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Chapter 12,

Kellan had a lot of adjusting to do. Edward had maybe even more to adjust to. He had naively expected everything to be fine. He didn't expect his son to be stuck in a horrific routine. Kellan got up at sunrise for good. Edward went outside to find him doing various exercises.

"Kel what are you doing?" Edward asked.

He jumped up quickly in a sharp posture. Then he realized where he was.


"You're so tense kid, calm down."

"I'm not used to being calm. I'm used to waking up the moment the sun crosses the horizon and doing daily work outs."

"Are you going to have any breakfast?"

"Dad am I ever going to be normal again?"

Edward was taken back by that. "I don't see why not."

Kellan sat down and sighed. Edward sat down as well.

"I keep expecting this to end. I mean every time I've run away Aro has found me or I blow it somehow and then he finds me."

"If I had known you were alive I would have gotten you back sooner."

"I've killed people in those fights. I'm the reason everybody on that plane died. I'm the reason Bella became a vampire and she had his baby. He kept gloating about how you were going to lose her and all I could do was sit there and know that it was all my fault. So when I saw you both alive and well and with the baby I was surprised."


Kellan sighed and looked up at the morning sky. "I don't know how to live now. For the past seventy eight years I've woken up, trained a bit and then either endured Aro's torture or fought in the arena. I don't know how to relax. I remember laying in the sun with you when I was little and doing crafts and what not, I just don't remember how."

"Well, I was going to take Adriane fishing with Emmett. You should join us."


"I can't think of anything more relaxing. It'll be good for you."

Kellan smiled.

"Okay now it's time for breakfast."

"I usually don't eat that much."

"Yes and Carlisle said how underfed you are. Now Bella made cinnamon rolls."

Kellan knew he was beat so he just went inside with Edward.

"Morning," Bella said cheerfully as she put a gooey roll on his plate for him. She was cutting one for her daughter.


"Kel could you go get your sister?" Edward asked.

Kellan nodded and went upstairs. The child was waking up but she greeted him with a smile all the same.


"My name is actually Kellan, or Kel," he said.

Adriane hopped up onto his back and hugged him around the neck.

"You have been my brother all my life and so now you have to make up for lost time."

Kellan shrugged. "Sure why not."

"So you have to come with me and daddy and Emmy to catch the fish."

"Yes ma'am," he chuckled. She sat on his shoulders and he held her ankles. He ducked under the door frame to spare her head and went downstairs. He felt her braiding his hair and smiled up at her.

"I'm making you pretty."

"Aw thanks."

Edward smiled when he saw the two walk through the living room. Bella was coming out with two plates of fresh cinnamon rolls and she smiled.

"Did you sleep well sweetie?"

"Uh huh. Look mommy Kelly's pretty!"

"He certainly is," Bella agreed. Kellan lifted his sister off of his shoulders and set her down. She climbed up onto her chair and began to eat the pieces of her breakfast.

"These are delicious," Kellan said.

"Thank you. I used to make them for my mom."

"Mommy why can't I meet other grandma and grandpa?"

"Because sweetie I can't be around humans right now."

"Why?" Adriane asked.

"Eat your breakfast."

Bella seemed to be a little upset. She gave Adriane the blood she needed in a metal cup and Adriane drank it.

"Mommy you forgot to give Kelly some."

"I don't drink blood," Kellan said.


"I'm allergic to it."

"But daddy drinks it."

"Daddy's weird as it is," Kellan chuckled.

"Am not!"

"I grew an allergy to it after I think a month."

"All kinds? Even the special kinds that mommy and daddy drink?"

"Animal blood gives me hives and human blood makes my throat swell...and gives me hives."

"Mommy what are hives?"

"Like really really bad bug bits."


Adriane stopped with the questions an ate more of her breakfast. As she did Bella combed out her hair and put it up in a pony tail. When they finished up they both took their plates to the kitchen and were snagged by Edward and Emmett.

Down by the river they sat on logs and fished. Adriane had a tiny child's rod and she was having the time of her life. Emmett had already caught some fish as had Edward. Kellan was just trying to find a way to relax. Everything about him was stiff and tense.

"Kel you okay?" Edward asked.

"Yeah. I'm having fun."

"Dude you're like a statue."

"Habit," he mumbled.

"Daddy I got one!"

Edward went to help his daughter reel in the fish and take it off the hook.

"Can I keep it?"

"No sweetie. See we toss him back so that he can go back with his friends."

"Oh. But I wanted to keep him."

"I'm sorry precious but you're too young for a pet."

Adriane poked out her tiny bottom lip and Edward shook his head no. He looked over and saw Kellan was carving a chunk of wood with his fingernails. He sat down beside him.

"Your crafts have gotten a little more sophisticated."

Kellan shrugged and pulled a piece of paper out of his back pocket. "You mean this isn't sophisticated."

Edward smiled and took the worn heart.

"Oh hey Edward that matches yours," Emmett said. "Only it's a little better cut."

"Dad made this one for me."

Edward hugged his shoulders and kissed his temple. "I can't believe you kept this."

The heart was so worn out. The writing on it had been smudged from when he jumped into the ocean. He did notice that it had been laminated once.

"I did it one of the times I escaped. Y'know, before Aro found me again."

"Did you escape often?"

"Eh not really. It's a little difficult."

Kellan went back to carving. His nail shaped around the wood and he kept carving. Adriane was now sitting on Emmett's lap. Edward smiled at the situation. His kids were both happy and well. He had his family and they were complete. He had everything he ever wanted. He was just scared that it would be taken away.


Kellan sat out by the water alone that night. He knew that his parents were aware of his absence but he was thankful they let him have it. He had to remember that Bella only worried constantly over Adriane's whereabouts because she was so young still. He shifted and continued his carvings, this time with a pocket knife. He shaped the wood and leaned against a large tree. He continued to feel at peace and calm. But then again, he had trained himself to be calm at all times. Nothing lost a fight quicker than loose emotions.

Besides things were at an all time best right now. He had his father and his grandparents back and better still he had a step mother who was nothing but sweet to him and a quirky little sister. It was strange that even though he knew Adriane was Aro's daughter with Bella and in no way related to him, she felt like it. She most likely didn't know that Edward wasn't her biological father so as far as she knew they were actually siblings. He sighed and shook his head. She should have been though. Bella didn't deserve the pain of another man's child. He hated Aro for everything and with everything he had.

Then there were the feelings he didn't understand. The feeling of jealousy towards his little sister. Sure he loved the child, who could blame him? But he hated the fact that he never knew the love of two parents and he both hated and loved the fact that she was going to grow into an adult under the watchful eyes of her parents.

Aro stole his life. He took his childhood and forced him into a violent world where he either had to grow up or die. And grow up he did. At the tender age of a year old, with the body of a young teenager, Kellan killed for the first time in a cut throat match. It was when he realized that in that world you didn't make friends. He learned that the hard way as he had to kill his first friend in that match. Adriane was never going to experience that. At a year old she was going to be shopping with her mother and beginning her leisurely stroll towards adulthood.

He closed his eyes. He could still remember the feel of Aiden's neck under his hands as he pinned him down. He heard the vampire's laugh as the two boys fought for their lives. The boys had been friends. They shared a thin tattered blanket when it was cold. But his friend hadn't hesitated to try to with the fight the moment sudden death was declared. In the end Kellan won with his agility and special talents. He saw clearly the boy's empty eyes and the way the pulse stopped. He remembered Aro pulling him to his feet and declaring him the winner.

Kellan felt a hand on his shoulder and acted out of instinct. He kicked from the tree, pinning whoever it was below him and pressing the small knife he had been using against the pale neck. Then he realized who he had tackled. He sighed and stood, helping Carlisle up with him.

"Sorry. I'm not used to...sorry."

"You were so tense I was worried about you," Carlisle said dusting himself off, "do you want to talk about it."

"I was thinking about Adriane."

Carlisle raised his eyebrows.

"She's going to grow up surrounded by warmth and people who love her."

"Ah," Carlisle said as he sat on the bank of the river. He dipped his feet in the cool water and sighed. Kellan sat beside him and looked at his hands.

"A few months after my first birthday I killed someone for the first time. He was the only friend I ever made and we were ordered to kill each other in a sudden death match."

"I'm very sorry you had to go through that," Carlisle said quietly.

"She'll never know how that feels. I've killed so many people to save my own life but each one still hurts as much as the first. With each time I felt more like Aro. I hate that she'll be happy but I want nothing else for her."

Carlisle couldn't help but smile a little.


"You and Edward both seem to never cease to amaze me. Kellan it warms my heart to know you still hold compassion even after all you've been through."

"You seem to be under the impression that I'm a good person."

Carlisle smiled. "One of my favorites. I do believe your father said something along those lines to me once."

Kellan sighed and stood. He looked up at the stars. He knew that Carlisle was waiting for something to catch up with him. He was expecting anger.

"Why do you want me to be angry?" Kellan asked stiffly.

"When someone goes through trauma it's common to see a reaction of some kind. I haven't really seen one from you. Not like I expected."

"What did you expect?"

He didn't sound angry but Carlisle could sense irritation.

"Anger mostly. I don't know Kel I guess I just expected you to be angry with us."

Kellan was surprised to say the least.

"I just stood there," Carlisle said, "I just watched as my son tore his heart in half because I was too cautious."

"I'm glad you didn't do anything. I mean now it doesn't matter. We're all together again."


Kellan shrugged. "I'm waiting for it all to be a dream."

Carlisle hugged him gently. "This is real."

Kellan sighed and nodded. They broke the hug and Carlisle gave Kellan's hair an affectionate ruffle.

"With time all of your scars will fade."

"How do you know?"

"After three hundred years you learn a few things. Now I'm sure Esme's finished dinner for you and Adriane."

Kellan nodded and they walked inside. Esme had finished dinner and it was a delicious stew like the kind she made for him when he was little. Bella and Edward sat with them this time. Edward sighed about how human food was even appealing and Bella made sure her daughter didn't make a huge mess.

"I don't like carrots," Adriane declared.

"Oh they're so good for you," Bella insisted. Adriane wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

"They're nice a soft," Kellan said as he took a bite of his stew and a carrot near dissolved in his mouth. "Besides she just doesn't know what kind of special carrots they are."

Adriane looked at him. "They aren't special carrots."

Kellan nodded. "They can make you stronger."

"Nuh uh."

"Suit yourself more for me," Kellan shrugged. "Yummy."

Adriane eyed him suspiciously. Then she took some of the carrots in the stew and ate them.

Say it, I rock

Edward chuckled and nodded.


"Then the princess and the prince lived happily ever after."

"Really daddy?"

"I suppose. I mean there is no more book to say otherwise," Edward shrugged, "but I'll bet that they had a sweet little angel of their own and they are one big happy family."

Adriane grinned and he hugged her. "Good story daddy."

"I'll add it to your favorites then," Edward said as he got up. He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "Goodnight sweetheart."

"Night daddy."

Edward turned her light off and walked out of her room just as Kellan was coming up the stairs.

"Hey kiddo feeling better?"

Kellan shrugged. "I've felt better."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Kellan shook his head no. There wasn't anything anyone could do. "I just need time to adjust and process things."

"Alright. But let me know if you need me."

"I'll always need you dad."

Edward smiled and hugged him. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you too."

He kissed Kellan's temple and sent him off to bed. He heard his son tiredly drop his clothes in the hamper before collapsing on his bed. He went downstairs where Carlisle was reading.

"Is he going to be okay?"

"Once he stops being so high strung."

"Edward you can't possibly expect him to be exactly the same," Bella said. Edward looked at her and sighed. She was right and he knew it. Showing his maturity he huffed and ignored them. He softened when he saw that his children were dreaming a few hours later. Adriane was dreaming about a princess in a castle. Kellan's however was much darker. He was dreaming about fighting and how easily he killed some of his opponents.

So warm and alive. I can feel his pulse under my hands. No don't look at me! Please don't look at me! Stop! I'm not doing this because I hate you! I have no choice! I have to survive! You'd do the same admit it!

Upstairs Kellan awoke with a start. His heart was racing and he was sweating. He fell back down against his pillows and slowly caught his breath. There was no sense in feeling regret, what's done is done. Sending his regrets won't bring any of them back to life.

He got out of bed and curled up in a corner of his room. The carpet was soft but not as soft as the bed. It was weird. Just weird. He couldn't sleep in his bed tonight. He had pulled his sheet over with him and he snuggled up under it. With his arm as a pillow he fell asleep.


"Is something wrong with your bed sweetie?" Esme asked gently as she came to wake him up.

Kellan shook his head no as he stretched. He usually got up well before someone came to wake him and his sister but he appreciated the gesture.

"I just wanted to sleep on the floor."

"Oh, alright I guess. Breakfast is ready."

Kellan nodded and went downstairs. He saw Edward and knew he probably wanted to talk. But Edward was silent. He was silent while Kellan took the plate Esme had made up for him and poured some orange juice. He was also silent while Kellan ate. His mind was playing a dial tone.

"Okay my bed was too soft and after the nightmare I had I couldn't sleep in it so I had to move to the floor! Please stop sweating me!"

Edward smiled slightly and Kellan sighed. "You're no match for me my boy."

"Well someday. I've got a good decade or two on you."

Edward grinned. "Kel I just want to know that everything is okay. You've been acting strangely lately."

Kellan shrugged and poked at his bacon. "Now that I've survived and that is no longer my driving force behind everything, I keep thinking about the people I've killed. The people I've left behind."


"No that's the thing. Just people like me who may still be stuck in that hell while I'm here comfy and taken care of. It's still so new to me and I'm a tad overwhelmed."

"We just want to take care of you," Edward said, slightly sad.

"I do appreciate it dad. I missed your omelets and grandma's soups. I'm just not used to it yet."

Edward sighed. "I just hate to see you hurt in any way. I just want to beat Aro's ass into the ground for what he did to you."

"Sorry I beat you to it."

He stood and ruffled Kellan's hair. He left without a word just as Bella was carrying a still sleepy Adriane into the dining room.


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