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Sitting on the bed in her room she stared at the ceiling, smudged mascara trailing down her cheeks. Tess Tyler was broken. She was hollow, a living organism, for sure, but she had shut down. It was bad before but this was the night of her prom and she lay, in her dress, on her bed crying. Ruining her make-up and squashing her hair.

She had no date, no friends and no reason to go. She had planned to go, and make Mitchie's $40 prom dress seem like a trash bag. She planned to have every eye in the place on her. But, sometimes, dreams are easier dreamt.

Her date didn't even turn up. There was no way she was going now. The prom started forty five minutes ago, and even if she tried she wouldn't get there in time.

Her life was a downward spiral. It was going nowhere. Her own mother didn't even come to see her perform on Broadway for her birthday.

TJ was in France, honey-mooning with her new husband, Pierre. Poor guy didn't even know she was already married several times, and was still in love with her last ex-husband. Not like Tess would tell him. She was going to be the perfect daughter her mother never even wanted. Even if she chose to tell him, he didn't speak a word of English. Her mother just knew he had money and that was enough to draw them together.

Tess lay there wondering how the world could have so much sin. Wasn't there a good person in this world. What was wrong with us? Did we have to kill to satisfy ourselves?

Did they have to kill the innocent? The only one who cared enough to take Tess to prom? Did they have to kill Jason Gray? Why didn't they take her instead? Why him?

(How was it? Was it worthy enough to be called Angst? Too short?)