Title: Shadow
Author: Simply Kelp
Pairing: not focused on any one ship, but there may be background ones.
Rating: pg
Summary: Shikamaru discovers that he has two shadows now: his own, and Konohamaru. Little vignettes about the evolution of their friendship.
Disclaimer: It doesn't say "Masashi Kishimoto" on my underwear, that must mean that I don't own Naruto… merde.
A/N: Yay, first fic posted for Naruto! I have a few ideas, and outlines that I am trying desperately to cajole into stories, but we'll see how that goes…
A/N2: I'm not sure why, but I think these two would make a darling pair…




Shikamaru reached for the pack of cigarettes in his vest pocket as he walked down the main street. He paused when he heard someone coughing loudly; it almost sounded like they were dying. Frowning, Shikamaru set the cigarettes back in his pocket, and went to inspect the noise.

He found Konohamaru leaning against the wall of Ichiraku's, cigarette in hand. He had stopped coughing, but was now gasping, and sputtering for breath. He looked over at Shikamaru, and determinedly looked away, taking another dreg of his cigarette.

"What are you doing?" Shikamaru asked. He frowned slightly; why had he asked that? He didn't care.

Konohamaru coughed violently. "Smoking," he spat between wheezes.

Shikamaru's frown grew. "Cut it out," he muttered, watching the trail of smoke wafting from the end of the cigarette.

"Why?" Konohamaru coughed stubbornly.

Shikamaru looked away. "You'll kill yourself."

"So will you," Konohamaru insisted hoarsely. He tried to stand up straight, but a brutal cough sent him back into the wall.

With a sigh, Shikamaru turned to leave. "Troublesome," he muttered. Let the stupid kid die.

A sound from behind made Shikamaru pause. "I… I know why you do it…" Konohamaru mumbled quietly. Shikamaru didn't turn around, but he didn't leave. Konohamaru continued, "it reminds you of him, right? I miss him too."

Shikamaru frowned. "What are you talking about," he whispered. He had not meant to whisper, but his voice had suddenly disappeared.

It seemed Konohamaru's voice had disappeared as well. "Asuma." It was said so quietly, Shikamaru almost didn't hear it.


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