'Nothing much Sam!' I responed, shrugging. I looked at Freddie and he rolled his eyes.

'Cool.' Sam replied.

'Where've you been?' Freddie asked Sam.

'Eating ham.'

'Gotta love ham!' I said enthuiastically.

'Yup' Sam replied, winking.

'Ok, we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2,' Freddie said picking up the camera.

'Hey people of earth! I'm Carly,' I yelled.

'And I'm Sam!' Sam shouted.

'And this is iCarly!' We corused.

'Now, today on iCarly...'

Later on...

'Before we finish off, Carly tells me that she wants to tell everyone who she likes, but i twisted it a bit.' Sam explained. 'Instead of saying "i like..." she's gotta say "i wonna kiss..."'

'What?!?' Freddie whispered.

'Shut up Fredward. Okay Carly, tell us who you wonna kiss!' Sam carried on.

'Hey I'm Carly Shay, of course, and i wonna kiss...' I said, and Freddie started to grit his teeth. 'Freddie Benson!'

Freddie looked like he was gonna faint. 'Me?!' He whispered.

'Yeah!' I replied.

'Ok now Carly. Now you have to prove it, cause you gotta kiss him!' Sam shouted.

'Whoa!' Freddie said.

'Ok, Sam hold the camera!' I said giving her the camera. I strolled over to Freddie confidently. He turned his head slightly.

'No, I'm gonna kiss you on the lips.' I said, moving his head so he was looking at me. He gaped at me slightly.

He closed his eyes and started leaning towards me. I leant towards him and closed my eyes as our lips met in a soft kiss. When we broke the kiss, Freddie stared at me in a dreamy way. i told him to get the camera and he obeyed. Sam told me that she felt like puking.

'Seriously, man, i'm gonna vomit.' She said. We both turned to the camera.

'Thanks for watching iCarly! Cya people!'

'And we're done!' Freddie said.

'Bye!' Shouted Sam, running out the door before i could say anything. I walked over to Freddie and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

'So, you do like me.' he whispered.

'Shut up.' I said, and we kissed again.


Thanks for reading people! this couple are just meant to be, it wont be Sam and Freddie. I had a dream once. All the iCarly crew were there and some of my friends too. We were messeging on the computers, even though we were in the same room. Freddie saw someone writing about seddie, so i'll do a dialogue.

Freddie: Seddie? You can't do that!
Sam: eww that's just wrong!
Carly: Yeah, It is!
Me: (messeging) Creddie! That's the right couple!
Carly: (messeging) Hey, you think so?
Freddie: (messeging) I do! I know so!
Carly: Ok.
Carly and Freddie kiss romantically.
Me and Friends: Yay!
Freddie: *grins like idiot* Yay
Carly: Yay
Sam: Finally!
Spencer notices a platter of cookies.
Spencer: Oo, COOKIES!
Spencer rapidally eats cookies.
Everyone: Yay Cookies!

Okay, it was pretty random. But before we were in the computer room, we were at my friends house. Their mom knew Spencer, so we got to meet the iCarly crew, we told them how much we loved their webshow, and we were friends imediatly. I was sad after i woke up. I wanted cookies bad T.T. oh well. Spencer my fave character, so i'm really sorry i didnt put him in this story, but i will put him in further ones. hope you enjoyed reading!