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Chapter One

It's been years since the "gang" graduated from Domino High and they've all gone their separate ways. The only one who stayed behind was Joey, hoping that he and Seto might get together, but things didn't turn out that way.

Joey finally left Domino, and moved to New York, where he's working in one of the biggest art galleries, you see one of Joey's passions when he was growing up was drawing, and he was good at it. The art teachers always told him, "If you wanted, you could have a career as an artist."

When Joey left Domino, Seto was off on a business trip to Germany, and didn't know that he had left, but he soon found out when he came home.

Mokuba was also away, he was going to Oxford, just as his brother did, and when he came home for a visit, he received a letter from Joey and in it said.

"Dear Mokuba Just wanted to find out how you are doing in school, oh by the way, I've moved to New York and I'm living my dream of becoming a great artist. Please don't let your brother know about this letter, but I'd love to hear from you ever now and then, I'm working at Hollanders, and this is my P. O. Box. Joey."

Mokuba asked Roland, "Where's Seto?"

"Your brother is on a business trip, he's probably still in Germany, why?" Roland said.

"Nothing I just wondered where he is." Mokuba said.

He knew that his brother had put that damn company before his feelings for Joey and Joey couldn't compete with that, so he just left. Oh, well I warned him more then once that this could happen, but he never listened to me.

Two days later, Seto came home and was glad to see his brother, then he looked around and Mokuba asked him, "What or who are you looking for?"

Seto looked at him and he said, "Alright, out with it. What's going on?"

Mokuba then said, "Well you did it this time, you drove away the only person who really loved you."

Seto gave him a questioning look and said, "What are you talking about?"

Mokuba said, "Are you really that stupid, Joey's gone and he's never coming back. I don't blame him; hell I don't think that you really ever loved him in the first place."

Seto came so close to slapping him then he walked away and stopped at the door and he said, "Hell, he knew that I had a business to run, why didn't he say something before now?"

Mokuba couldn't believe how irrational his brother was, and then he said, "Seto, no one including me could compete with that goddamned company, hell if I wanted your attention I had to fake being sick or running away."

Seto turned and started walking back to his brother and he said, "I gave you the kind of life I never had, you never wanted for anything at all, and now you stand here and tell me that I never loved you, how can you say that?"

Mokuba then said, "Seto, I never said that you didn't love me, you just never had any time for me and that's why Joey left. He felt worthless and unloved."

Seto had tears in his eyes when he listened to what Mokuba was saying and then he said, "I loved him and he wasn't worthless, hell he's the only good thing that ever happened to me and you damn well know that."

Roland was listening to the brothers, he walked into the room, and he said, "If you feel that way, then maybe you should find out where Joseph is and go tell him how you feel."

Seto looked at him and he said, "If I leave, who will run the company?"

Mokuba had had enough, and he said, "Listen to yourself, you're doing it again, all you keep saying is who will run the company, who gives a rats ass about that damn company, I don't and you shouldn't either."

Roland stepped in between them and he told Seto, "You have competent people working for you who can run the company and hell I'll even check on them now and then, go to New York and find Joseph before it's too late."

Seto looked out the window and then he took a deep breath and he said, "What if it's to late and he doesn't want to be with me again, what do I do then?"

Mokuba went over to him and he said, "That's one chance that you're going have to take, but please go talk to him, he just might surprise you and want to come back here."

Seto then looked at Mokuba and he said, "Where do I start looking, New York is a big town."

Mokuba smiled and he said, "When I got home, I discovered a letter from Joey, and in it he said, that he was working for an Art Gallery by the name, Hollanders."

Roland then said, "Did you say Hollanders, hell I know the owner. I'll call and ask for the address and then you won't have any excuse not to go."

Seto knew when he was beaten and he said, "Alright, get me the address and I'll call Travis and ask him to fuel the jet for the trip to New York."

Roland went to his room and called his friend in New York the one who owned Hollanders. When he heard Jasper's voice Roland said, "It's me and I have a favor to ask."

Jasper chuckled when he heard Roland's voice and he said, "I was wondering when I'd get a call from you, what do you need from me?"

Roland said, "How have you been, it's been years since we've seen each other, and now for the favor, I need your address, it seems that a young man that works for you a Joseph Wheeler, well he's a friend of one of my step-sons and he wants to see him again."

Jasper then said, "I'm fine and why don't I believe you, something is kind of fishy. Why after all these years have you now decided to call me, what's the real reason?"

Roland then said, "I'll tell you when we get there, please don't tell Joseph about this call and Jas I'm sorry for not calling sooner, but well you have to understand, it hurt when you left."

Jasper wiped the tears from his face and he said, "Alright, here's the address, and Ro it'll be good to see you again too."

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