I strolled leisurely down the street with a cup of coffee in my hands. (I'd added blood instead of milk, but I wasn't completely inhuman! I need caffeine, too!) I was listening closely, hoping that a chance to spread mayhem would occur.

and throw your hands up in the AYER a-AYER! AYER! A- ayer!

you can have whatever you like! Said, you can have whatever you like…

Honestly, it was like song lyrics were all anyone thought about! Did everyone have to have a song in their head! It drives me crazy! Arghhh!!!

Oh, I hope I keep this shirt clean, Marcie'll kill me if I stain it!

Mwahahahaha. I stopped in front of the teenage girl wearing the shirt in question and purposely tripped. I made sure to throw my coffee cup towards the girl, and splashed it on her at inhuman speed. When she finally realized what had happened, I was on the ground, pushing myself up. I pretended to see the black stain on her shirt for the first time. "Oh, did I do that?" I asked politely. "Terribly sorry." I practically skipped away, forcing myself not to crack up.

I wish kids would stop to help old people across the street like they used to, thought an old man waiting at the crosswalk. I ran over to him and put my hand on his back. "Come on, Gramps," I chanted. He grinned. When I had escorted him halfway across the street, I snickered and ran away. I watched behind me as he stopped, confused, and stomped angrily back to the crosswalk before something could hit him. That was good. I didn't want blood on my hands, no pun intended.