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(A/N: Here's something sad, no humor this time.)

Shane missed Caitlyn's smile. She smiled at him from across the room and he picked up her smile instantly. It was beautiful. Her lips spread apart slightly to reveal perfect, pearly white teeth. It brightened the whole room and no light shone brighter.

Shane missed Caitlyn's music. She would joke that she would become a hot music producer and never learn how to sing. She knew how to sing, but she always lived in either Mitchie's or Tess' shadow. Shane thought her sound made her original. It was scratchy but sweet and had a beat to it. Shane would listen anytime.

Shane missed Caitlyn's style. Who else did he know to have the ability to pair green converse with a pink dress and orange arm-warmers and steal his heart like she did? To the prom, she wore a bright yellow dress and sneakers. Everyone loved it. It sure wasn't Vera Wang like Tess Tyler's was, but it was cute.

Shane missed Caitlyn's hair. As she grew older, you could never tell what colour it originally was, it was always something new. It was once really bright green with blue highlights. It frizzed the same way it did when she was seventeen, but it was a more mature frizz this time. It was shorter and had intense curls. You could probably hide quarters in there.

Shane missed Caitlyn's laptop. She always had it and you could see the marks on it from when her puppy scratched it and she tried covering it over with band-aids which eventually peeled away.

Shane missed Caitlyn's cooking. It was strange like Chicken and cinnamon. It wasn't usually edible, but Shane loved it all the same. It always gave their kitchen the smells of cinnamon and other exotic spices, even if you couldn't eat it.

Shane missed Caitlyn's dancing. He remembers clearly when she taught him how to dance. It went horribly, he can remember that, but she never gave up on his dancing. He never can forget Nate's face when they tried to show him their progress and broke his guitar stand. Oops.

Shane missed Caitlyn's hands; they were always sweating when he held them. But, he didn't mind, his were sweating too. He missed the way she would stroke his cheek, and then giggle when he tried to grab her hands.

Shane missed Caitlyn's voice, when she said, "I love you," Shane knew she meant it. Caitlyn never lied. He missed when she would sing in the bathroom, even though he knew he sounded awful, he would join in anyways.

Most of all, Shane missed Caitlyn, because exactly two years ago on this day, Caitlyn Joanna Gray died during labour. Their daughter, Jessica Elizabeth Gray, died three hours later. Shane was never the same.

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