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This is the next installment in the Vampire Kimmie chronicles, also known as the "New Blood" series. Before reading this, I would suggest you Zaratan's story "Blood Ties," which was his sequel to "New Life." There is a link to "Blood Ties" on my profile and it is also listed under my favorites.

Blood In

1: Revolve

"Goddamn it," Shego hissed as she pulled her now-injured hand out of a pipe. She stood up to her full height and banged her head on a different pipe. "Oh, goddamn it!" she hollered in pain as her free hand went to her head, feeling a bump already trying to make its presence known.

Shego noticed it did not seem to be her day, and she probably should have stayed in bed. Were it any other day, she would have stayed in for a good long time. She did share the space with a sexy, insatiable, forever-young vampire, after all. Who would want to get out of bed if such a creature was waiting?

Usually, Kim made it a point to keep Shego in bed for a couple of hours after they woke up, but the way that they went to bed last night had not left Kim in the best of moods, apparently. The redhead, after making sure that Shego was paralyzed from the neck down from mind-numbing pleasure, informed her soul mate that she was going to go visit her parents later on. The visit was not a problem with Shego… or so the former villainess tried to make it seem. Shego expected Kim to visit with her parents, her family, and her friends that knew that she was not dead, as the rest of the world was led to believe. The problem came up when Shego refused to accompany Kim on her visit. Things had gone downhill from there.

Kim, of course, wanted to know why Shego did not want to go with her to see her parents. After all, Shego was the one that set up the little reunion a couple of months ago. Now, Shego never wanted to go see the Possibles. She never wanted to go with Kim to visit Monique or Ron either. She did not even offer decent excuses, aside from something weak like "they're not my friends" or "I don't care about them." The bland responses only worsened Kim's mood and it seemed like she could not get out of their home fast enough.

Things had not been going so great for the couple since they escaped Global Justice's talons and settled into their new home, a home that was right in the backyard of Kim's old home. They were living in one of Drakken's old lairs and it was right outside of Middleton.

The location gave Kim the perfect chance to visit her parents, brothers, Wade, and Monique whenever the urge came over her. Monique lived a little further away in the city, but she was still a good distance for Kim to visit her often. Seeing Ron was only slightly more difficult because he lived in another country, over an ocean, but Kim was very willing to fly the distance to see him. She was not able to teleport over such a vast distance, but she was trying to figure it out to make it easier to visit with her best friend.

Shego, on the other hand, was busying herself with "household" projects, like the one that she was doing now. She was trying to fix the pipes in the basement to get some use out of the other bathrooms in the lair; the place had a bunch of them because it used to hold so many people. She and Kim used the one that was adjacent to the bedroom that they had chosen, which was actually Shego's old room. Thankfully, that bathroom was still working while the others were all out of order.

When they had first moved in, Shego and Kim did not think that it would take much to get the old lair in order for them to live in it. But, after making sure the security was up, running, and keeping GJ away from them, everything else was slow to start. At first, it annoyed the hell out of Shego, but now, she was quite happy for that fact. It gave her something to do when she and Kim had a… problem.

"Problems seem to be multiplying," Shego muttered while continuing to rub her head. The knot was there now, but she knew that it would be gone soon enough.

Instead of tending to her wounds, the super-powered woman decided to sit down. She sighed and rubbed her face. She felt tears stinging her eyes, but she refused to cry. Bad girls are not supposed to cry, she reminded herself.

"I already know she's going to leave me. Why does knowing it's coming not help ease this fucking pain in my chest?" Shego asked herself, fingers massaging the center of her chest. This was something that had been eating at her for a while now and it always seemed to come out when she was alone.

The pale woman felt like her chest was going to cave in and it felt like that a little more each time Kim decided to leave to go visit someone. She had been feeling that way since Ron sneaked into their home. She had worried so much that Ron was going to manage to leave with her little vampire. Hell, she knew deep down, she was still worried that Ron would come back and steal away with her bloodsucker. If not him, she felt like Kim's parents would convince Kim to come back home or Kim would just decide that she wanted to be with someone from her old life in order to be even closer to her old life.

After all, Kim seemed to like visiting people a lot more than spending time with Shego, the ex-thief thought. Kim went out visiting almost every day. Sometimes, she stayed out the whole day and did not bother with contacting Shego. She would barely talk to Shego back when Shego would contact her. Shego did not really bother with it much now. The green-skinned woman was certain that was a big hint that Kim preferred the company of others now.

"I don't want to be alone now," Shego muttered and then she shook her head, as if trying to right her brain. "What the hell is wrong with me? I really shouldn't give a shit about this."

And, yes, maybe she would not have cared about things if it were seven years ago… maybe a little bit more considering the fact that even when she was not supposed to care, she had gone out of her way to find Kim and fight off a hungry vampire for the former teen hero. Right now, though, Kim was all she had. Kim was her whole life and the thought of losing Kim was constantly and consistently gnawing at her gut, devouring her soul.

"What am I supposed to do once she leaves?" Shego asked herself. "If she ever finds a voluntary food supply, I'm done."

She figured that it would be much easier for Kim to find someone to feed off of now. Kim did not need much blood thanks to the Philosopher's Stone. She seemed to get the thirst about once a month… leading to some very colorful jokes from Shego when she was in the mood to be a smartass, which was not as often as now as it was in the past. She had not been feeling much like herself lately.

"I should enjoy being free, but I feel worse now than I have in the past seven years," Shego admitted to herself and the walls. It was like she was waiting for her legs to be sawed off with a butter-knife, but she just could not bring herself to talk about it.

She did not want Kim to feel like she was obligated to stay, which was why she did not talk about it. Inside, part of her felt like Kim was obligated to stay with her. After all, she had gone through a lot of crap for that girl in the past. Kim owed her something, damn it! But, then again, most of her could block that out with the fact that she really just wanted Kim to be happy.

"That's all I want," she insisted, trying her best to believe it. It was the truth, she knew, but part of her rejected the idea. She tried to squash that part of her.

She had never really had such a selfless feeling in her. She desired nothing more than Kim's happiness, even if it meant that Kim left her. Still, the thought of being alone for the rest of her life, which thanks to the Philosopher's Stone could be a really long time, ate at her like a rabid coyote. It churned in her guts and ripped at her insides.

"I don't have a life if I don't have Kim," Shego muttered, shaking her head. That was a small thing to admit to the empty halls, but a huge thing to admit to Kim… and that would explain why she had not confessed that.

She liked to believe that Kim knew that she was Shego's life. Ever since Shego rescued Kim from Adrian, everything that she did, every breath that she took, was in some way to help Kim. Now, Shego feared that the vampire would betray all of her actions by leaving her for more familiar company. And as much as she tried to convince herself that Kim would never do such a thing, each time the vampire left the lair, Shego fully expected her to never come back.

Tears actually stung Shego's eyes. Her heart started beating faster, aching as it moved. Headache threatened to overcome her mind. Hiding her face in her hands, she sniffled and tried to contain herself.

"Princess… I don't want to be alone…" Shego said to the air.


Kim decided to walk to her parents' house, feel the warm, calm air on her skin and the lovely touch of the sun, which were things she cherished even now. The stroll gave her a chance to think long and hard on her soul mate's behavior and reaction to being invited to visit with the Possibles. Shego never wanted to go on visits with her anymore and she could not figure out why since it was Shego that made it all possible.

"Maybe Shego doesn't like my family," Kim dared to consider. She thought that was a little weird, though. Considering all of the things that Shego had endured for her in the past, could her family really be the thing that scared Shego off? Not a chance in Hell and she knew that. So, she could not figure out why Shego never accompanied her on her visits anymore.

Part of her dared to wonder if Shego was trying to distance herself, as if she planned on leaving Kim sometime soon. She remembered how shy Shego had been at that first reunion, as if she was trying to disappear into the background, like she was planning on fleeing the scene.

"I doubt Shego's going to run off after all of this time. I hope it's because she doesn't like my family. I know she and Ron have their rough moments, so I can see why she wouldn't want to go with me to visit him. She doesn't really know Monique and everything, but I would like her to know my family. I mean, hell, we're practically married. She's my soul mate. She's been with me through everything, so why is she staying out of things now?" Kim wondered.

The best Kim could come up with for Shego's reluctance to go with her was because Shego did not like her family. She could not understand why Shego did not like her family since Shego did not really know her family. Of course, it might not be that Shego did not like her family in the most straightforward sense.

"Maybe she doesn't want to see them because it makes her think of her brothers," Kim considered.

As far as Kim knew Shego had not made contact with her brothers, not even the twins, whom she knew were Shego's favorites. The twins thought Shego was dead. Kim could understand not getting in touch with Hego, who wrote Shego off as being in prison, but the others were not that bad. Maybe she should try to get Shego to contact her brothers and it could change how Shego looked at her family.

She wanted Shego to get to know her family. She had told Shego such on several occasions. Yet, Shego still would prefer to stay home than to go with her on visits. Kim did not like it.

The more that she thought about it, the more it was evident on her face that she did not like it. Her face was scrunched up by the time that she got to her parents house; her forehead was wrinkled, her eyebrows bent inward, and her mouth twisted to one side. Thanks to her expression, her mother immediately knew something was wrong when she opened the door.

"Kimmie, what's the matter?" Ann asked her daughter as she greeted the sulking vampire at the door.

"Huh?" Kim looked up and seemed surprised that she was standing in front of her destination. She glanced around, wondering when she got to the house and when her mother answered the door.

"What's wrong? You look like you're troubled about something," Ann commented while ushering her daughter into the house. She quietly shut the door behind them.

"Nothing's wrong. At least, I hope," Kim muttered that last part to herself, hoping her mother did not catch it. From what she could tell, luck was with her because the neurosurgeon did not comment on her words.

"James, come downstairs! Kimmie's here!" Ann called up to her husband, who practically flew downstairs to greet their eldest.

"Kimmie-cub, I'm glad you're here!" James grinned and he grabbed her into one of his patented bear hugs.

Kim accepted the embrace. She was glad that her father greeted her in much the same manner every time that she showed up, even she had just been by yesterday. He was always so overjoyed to see her. It was like hugging him for the first time in years every time she showed up, which saddened her by reminding her how long she had been gone, but it also made her feel so very loved.

"You're going to stay the whole day, right?" James inquired in a rather eager tone, practically bouncing on his heels. He was grinning from ear to ear, obviously wanting nothing more than for the former hero to stay not just the whole day, but forever.

"I'll stay until dinner time. I have to get back to Shego, after all," Kim answered with a little smile as they all made their way into the living room.

"Where is Shego? Why is that she never comes with you to visit? We certainly would like to see more of her," Ann stated while looking around as if she was expecting Shego to fall out of the sky into their living room.

"Well, there's a lot of maintenance to do at our place, so she's really throwing herself into that. I keep trying to drag her away, but she's insistent when it comes to taking care of things," Kim explained with a shrug. It was that same excuse, even though it was true.

Whenever her parents asked why Shego did not come, Kim always maintained that Shego was fixing up their new home. This, of course, would always lead to questioning about their home. In the two months that Kim started visiting, she had not told her parents where she lived, how she could be reached there, or any vital information if they needed to contact her. That was not the only bits of information that she left out, either. She told herself it was to keep them safe, but part of her knew it was from fear of being rejected.

"It's a shame. She really needs to come out here and visit with us, if only to take a break from working so hard. It's almost like she's avoiding us," Ann noted with a slight frown.

"Don't be silly, Ann. Why would she avoid us if she was the one to save Kimmie and reunite us after so many years? She might just be a little shy about being around us since we're not her family," James reasoned.

"Well, we'd like to change her mind on that, but we can't do it if she never comes around," the medical doctor pointed out.

"This is true. Kimmie, please, try to get Shego to come by. We really want to thank her properly for bringing you back and we want to get to know her better. She is part of this family, especially since she's such a big part of your life," James informed the former hero.

"I'll try my best, Dad. I really want her to get to know you guys. I mean, I want you all to accept each other because Shego is everything to me," Kim explained with a smile. She had no problem with letting her family or anyone else know that Shego was her soul mate and everyone accepted that. And Shego would know that if she left the damn house once in a while!

"We understand that, Kim. This is why we want you to bring her around more often. So, try to get her away from all the home improvement and get her to come with you on your next visit," Ann implored the younger redhead. There was a strange, almost sorrowful look in her blue eyes as she got to the end of that statement. Her husband shared the same expression.

Kim was well aware of why her parents appeared so saddened and fearful when Ann mentioned the "next visit." Her parents were scared that each of her visits would be her last. She did not blame them for that fear. She had been missing for seven years and upon her return, she did not have a good explanation for them. She was still trying to think of a good way to describe her "current lifestyle" and her dining preferences. No, she had not told her parents that she was really a vampire.

Ron was actually the only person from Kim's old life that she confirmed her blood-drinking status with. Right now, he was the only one that could handle it in her opinion. Everyone else wanted her to pick up right where she left off and they did not notice her hesitations with their suggestions. Ron was the only one that knew and understood that she could not just pick things up where she left off.

"Where are you two living, anyway? You still haven't let us in on that secret," Ann chimed in, right on schedule as far as Kim was concerned. One of the reasons that they were scared that Kim's visit would always be her last was because they did not know where she was staying. They could not call her up and confirm for themselves that she was somewhere stable.

"I told you, Mom, I'll let you know eventually. I'm not completely back yet," Kim answered. Responses like that did not ease their nerves either.

"You haven't told us what that means, though. How are you back, but not completely back? What happened?" James inquired, concern and worry causing his voice to crack. He really wanted to know what happened to his Kimmie-cub during those years that she was missing and why it still seemed to be affecting her now.

"I'll tell you when the time is right. Right now, can't we just enjoy the visit?" Kim pointed out with a big smile.

It was her vagueness that continued to worry her parents. They knew she was still in trouble if she could not talk about things or explain anything to them. They could only wonder what she had gotten herself mixed up in. They wondered if Kim was in over her head in something or if she was just in something way too deep, which would explain the seven year absence without word.

The doctors tried to figure out and factor Shego into things to try to come up with an answer. Knowing how dangerous and evil Shego used to be, they imagined up some scary scenarios that the couple was involved in. Still, the things the Possibles concocted did not explain some things, like why Shego returned Kim and why Kim considered Shego the beginning and end of her world. Nothing added up and they hoped that Kim explained it all soon and that Kim was truly back, even if she claimed that she was not "completely back."

"Come on, I made lunch," Ann said to change the subject and remind them all that it was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

The trio retreated into the kitchen to eat. James and Kim sat down in the nook while Ann gathered the sandwiches that she had prepared for the day. She eased in next to them, putting Kim in the middle of her parents. At first, Kim used to tense, thinking that her parents would somehow feel that she was not human and possibly shun her, but so far, they did not seem to sense anything amiss with her physically.

The main reason Kim had not told her parents about her vampirism was because she was afraid of rejection. She was not human and she feared, probably irrationally she knew, they might have a problem with that. Well, she was more scared out of her mind they might have not accept her because of that. There was no rational reason behind it, and that kept her from talking to Shego about it. She figured Shego would think she was being crazy for not having a reason for her fear. She also thought that Shego would be angry with her for not saying anything earlier since they usually talked about everything. Of course, Shego's not in a place to be angry with me for not talking when she's not talking.

"So, have you started thinking about going back to school yet?" James asked curiously as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"I don't think I can do that just yet. I would like to, but I only just got back, Dad," Kim answered while taking a bite of her own food. It was her favorite sandwich once upon a time, but now, like all human food, it tasted like ashes on her tongue. She choked it down to keep up the farce that she was the same Kim that they remembered.

"Don't rush her, James. I'm sure she'll get to it when she's ready," Ann pointed out, slightly scolding her husband.

"I know. I know. I just remember all of the colleges and everything she planned to apply to. And then you missed out on your own graduation," James said, sorrow painting his features. He looked down at his sandwich and it seemed like he might cry into the food. He managed to get himself together after a few long seconds.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I would have been there if I could have, but I just couldn't. I'm sorry that I disappeared for so long," Kim apologized, reaching out and rubbing her father's back.

He smiled at her a little. "I know."

Ann put her arm around Kim's shoulder and pulled the younger woman to her for a hug. "Sweetie, we know it wasn't your fault that you vanished. You don't have to apologize. It couldn't have been easy for you," she said while petting Kim's head.

"It wasn't…" Kim mumbled. It was horrible and she would rather not think about it. She just wanted to think about the future and the good things. She was with her family. She had Ron, Monique, and Wade back in her life. She had Shego. Everything was infinitely better than they had been not too long ago, even if she had to watch out for Global Justice and hostile vampires.

"It's okay. You don't have to talk about it if you're not ready," James said while joining in the embrace.

Kim nodded and sighed. She was happy her parents were as understanding as they were, but she did know that one day she was going to have to talk about. Her scars were not going to heal if she ignored them, after all.

They started in on their lunch, sitting quietly for a few minutes. The vampire gagged a few times on the sandwich, but managed to keep it down. Her parents noticed and looked at her to make sure that she was all right.

"I think I'm eating too fast," Kim said with a sheepish smile to explain away her near-vomiting.

"Calm down then. You know the food's not going to run off of the plate," Ann remarked.

"Knowing that you made it, it is possible," Kim quipped with a teasing smile.

Ann laughed a bit. They fell into their comfortable routine, discussing little matters and reminiscing about the past. Kim smiled through it all, even though part of her wanted to cry. She would never be anything like what her parents remembered her to be now that she was not human. They would not be able to make any more normal memories of her either because she was not normal anymore. Damn you, Adrian, for taking this from them, from me, from us.

"Your brothers are going to come up this weekend. We're thinking about having a cookout or something for that. You'll come, won't you?" James asked Kim. They were now sitting in the living room again with some photo albums open in front of them.

"Of course, I will," Kim answered with a bright smile.

"Make sure you bring Shego, too. Tell her that we want to get to know her," Ann implored her daughter.

"I will, Mom," Kim promised.

"I wish we knew why she doesn't come by. She doesn't think we're weird or something, does she?" the surgeon inquired with a slightly frightened expression on her face. She knew that some people took their family as, well, odd, and that was putting it kindly.

Kim chuckled a bit. "Of course not, Mom. Her brothers are ten times as weird as we are, after all. Besides, she used to hang out with Drakken. She just keeps letting all of house issues get in the way of her coming out. I'll make sure I bring her to the cookout, though."

Her parents smiled from the promise. The rest of the visit was quite normal. Kim left after eating dinner with her parents. She hoped the meal did not decide to make a return trip. They exchanged hugs and her parents understandably tried to keep her there longer, but she really wanted to get back to Shego.

She decided to walk again, at least until she got out of Middleton. She enjoyed strolling around her former hometown, just taking in the sight, letting it wash over her. It had changed, which was expected in seven years, but much of it was still the same. The first couple of times, she could not help walking by old hangouts and her old school. One time, she could have sworn she saw Mister Barkin through one of the windows, but decided against going to see for sure.

She had only run into a couple of people since returning from GJ imposed exile, but it made her feel light when those couple of people let her know how happy they were that she was not dead. She made sure to express concern to them about keeping it quiet that they had seen her and so far that seemed to have worked. She was not sure what she was going to do if someone who could not keep a secret spotted her, and to be honest with herself, she really did not think about that.

She continued her wanderings, only to stop when something she thought was peculiar caught her eye. There was a lone girl, who Kim doubted could have been any older than she was… well, than she was at the time that she ceased aging. The girl, who had blood red hair, was a little taller than Kim, and pale, sharp features, was waiting on the corner by a bus stop. She seemed oblivious to Kim's eye on her.

The former hero could not help staring at girl, who she almost instantly decided was quite beautiful. Her clothing highlighted her figure while also seeming to display her youth because of the style. She had on plain jeans and a snug t-shirt, but the fact that they were covered in a certain little yellow cartoon bird with the caption "I taut I taw a puddy tat" seemed to sing her age.

Kim took slow, almost cautious steps toward the teen. The pale teen did not look in Kim's direction as the vampire got closer.

"A little late to be catching the bus, isn't it?" Kim asked casually as she stood slightly behind the other redhead.

The teen jumped slightly and turned to face Kim. The blood-redhead laughed a little, looking away as if she was shy. Her long, straight hair fell in her face, shielding her from the world for a moment, and she had to push it back behind her ears. Kim almost had to take a step back when she caught sight of the most striking blue eyes that she had ever witnessed.

"Couldn't I say the same to you?" the teen countered with a voice that seemed cotton soft and silky smooth. She looked at Kim with her head bowed down, giving off a coy look.

"I'm not out trying to catch a bus that's not going to show up," Kim replied with a small, teasing smile.

"Not going to show up?" the teen echoed in a confused tone, cocking her head to the side a little and looking quite adorable.

"The bus stops running at nine around here. You don't know that?" Kim asked.

"No. I'm new to town," the teen answered, shaking her head.

Kim nodded. "I would guess so."

"Are you from around here?"

"Well, I was born and raised in this town. I am trying to re-familiarize myself with everything because I just got back," Kim explained.

"You go to college out of town or something?" the teen inquired curiously.

"Or something. Look, how about I walk with you home? That way neither of us is out here alone," Kim remarked with a small smile. Something inside of her was telling her that her suggestion was actually a bad idea, but she did not listen. She wanted to be helpful. She wanted to be something like the old Kim.

"That would be nice. I'm Carmilla by the way," the teen introduced herself.

"Kim." She offered her hand and they shook.

Carmilla smiled. It was almost a haunting expression that Kim seemed to ignore. The pair walked off, chatting about little things like weather and the town. Kim noted Carmilla stood close to her as they walked, their arms occasionally touching each other. The blue-eyed teen smiled each time, enjoying the contact apparently.

Kim silently admitted Carmilla was quite the affable young woman and liked the short amount of time that they were able to spend together talking about nothing. She felt normal, she noted. While she was with Carmilla, it was like she was normal and kind of had a normal friend. The time was much too short for her.

"Thank you for walking with me, Kim," Carmilla said in the smooth, gracious tone that she had used the whole time. Her voice carried an air of dignity that went with her walk and demeanor. It was almost as if she were royalty.

"No big. I had a good time talking with you," Kim replied.

"It was fun chatting, wasn't it? Perhaps we could get together tomorrow and do it again?" Carmilla requested in a hopeful voice. Her eyes seemed to shine while pleading with Kim to accept. She also lightly gripped on the former hero's shoulder. Her hold begged for company.

"I don't know…" Kim answered while looking away, trying to get out of the snare of those ocean-colored eyes.

"Please? I don't have very many friends yet. I would love to get to know you better," Carmilla implored. Her voice sweet, but in a way that antifreeze was sweet.

"I'll see what I can do," Kim conceded.

"Then how about we meet here tomorrow around noon… if you can make it that is," Carmilla proposed.

"If I can make it," the eternal teen agreed.

Carmilla smiled so brightly from that response that the sun would have been put to shame if it were out. Kim could not help it and she smiled in return, which seemed to make Carmilla even happier. The blood-redhead clutched onto Kim's arm and offered her a slight hug. After that, they bid each other goodnight and Carmilla disappeared into the dark house a couple of yards from them. Kim continued on her way, deciding if she would meet with Carmilla tomorrow or not.

"Shego would probably kill me if I did. But, then again, if she keeps acting the way she is, I might kill her first," Kim commented to herself. Before anything, she was going to have a very long talk with her soul mate about coming on visits.


Next time: Kim and Shego continue to have problems. An unwanted visitor greets Doctor Director.