The morning was not going as most previous mornings had before it. This morning, the enforcers had their paws full trying to handle a very different kind of threat. A threat that was hidden from plain sight. The enforcers had a secret they didn't want known and the SWAT Kats knew what it was so the enforcers viewed the SWAT Kats as a threat that had to be managed quickly and quietly.

What could the SWAT Kats know that had the enforcers gunning for them (or gunning for them more than usual)? The SWAT Kats were trying to release the damning information on the enforcers to the public. They needed the katizens of Megakat City to know there was a dangerous threat to them by the enforcers. So how did this happen?

Well it all began on a quiet morning, unlike this one.......

7:01 a.m., The Salvage Yard……

Jake was up and about early as usual with Chance, yawning and barely getting moving just after him. Jake started making breakfast and noted a food run was needed.

"We're getting low on food stuffs, Chance." Jake said to his still sleepy partner as he opted for a bowl of cereal.

"I guess I better go into town and do some shopping then. What do we need?" Chance asked, stifling a yawn and deciding to wait on breakfast himself.

"Oh, just about everything." His friend smirked. "I'll open the garage and get started while you're gone."

"Okay, I'll try not to take too long." The tabby said, putting his jacket on and pulling out his keys.

Jake snorted in amusement. "You can try but I don't think I'll see you until lunch." He said dryly.

"Ha Ha! Very funny!" Chance snorted then walked down the stairs and out through the garage door.

The tabby climbed in the cab of the tow truck and headed into the city. Arriving at the market, he parked and strolled through the door. He snagged a shopping cart and headed down an aisle. A pair of sunglasses laying on the floor caught his eye.

Frowning, he paused and picked them up, wondering where they could have come from. Shrugging, he put them in his pocket then forgot about them.

He would find out later that he should have just left them alone.

I told you guys id update!!! This story was inspired while watching: THEY LIVE Starring Roddy Piper and Kieth David. Its going to have a few twists, so its not entirly going to be like the movie! And I'm putting this as T, incase i get a doity idea, but I'm avoiding the temptation.....

For now......