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5: Dissolve

"Shego, let me go!" Kim ordered. Her voice was a deep growl as she tried to push out her love's arms. She wanted to go back into the fray and finish what she would say Lee started.

Shego held the vampire tightly and she was not about to let the petite redhead go. Kim was injured from her battle with Lee, which was why Shego pulled her away from the battlefield – at one time known as the kitchen of the Possible home. Shego knew the moment that Kim was out of her grip, the insane blood-drinker would be right back in the fight, getting her ass kicked more than likely.

"Princess, stop fucking fighting me on this. You're in no shape to resist," the former thief pointed out in a snarl.

"I have to help Ron!" Kim declared in a heated tone. She was not about to desert her best friend and leave him to fight some supernatural asshole on his own. She needed to help!

"You can't help him in the shape that you're in! You can barely stand up! Besides, Ron's a big boy, in case you haven't noticed, and he can take care of himself," Shego argued in a hard tone of her own, growing tired of a pointless debate.

"You just want to abandon Ron, don't you?" Kim said in an accusing tone, narrowing her eyes. She was grasping for any excuse to just turn around and go back into that kitchen to hand Lee his ass on a plate.

"If you're implying that I want to get the buffoon killed, you're way off. Now, he's buying you some time to get away since that fucking psycho is after you. As soon as I get you to safety, I'll go get your idiot and fuck that asshole up," Shego vowed.

"It isn't your fight!" Kim argued.

This set Shego off and she snarled. "How dare you say that! It is my fight! This man is trying to kill you! Try to understand that I want you to live to see another fucking day for a little while longer, so stop acting like you can do every fucking thing on your fucking own!"

Shego would have gone further, but Kim chimed in. "I don't need you to fucking baby-sit me!" the redhead screamed back.

"It's not about that!" Shego hollered… and then she pulled the bloodsucker into a surprisingly gentle embrace. She pressed the smaller woman against her, allowing Kim to hear her heartbeat. "Damn it, Kimmie. Remember who I am," she pled with the vampire.

Kim stilled in her love's arms. Silence blanketed them, wrapped them in a soft calm, and they just felt each other breathing against each other. Kim became acutely aware of the heartbeat underneath her ear, a heartbeat that sounded for her and her alone. She snuggled into the warm body holding her so lovingly and securely. In those moments, everything returned to as it had been between them.

"I don't want Ron to get hurt," Kim said in a low tone, as if she was scared that she might send Shego away if she spoke any louder.

"I know. Now, you have to have faith in him, first of all. You're not the only one that's grown up. You're also not the only one carrying a burden. This is something he has to do, just like I have to go back there to make sure the little idiot is all right, and just like you'll run back in there as soon as I turn to leave," Shego explained.

The redhead did not deny any of those things. She was well aware of the weight Ron carried on his shoulders. He needed to work through that someway, and she knew holding off Lee would be a good way for Ron to ease the weight that he put on himself. The ninja would finally be able to see himself as useful to his best friend and capable of protecting her, as if he felt he should have been able to do all those years ago in the woods when Adrian first crossed their path.

"Pumpkin, you have to do the smart thing right now, and then later, you can do the impulsive thing. Give your body a moment or two to bounce back like we both know it can, and then you can play the hero and go rescue Ron. Although, you're going to have to admit to yourself that he has grown up eventually. You have to remember he's a grown man, not the seventeen year old boy you left behind," the green-skinned woman said in a gentle voice.

Kim nodded solemnly to that information. Sometimes, it was hard to remember that while she was stuck at seventeen, Ron was going on twenty-five. He was a grown man and had proven that right before her eyes on more than one occasion that he was quite the capable ninja. Then again… there was also the fact that they had sparred a couple of times, Ron wanting to show off, and he still could not beat her. If he could not beat her, then he could not beat Lee.

"Kim, please," Shego begged, thinking her words were not getting through to the vampire. She did not want Kim to just rush back in there, facing down a hunter that had already gotten her number once.

"I'll wait, but only a few minutes. You go help Ron," Kim replied.

Shego nodded and was about to release the vampire, but she held onto her for a little while longer. She then stepped away from Kim. She caressed the smaller woman's cheek and leaned down to plant a quick kiss to Kim's lips. The redhead accepted and returned the affection. The kiss was not even three seconds and then Shego was off to help Ron fight off Lee.

Kim went upstairs, planning to settle in for at least five minutes to recover from her injuries. No, even with her seemingly ever-evolving powers, five minutes would not be enough time to fully heal the wounds inflicted by Lee and his silver blades, but it was better than nothing. She promised Shego, after all.


Shego charged into the kitchen and was not surprised by the sight that greeted her. Ron was breathing heavy and hard. His clothing was shredded and blood was oozing down his arm and forehead. He was holding Lee off, though. She knew he would be able to do that.

The two men were facing each other, swords kissing each other, the metal singing a menacing song as the blades slid against each other. Shego was about to smile, proud of Ron, but then Lee pushed the ninja back. Ron's back crashed up against the broken table and blood poured out of his mouth, letting Shego know he was not as fine as he appeared to be.

"Watch out, blondie. I'm tagging myself in," Shego declared as she flared her hands. She wished her plasma just had the same affect on Lee as it did with vampires, but even though he shared vampire blood, he did not seem to have any of their weakness.

Ron did not have a choice in staying out of it as Shego marched into the fray, whacking the mess out of Lee with her plasma charged hands in an instant. The dhampire growled as the heavy blow landed on his side, forcing him to the edge of the kitchen. He gathered himself before Shego was able to come in for another blow, though.

Lee countered, waving his sword in Shego's general direction. The pale woman was almost cut in half diagonally by his thick blade, but she stopped herself from charging in. Lee followed her, pursuing her like a bloodthirsty predator.

"Why do you protect that beast? What is wrong with you people?!" Lee bellowed as he tried to chop Shego up into little tiny bits. His eyes looked deranged, frustration setting in, like his world had been turned upside down.

"You wouldn't understand," Shego informed him in a cold tone. She had told him that the first time they met, back when he wanted to know why she would stand up for a vampire. She could see in his eyes that no matter what she said, he would never be able to comprehend what was going on. To him, Kim just being a vampire made her worse than a demon and he would only see her that way. Plus, she could tell that he was a man that would never comprehend what it was like to love another person.

Hearing that answer again from someone that he viewed as a traitor to her own kind and worthless for protecting a monster enraged Lee. He went after Shego with more vigor and anger than ever, which did not seem to throw him off of his game like it tended to do with Shego. He screamed and grunted with each attack, veins bulging from his neck and head, eyes growing just a little wilder each time that he missed her.

The agile woman did quite a fine job staying away from the mean end of the hunter's sword, but she was running out of space. She also needed to keep track of where Ron was because she did not want to trip over him or, heaven forbid, get in his way if he decided to help.

She spotted Ron, finding out that he was either down for the count or going to need more time to get himself together. He was pale, more than likely from blood loss, and panting as if he had run a mile in under a minute. She wondered if Lee had done something to Ron while they were battling aside from inflicting the usual blows or if Lee really was quite as powerful as he seemed.

Shego decided she had to do something about Lee while she had the free minutes. The last thing she wanted was for Kim to charge into the kitchen and to have Lee turn his attention back to trying to kill the vampire. She flared her hands as much as she could and went to take Lee on head first. Ron could not believe his eyes as Shego's blazing claws went through Lee's sword. Unfortunately, the talons did not go through the whole blade as Shego wanted.

"Fuck!" the super-powered female hollered as the tip of the sword reached her flesh, ripping through her clothing and skin.

Shego's blood gushed, painting the already crimson stained kitchen floor. The pain was a surprise because ever since using the Philosopher's Stone, pain had stopped registering to her brain. This sensation was too great to ignore. The pain let her know her injury was serious and as she stole a glance at Lee's sword, she could see that it probably was serious. Her blood was oozing down the tip of the blade, giving her an idea of how deeply he cut her.

"He might've gone through my fucking ribs with that," Shego figured as she coughed up some blood and put her hand to her chest, hoping to slow the bleeding. She suddenly remembered the alchemist's words from when she drank the Stone: immortal did not mean could not be killed. "Fuck…"


Kim smelled blood, much more than before. Before, it had been traces of Ron's blood, which had her raging about going to help him. But, there was not nearly as much of Ron's blood in the air as the new, very familiar blood.

"Shego," Kim growled as her fangs extended completely and her eyes bled over, whites flooding with scarlet.

The vampire practically flew into the kitchen, forgetting she was still severely wounded. She roared like an angry lion as she caught sight of Lee going in for the deathblow on Shego, the center of her world. Kim was on him in a flash, grabbing his forearm, preventing him from bringing his sword down on Shego's head.

"Fucking bastard!" Kim howled as she started crushing his arm with her tremendous strength.

Lee grimaced for a moment before flinging the redhead off of him. She was already weak from their first round, so he was able to throw her around the room like an insect. He kept on her, grabbing her by the throat as she slammed against the sink. He punched her on the cheek as she was reeling from the impact with the countertop. She did not even have time to grunt from the pain.

"Kimmie…" Shego coughed, blood pouring out of her mouth. She staggered, wanting so badly to charge Lee and prevent him from slaughtering her beloved, but she was not even sure she could make it the few feet across the kitchen.

Lee tightened his grip on the vampire's neck while continuing to punch her. Kim hissed in defiance of his hold, fangs all elongated to the point of paining her, and she then bit into his fist. He did not make a noise as she drank his foul-tasting blood. He crushed her throat even more, causing her to gag, darkened blood shooting out of her mouth and nose, dotting the debris-covered floor.

"Let her go!" Shego and Ron ordered at the same time. They also acted in the same manner at the same time.

Shego threw a plasma blast with as much force as she could muster and was surprised to see it joined by a deep blue energy beam that she noticed came from Ron's direction. She did not know he could use his mystical monkey powers in such a way, but she was glad for it. Lee expected the projectiles and twisted his body, turning and using Kim to shield himself. The bloodsucker hollered in agony as the beams connected. Shego's plasma hurt like a bitch in her weakened state, Kim silently noted.

"You want the beast? Take her!" Lee bellowed and he launched himself at the pair, swinging Kim at them like a club.

Shego took the brunt of the move, but she fell into Ron. They crashed onto the table, collapsing it, and wreckage dug into Ron's back. Lee looked down on them with a frozen expression in his already cold blue eyes. He then cut his eyes to Kim, who was still very much at his mercy as he strangled her.

Kim stared back him with blazing crimson eyes, boring into his soul… if he had one. His blood oozed from her fangs and she wrapped her hands around the arm he was using to choke her. She applied pressure and her nails penetrated his jacket, biting into the flesh underneath.

"Kimmie…" Shego whispered as she tried to climb to her feet.

"Why do you fight for this monster?! She's only going to devour you! That's all they do! I will rid the world of this plague," Lee declared with self-righteous fury.

"You don't know a thing about it," Ron grunted as he also tried to get up. He could not get his legs to move the way he wanted, though. He was vaguely aware of the sharp pain in his back. He did not know it, but a piece of wood from the table was buried in his lower back.

"I know you are fools. Standing up for a creature that is worthless, meaningless, and just a beast. You're all fools. You're nothing more than a monster," Lee informed Kim.

The redhead merely growled. Years ago, such a statement would have bothered her, but now it was nothing to her. Shego assured her it did not matter what she ate or if she could only go out at a certain time of day. She was still Kim Possible, just in a different form. She was not a monster.

"I'm Kim Possible," Kim growled.

"You're just a beast," Lee replied as he raised his damaged sword, planning to run Kim through with it from the looks of things.

Shego let out an uncharacteristic whine and flung herself to her feet, only to fall over as soon as she was standing. She landed on her face, not having the energy to even catch herself with her hands. Blood from her mouth dripped onto the tile as she panted, trying to force herself up.

"Kimmie…" the green-skinned woman whispered again, tears gathering in her eyes. She felt so weak and tired. She could only guess she was dying. I'm going to die a failure. I failed Kimmie, my princess.

Ron let out one last effort, throwing three shiriken in Lee's direction. Lee moved and let Kim's abused body to take the sharpened ninja stars. Ron groaned and felt like crying. Goddamn it, I failed Kim again!

"Never has a beast caused me so much trouble," Lee grumbled and then focused his eyes right on Kim. "I don't know how you are able to walk around during the day or even survive those silver wounds, but that just makes you all the more dangerous. I'll find out one day, but I'm sending you back to the grave now. I'll take your head. I don't care what kind of tricks you know, no one survives without a head."

Kim did not stop struggling, even though it was proving useless, as Lee raised his sword again. She had a feeling that Lee was right about no one surviving without a head, but no one would be able to tell that from the glare in her eyes. She looked like she was promising him that she would have the last laugh. He ignored the stare and started to bring his sword down.

Kim fully expected to feel his weapon cut through the meat of her neck, but the moment in which it was supposed to impact never came. She heard a strangled gasp and watched as a strange crescent-shaped object speed by… going through Lee. There was a buzz noise that accompanied the object and Lee barely moved as it went through him.

The vampire hunter smirked for a moment, as if laughing at all of his enemies. Then, blood oozed in a line around the curve of his neck. Flesh parted from flesh and muscle bid farewell to other muscle. Bone was treated to a simple breeze and a windpipe that never saw the light of day was able to greet the sun.

No emotion crossed Kim's face as Lee's head slid off of his shoulders. His body held onto her for a second before dropping down to the floor with his head. Kim landed on her feet. She did not even bother with looking at the lifeless eyes in the severed head of the hunter. She turned her attention to see who her savior was, thinking Wade had come to the rescue. Her senses were telling her differently before her eyes even made it to the kitchen doorway.

"Doctor Director?" Ron said in shock as he turned to look at who saved Kim.

"Guess he was right," Doctor Director remarked.

Kim did not say anything to the GJ leader. She kept her eyes on the older woman as if she was an enemy. The one-eyed brunette stared back, but she did not make any moves toward Kim.

The vampire made her way to Shego's side and sat down on the floor, gathering the fallen female in her arms. She kept watching Doctor Director as she situated Shego against her in a comfortable manner, making sure to put pressure on Shego's most severe wound. The green-skinned woman blinked away her tears as she noticed that she was in Kim's arms. She directed her weary eyes to see who it was that saved the day.

"Betty, to what do we owe the pleasure?" Shego remarked, forcing out a sarcastic grin. She never would have guessed this was how this would end. Why the hell did she come to the rescue? Of course, this might not be a rescue at all.

"I don't get a thank you? You two are still as rude as ever then," Doctor Director replied in a clipped tone. Really, her mind was trying to catch up with her actions. Yes, she knew what she had come to the house to do, but to actually do it, to actually save a vampire and someone who had threatened her life, was more than a little surreal.

Before Shego could get out another smart comment, she passed out from blood loss. She drifted off thinking about how Kim came to her first. She held me. Maybe the vampire would stick around a little while longer, she dreamed.


Shego regained consciousness to find herself stitched, bandaged, and resting on the Possible sofa with her head in Kim's lap. She smiled a bit, even when she noticed Ron sitting right next to Kim. He was bandaged, too, definitely having seen better days. She was about to say something to make fun of him, but from the way her body was throbbing, she was willing to bet he was the better looking out of the two of them for the moment. Directly across from them, Doctor Director stood and to the left the doctors Possible stood.

Doctor Director watched the three with a strange look in her eye, almost as if she felt their pain, they noted. The doctors Possible appeared confused and concerned, which was understandable.

"What happened to Lee?" Shego asked before she even realized she was talking.

"He said no one would live without a head. Apparently, he was right," Ron answered.

"So, that means Betty helped us. What's up with that?" Shego inquired, speaking to Kim or Ron. She was not going to bother with directing her questions to Betty.

Doctor Director took a deep breath. "I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately," she started and then paused, needing to figure out what to say. She needed to explain herself to all of them, after all. She owed them that much and more.

"You didn't find anything, did you?" Shego said bitterly.

Doctor Director bit back a comment, believing the former villain had a right to say such a thing at the moment. She composed herself, even though briefly she glanced away. Her mind had enough time to catch up with the rest of her, so she had the confidence she would be able to get out what she wanted to say without stopping this time. She took another deep breath, looked up, and kept her eye trained on the trio on the sofa.

"I found things I didn't like. I know how you all feel, like you failed in someway. Ron, you failed to save Kim when you were standing right there. Shego, you failed to get Kim the help that she needed. But, I failed her in worse ways because I failed her in the same ways, but I didn't even care at the time. I didn't even see it at the time.

"I just kept justifying what I was doing to her by saying that she was dangerous, but I finally realized she always been sort of dangerous considering what she could do, but she's never been the enemy. She shouldn't have been the enemy now just because she drinks blood and sometimes gets angry. Yes, it does concern me that one day Kim might see people in the same manner that a lion views a zebra, but I've finally figured out that I shouldn't condemn her for something that she hasn't done yet and might never do…" the one-eyed woman explained. Her body language screamed "shame!" as she fidgeted and waited for reactions. The body language was ignored for the moment.

"How do we know this isn't a trick?" Ron demanded, eyes and voice hard with suspicion. He was aware what Global Justice had done to Kim and Shego in the past because Kim talked about it with him much of the time, needing an outlet that had not lived it with her. He was not ready to trust someone who betrayed Kim so easily and used Shego, not after the way Shego helped him.

"Yeah, that's true, Betty. How do we know this isn't a trick? Maybe you're trying to get back at me and Kimmie before we get to you," Shego pointed out. Her eyes were locked on the leader of GJ, waiting for something to happen, so that she could be on the older woman like a second skin and be rid of Betty Director before something worse happened to Kim thanks to GJ.

"Why would I need to trick you? If I wanted you dead, I wouldn't have cut Lee's head off right before he was about to run Kim through," Betty countered.

"Then maybe you want something from us and staged this little farce to get it," the green-skinned woman stated. She would not put something so cold and calculated past Director. After all, the woman had toyed around with her and Kim for years. Kim, a person Betty supposedly liked at one point in time, and Betty just used her for years, letting friends and family alike think the fiery redhead was lost, suffering, or even dead. No, Shego could not bring herself to just trust that Betty wanted nothing from them and she doubted that she ever would believe such a thing.

Betty nodded absently, thinking the accusation made sense. It was a little rough to know that someone, or someones in this case, believed she would set up killing a man that once worked for her in order for a some bigger plot. She was not that calloused, despite what she had done in the past or even what she did for a living. She had killed Lee because she knew he would not stop until Kim was gone forever. She would not have been able to bear knowing she was the one that put the wheels in motion to rid the world of Kim Possible.

"I only want forgiveness. I'm not a cruel or mean woman, unless I have to be. I treated Kim poorly and I want to make it up to her. Kim, you haven't shown that you're a danger and I'm sorry to have treated you as such. I know that doesn't make up for the years I've taken from you or your family, but I won't trouble you again," Betty vowed, staring the vampire right in the eyes.

Kim was silent for a long moment. Shego and Ron were both about to speak at the same time; amazingly enough, they were both going to tell Doctor Director to "shove it." But, Kim opened her mouth before her companions.

"It takes a big person to admit fault, especially someone with as much power as you. My instincts tell me you're sincere and I trust those. Besides, you didn't have to save my ass the way you did. You could've just let me die. Hell, you could've finished Shego, too, while you were at it," Kim said, glancing down at her very-injured lover.

"I'm glad you understand that," the one-eyed woman said in a low, grateful tone. She stared at her feet for a moment, feeling like a large weight was slowly, but surely being lifted off of her.

"I actually wasn't done. Aside from saving us, you helped secure Lee's body, which you didn't have to do. I know this is going to get you in trouble at work, too," the vampire finished.

"As far as work is concerned, I was never here. I went home for the day to relax," Doctor Director remarked, forcing a smile. She had been bugged repeatedly about going home for a day of rest. Today, she just pretended that was what she was going to do and she knew no one would question it considering the way that she had been holed up at the office for the past couple of months.

"I'm supposed to buy this bullshit?" Shego scoffed. To hell with that!

"You're not in much shape to dispute it," Doctor Director countered. The former villainess growled at her.

"Shego," Kim said, gaining her lover's attention. "Let it go for now. She's said what she needed to say and she's done what she came here to do. We'll see how it goes from now on."

"It's that simple to you?" Shego asked, even though she knew the answer to that.

"With the day we've had, it has to be that simple. I'm following my instincts and my instincts say that I don't have to struggle with Doctor Director anymore," the vampire replied. Her instincts rarely led her astray and her love knew that.

"Fine," Shego huffed, but she did not raise the issue again.

"I hope we can start all over after this, Kim. I do want you to know that I never wanted you dead, even back when my opinion of you wasn't very high because of what you are. One day, I hope that I can actually help you and lift that little burden off of Shego's shoulders," Doctor Director stated. The couple knew she was referring to restoring Kim's humanity.

Shego was close to saying that they did not need anything from Doctor Director, but she held her tongue. She would take the cure for Kim from anyone. Hell, Satan himself could approach her tomorrow with the cure and she would take it no matter what. The Devil could want her soul, her life, and anything else in her possession and she would have parted with it all for Kim's sake. The one-eyed woman was surprised by Shego's silence, as she had expected a struggle.

"Can you go now?" Shego eventually demanded, speaking to Doctor Director. She was sick of the woman's foul presence.

"I don't get a thank you?" Betty teased, a forced smile tugged at her lip. She was not entirely comfortable with the couple to tease them yet.

"I won't get off of this couch and rip your other fucking eye out. Is that thanks enough?" Shego countered in a harsh tone. Ron flinched a bit from the statement while the doctors Possible appeared shocked and appalled that such a thing would come out of someone's mouth.

Doctor Director decided not to push her luck too much at the moment. She had a little peace of mind, knowing Kim understood her position and did not resent her anymore. She felt better about herself, like she finally did the right thing. She wanted to keep that feeling for a little while before the Possibles figured out that she had been lying to them all of those years about Kim's whereabouts. She had some questions for Kim, but she would hold those for later.

When Doctor Director left, Kim turned her attention to her parents. She knew they were waiting for an explanation, which she owed them. She sighed. They were being so patient, just like she remembered them being. She hoped the explanation went well because she did not want to be without that patience again.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry this happened," Kim apologized humbly, eyes on the floor. She wanted to stand up and face them, but she also did not want to move Shego.

"You don't have to apologize, Kimmie. It's not your fault some crazed man came looking to kill you. Does this have to do with the time you were away?" her father asked, concern moistening his eyes. What happened was so out of the ordinary that he felt it could only be linked to the other extremely strange thing to happen to the family – Kim's long term disappearance. This might explain why she was so reluctant to discuss her time away.

"It does. Mom, Dad, that was Lee. He was a vampire hunter. I'm vampire," Kim admitted, as if she was confessing to being an alcoholic or something similar.

"A vampire?" the doctors echoed as if they did not understand. They squinted as they racked their brilliant minds, trying to decipher their daughter's words. They wondered if "vampire" was some new sort of slang term because they were certain Kim could not mean the same type of vampire that they were thinking of.

"Yeah, I'm a vampire. I've been one almost since the day I vanished. I know Ron told me that you guys thought he was just hysterical because I was gone and that's why he was saying a vampire took me, but I'm actually a vampire. I used to only be able to go out at night. I still sometimes sleep in a coffin. I feed on blood to live. Well, I really just feed on Shego to live," Kim explained as best she could in as much of a normal voice as possible. She hoped that her parents' perplexed expressions would disappear.

"Wait, what are you saying? You're some undead creature?" James inquired with an arched eyebrow and wrinkled forehead. His mind rebelled against the illogical things that his mouth said because he just could not believe it.

"I don't know about undead, but I did die and I am a vampire. I can show you my fangs if you want," Kim proposed. She wanted them to know and believe the truth right now to get everything out in the open where it needed to be and they could make a decision on what they wanted to do.

"Is that how you were able to survive your wounds?" Ann asked in a trembling tone. She recalled when she and her husband charged into the house to see Kim bleeding for almost everywhere, Shego split open, and Ron thoroughly wounded. It was amazing that the trio lived.

"It is. Well, it's the vampirism and I think the Philosopher's Stone, but that's another story. For right now, I want you to know I am a vampire. I hope that doesn't change anything between us," Kim said, eyes pleading with her parents to continue loving her unconditionally.

The Possibles' eyes were wide and their mouth gaped slightly. They were cemented to the floor where they stood, barely a foot away from their daughter. They were not sure how to take the news, especially since they could tell that Kim was being totally earnest. The one thing they did know was that they could not stand being without their daughter.

"Kim, I will admit that I didn't really understand what you just said aside from confessing that you're a vampire, but if you think that changes anything between us, you're wrong," Ann responded in a gentle tone that eased her daughter's heart and soul.

A lump suddenly overtook Kim's throat and she could not speak. She slowly lifted Shego's head from her lap, careful not to hurt her lover, and made her way to her parents. She breathed a sigh of relief when the doctors embraced her without hesitation and held her tightly. She could feel that her mother spoke the truth, their embrace was the same always, loving, caring, and warm. They still loved her.

"Thank you," the eternal teen whispered.

"Thank you for trusting us," James said.

"And for coming back to us," Ann added.

Shego watched the scene from her place on the couch and suddenly she did not feel too good about herself. The little bit of color she had to her drained from her face and it appeared as if she might throw up. The expression did not make it passed her soul mate. Shego sensed her pain had been discovered and she turned her head from view.

"Ron, we're sorry for not believing you all these years," Ann suddenly apologized to the blonde.

"Don't sweat it, Mrs. P. I mean, I'm over it now. I'm just happy that Kim's back and things are somewhat normal. Althoug,h I have to admit that I'm a little worried about what happened today. Do people hunt for you like that all the time, KP?" Ron asked curiously.

"Don't think too much on it, Ron. It's no big. Me and Shego can handle it," Kim answered with a carefree smile that he was used to seeing. Shego's body twitched at that statement.

"Still, maybe I should move closer—" Ron started, but he was cut off, practically at the knees from the way that Shego shot up, shouting. She did not even realize that her movement aggravated her wounds.

"We have it under control! We don't need you coming around trying to keep an eye on us! I can protect Kim by myself!" Shego proclaimed, her voice somewhere between roaring and crying.

Everyone was stunned by the outburst, but Kim spoke first. "Shego, calm down. You're bleeding again," the vampire said in a gentle tone while motioning to Shego's bandages, which were turning from white to red in a hurry.

Ann moved quickly to redress Shego's wounds, ushering the injured woman away from the others. Shego kept her eyes on the floor, embarrassed by her words and demeanor. Ann did not say anything for a long few minutes, but she could not hold her opinion in for long.

"You're afraid, aren't you?" the doctor inquired while applying new bandages.

"I'm not afraid of a goddamn thing," Shego snapped in a less than believable voice.

"You're afraid of losing Kimmie. It's all right, Shego. We know she's been with you all of these years, and trust me, she would be just as lost if you were gone. So, I know what you're going through. Instead of getting angry that you might lose her, you might want to try talking to her while you have her, so you can keep her. I'm sure you two either used to talk a lot or just took it for granted since you were the only company you ever had over the years," Ann said, as if she knew the couple had been having severe communication problems of late.

Shego nodded. She and Kim did talk a lot more when it was just the two of them. They were the only ones that they had then, but now Kim seemed to have everybody and Shego felt like she had nobody. I can't go on like this or I'll go out of my fucking mind… if I haven't already. She felt just a little crazy from the way she lost her cool with Ron.

"Thank you," Shego eventually whispered.

"None needed. I'm a doctor, after all," Ann pointed out. Of course, she knew Shego was thanking her for the words of advice and not the bandages, but she figured Shego had been embarrassed enough for one day.

When they returned to the living room, Kim, Ron, and James were speaking quietly to each other. They were all standing up and as soon as Shego came back to the room, Kim was by her side. Shego smiled a bit and she doubted Kim had any idea how much the small gesture meant to her.

"What are you three talking about?" Shego asked.

"My dad was trying to convince me that we should stay here for a few days, just in case," Kim answered.

Shego nodded and just like that the smile was off of her face. "Oh…" So, maybe it was the parents that would take Kim from her. I should've seen that coming. I mean, Ron, really? He's married with kids, but her parents… they have an empty nest and probably don't know what to do with themselves now that Kim's back.

"I told him we'll be fine on our own. Besides, no one should be looking for us anyway. Ron volunteered to stay behind for a few days to make sure my parents are all right. We should come back when you're healed and help with the cleanup, though, because the kitchen is totaled. So, you ready to go?" Kim asked.

"Ready to go where?" Shego inquired with a furrowed brow, confused as to what was going on.

"Home, silly," Kim answered with an amused smile of her own.

"You sure?" Shego asked. She could not believe Kim was just going to leave and go home with her after everything that happened. Kim had an excuse to stay with the Possibles right now, an excuse to get Ron to come closer to her, and she did not take it. Shego just did not understand, but she made a promise to herself to ask.

"I'm sure. I think Ron can handle watching out for my parents. He claims to heal fast thanks to the monkey magic. We should make sure our home is secure and you need to relax anyway while you heal that injury," Kim answered, gently caressing her soul mate's arm to get the older woman to agree with her.

"You sure?" Shego repeated because she could not believe what was happening. Kim was choosing to come home with her when she had an excuse to move back into her childhood home? It did not make any sense to Shego's mind – at least, it did not with the way the last few weeks had gone.

Kim chuckled a bit. "Let's go." She would have liked to stay with her parents for a little while longer to make sure that they were all right with everything, but she could tell she had pressing matters to deal with involving her soul mate. She wanted to get to those now.

Goodbyes were said and Shego was ordered to accompany Kim to the next family gathering – no excuses would be accepted. Shego was not allowed to protest, but they all knew she would try to get out of it when the moment came. Kim just would not allow it.


Kim and Shego lounged in bed, each forcing the other to stay in bed and recover from their battle with Lee. Kim snuggled against Shego as always and from the feel of Kim's flesh against her own, Shego could swear that nothing changed between them. It felt like they were the same as always.

"Shego, why were you so shocked that I didn't want to stay at my parents' house? I mean, you seemed really surprised by it, like you expected me to jump at the idea," Kim commented, not able to look her lover in the eye. What if Shego wanted her to stay with her parents?

Shego was silent for a moment before deciding it was best to get it all out there. "I thought you were going to jump at the idea, Princess. Ever since we came to Middleton, I've actually been waiting for you not to come home one day. I'm waiting for you to tell me you're going to stay with your parents or move in with Ron or even with Monique," she confessed while pressing Kim closer to her, reveling in the feel of her world wrapped up in her arms.

"You're kidding! You really think I'm just going to abandon you after all we've been through together?" Kim asked in disbelief. "Do you seriously have such little faith in me?"

"No, of course not! I guess this is what you would call one of those irrational fears. I thought you'd want to go back as close as you could to your old life. Fuck, when you met Carmilla and started hanging out with her, I thought, 'This is it. She's making friends. Soon, she'll have a bunch and she won't need me anymore.'"

"Shego!" Kim said in quite the scolding tone. "No one can replace you! I thought you were trying to push me away with the way you've been acting, but you're really just scared I'm going to try to go back to my old life."

"I am," the older woman whispered and she pulled Kim ever closer. She fingertips danced across Kim's toned back.

"I won't leave you, not now, not ever. I want you to stay with me and I want to stay with you. Nothing is ever going to change that, not after all we've been through and not after all you've done for me. I like seeing my parents, but I'm going to stay with you. I like hanging out with Ron and Monique, but I'm still going to come home to you. Hell, I want you to come out with me and get to know them better, maybe be friends. I want to share my new world with my old world. I don't want to leave you behind or anything like that," Kim stated vehemently. She placed light kisses to Shego's neck to help get her point across.

"Deep down, I think I knew that, but the fear was always at the forefront of my mind, fucking up my thinking," Shego replied while shifting in order to feel more of her love's wonderful mouth.

"Well, don't doubt that I'll always be here with you. You know I love you, Shego. Hell, you know this is deeper than love. I don't even know what the hell they would call this. I know you feel it, too, so you should know I can't just leave you anymore than you could just leave me," Kim pointed out.

Shego nodded. "This is true. I'm sorry I acted like such a jerk."

"It's okay. We should've talked about it. I should've realized something was bothering you when you kept coming up with excuses around the house to avoid going anywhere."

"Hey, those aren't really excuses. This house needs some fucking work and you have to start pulling your weight around here, missy. I think we need to get some kind of communications link with Ron, too," Shego suggested.

Kim blinked. "You want to stay in touch with Ron?"

"For future safety reasons. I mean, he could've warned us about Lee, but because we're mostly offline, he couldn't get in contact with us, even through Wade. The spots he could get to, we're never near those places in the lair, so he couldn't get in touch with us to warn us. So, we need to do something about that," the former thief reasoned. She also knew that it would make Kim happy to be able to call Ron every now and then.

Kim nodded to that logic. "Sounds good."

"Do you really believe Director about this turning over a new leaf shit?" Shego asked out of the blue.

"She's a good woman. She just let her mind get clouded for a little while. I think she's sincere. Remember, she didn't have to kill Lee, but she did. Not just to save me at that moment, but to make sure he did not have another chance at my head. She did better than I did when I thought I killed him for what he did to you. I say we give her a chance," Kim answered.

"And wait for her to fuck us over again?"

"Hey, fool me twice, shame on me. I'll take care of it if I'm wrong. From what I can tell, I'm not wrong, though. She was sincere," Kim insisted.

"Okay, fine. She was sincere as far as you know. So, what now?" Shego asked.

"We lay here and get some rest. The moment you're healed, I'm going take your breath away by making mind-numbing love to you and then try to talk you into leaving this house for a little while," the redhead answered as if it was all so obvious.

"What, and hang out with you and Carmilla?" Shego scoffed.

"I think you'd enjoy getting out of here every now and then. There's nothing wrong with hanging out with me and Carmilla," the vampire stated.

"I still don't trust her. She could be a vampire."

"Why, because her name is Carmilla? That's just a story. I mean, would you think that if we met someone named Vlad? Or Elizabeth?" Kim inquired, showing her knowledge of vampiric folklore.

"Depends on their last names, which I've noticed Carmilla doesn't have."

"She's not a vampire. She comes out in the sun," Kim said.

"And so do you, but you're a vampire. You know that according to folklore, sunlight really didn't bother vampires. So, maybe, ancient vampires can travel in sunlight. Have you met her family? Been inside her house? Anything like that?"

"No, but I haven't known her that long. Besides, if she was a vampire and she did mean me some harm, I'm sure she would have tried by now. You're just being paranoid because of your very irrational fear that I'm leaving. I'm not. Carmilla isn't taking me away. My parents aren't taking me away. Ron isn't taking me, Mo isn't taking me, and Wade isn't taking me. I'm with you, always and forever," Kim vowed.

Shego only smiled at those words as they seeped into every fiber of her being. Kim was hers and would always be hers. She was able to go to sleep after hearing those words, and she knew she would need the rest if Kim really did have plans for her. Kim would take more of a toll on her than any chest wound could.

Kim curled into Shego's sleeping form and started to doze off with a smile on her face, too. She was happy to know Shego was not pushing her away. They would be together forever.


The end…

To find out who or what Carmilla is read the final piece of this saga, Blood Out. For now, I hope you enjoyed the series, not just "New Blood" and "New Life," but also "Blood Ties" by Zaratan.