Halloween Duty-Part 2

By Sue (Jersey Girl in Oxford)Just using JE's characters again. Will return them....maybe!

It was a little spooky. Ranger would never admit he enjoyed the trick or treating or the Halloween dance at the middle school as much as he did. He smiled in amusement as he watched his Stephanie take the candy offered to her at each house. He had an eerie feeling that things were going too smoothly.

He stole a dance with Stephanie at the witching hour when his phone rang. It was Santos. "Yo!"

"Is this that Cuban hottie?" It was Grandma Mazur. He looked at the clock. It was 15 minutes after midnight.

"Is everything alright Mrs. Mazur? Where is Lester?" Stephanie looked at him with eyes wide.

"Well…it seems we've had a little mishap. We're at St. Francis. I think you'd better come down here." She disconnected.

"Something happened to Lester, Babe. We gotta go," Ranger explained. He instructed Tank and Bobby to take Val and the girls home and stay with them until further notice. He took Stephanie by the hand and led her to the Rangeman SUV in the parking lot. He could see the worried look on her face in the dark. Tucking a curl behind one ear, he leaned over and kissed her softly. He gave her a warm smile. "I'm sure your Grandmother is fine."

"It's not Grandma Mazur that I'm worried about Ranger. I'm afraid for Lester!" she replied. Within minutes, they arrived at St Francis. Ranger pulled Stephanie behind him, winding through the maze of curtains and stretchers in the ER till they found them.

Grandma Mazur appeared to be very conservatively dressed in a long black hooded robe and ghastly white face make up. What the hell happened, Ranger thought to himself. They looked behind the curtain to see Lester strapped to the stretcher. He seemed to be incoherent and mumbling to himself. Something about flashing lights. His normally bright green eyes were wide with horror. "What happened?" The doctor came over to report on Lester's condition.

"He was hysterical and out of control when they brought him in. We've had to restrain him and give him some Ativan. He hasn't been making sense but apparently, he's been through a tremendous shock of some sort," the ER doctor explained. They all turned to Grandma Mazur.

"Grandma….what happened?" Stephanie asked. She shrugged her shoulders.

"I have no idea. I just showed him my costume and he went a little crazy." Ranger was perplexed. She looked a little like the Grim Reaper but not enough to scare a grown man into psychosis.

"That…." Stephanie began pointing to her robe, "did this?" She jerked her thumb towards Lester. Grandma Mazur shook her head.

"No, this is just my coat. This is my costume." She opened the robe to reveal a nippleless bra and crotchless panties with flashing lights. Both Ranger and the Doctor gasped in horror. Stephanie began to giggle. Ranger dropped his face in his hands and rubbed his eyes. Lester began to scream in terror and pull against the restraints. The doctor gave him another dose of Ativan to calm him down.

"Babe…that site is going to haunt me for the rest of my life." He turned to the Doctor. "I think I'll need some of that Ativan that you gave Lester."