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Epilogue: Over the Horizon

"I can't believe this is really where you want to spend our honeymoon," Natsuki commented as she drove a rented SUV down a dirt road in the middle of the woods. It looked like the type of place she and her brothers would hang out on dirt bikes or something.

"I told Natsuki that I wanted to spend our honeymoon with as little distractions as possible because I wanted to be alone with my wife," Shizuru replied with a smile. She had been referring to Natsuki as "my wife" as often as possible since they got married yesterday.

"I know you did, but still, this doesn't seem like your style. I really can't believe you picked this place," Natsuki stated once again. It certainly was a place she would have chose if she wanted to have fun, though. Unfortunately, she did not have any of the things she would have used while in the woods, like a dirt bike or an ATV or even a fishing pole… not that she noticed as much as a puddle yet.

"I think that Natsuki will like it, but my wife will not be too tempted to stray from me for the week we have alone," Shizuru explained.

Natsuki blushed, even though she wished to object. Natsuki had a very bad habit on vacations, according to Shizuru anyway. Natsuki liked to… well, she liked to do stuff! Shizuru went on vacation to relax, lounge around, be lazy, and spend time in bed with Natsuki. Now, those things were very nice and Natsuki enjoyed them, too, but she also enjoyed exploring new places, checking out old haunts, and spending the day wandering for activities to do. This was not what Shizuru wanted on their honeymoon.

"I wouldn't leave you alone on our honeymoon. I'm not that dense!" Natsuki argued, trying her best to look indignant about things, but she found it impossible to do. What was there to be indignant about when she was spending a week with her beautiful wife away from all the troubles of the world? Nothing!

Shizuru smiled and reached over to take her spouse's hand, confident in Natsuki's ability to drive with one hand on even the bumpy, dirt road. "I'm not saying you would, but I want your only temptation to be me for the next week. Is that so bad?"

"Of course not. I'm just saying you could've picked some place you really wanted to go instead of picking some rustic cabin in the woods. I don't want to chance you being miserable," Natsuki answered, taking her eyes off of the road for a moment to stare at her wife.

Shizuru could not help laughing. "Natsuki is too cute, even now. How could I possibly be miserable? I will be alone with my wonderful wife for an entire week! It just is not possible."

Natsuki smiled and nodded in agreement. "I guess I'm just turning into a worrywart, huh?"

Shizuru squeezed Natsuki's hand. "I love it when my wife worries about me, so please, carry on. It shows that I'm on your mind."

"You're always on my mind, Shizuru." Natsuki pulled Shizuru's hand to her lips and placed a gentle kiss to fingers.

Shizuru closed her eyes for a moment as small jolts of pleasure slid through her thanks to Natsuki's attention. She did not say anything else and the ride was spent in a comfortable silence. The quiet was broken as Natsuki gasped as the car came to the top a hill and there was a break in the woods, giving her a clear view of where they were.

"I take it my wife approves?" Shizuru asked, holding back a very knowing smile. She was all too aware of how breathtaking their destination would be for her beloved.

"I thought you said no distractions…" Natsuki muttered. She was staring at a huge light blue lake with a clear beach surrounding it. By the beach was a beautiful house that was very different from the rustic cabin Natsuki thought they would be staying in.

"No distractions doesn't mean I don't want my wife to be able to swim whenever the desire overtakes her," Shizuru answered with a sly smile that went by Natsuki.

"Oh, man! I didn't pack a bathing suit. I didn't know there'd be water out here to swim in," Natsuki groaned. Swimming had always been one of her favorite pastimes. She had been the best during her time as a student at Garderobe.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that no one else would be around? This is private land," Shizuru casually mentioned, but the smile she sported let her wife know her mind was way beyond casual.

Natsuki glanced over at Shizuru. "You mean… you didn't tell me about this lake or that no one would be around because you want me to skinny dip, don't you?" she accused her wife with a playful smile.

Shizuru's smile shifted to impish. "Why, I would never do such a thing!" she gasped in mock-indignation, putting a hand to her chest.

Natsuki laughed, but she did not say anything. She was going to go for a swim when she got a chance since she now knew Shizuru would not object to her being gone or miss her too much. Still, she would try her best to spend every waking moment with Shizuru since she was certain that was what her wife wanted. She was also going to indulge Shizuru by making a show of swimming when she finally did go.

The car rocked a bit as they eased onto level ground coming up to the lake house. Natsuki continued to stare at the house in awe, wondering why the hell she really thought they would be staying at a little cabin. She should have known that was not Shizuru's style, but the lake house certainly seemed to be about her new wife's speed.

She pulled into the wide, gravel driveway and put the car in park very close to the three wooden steps that led up to the front door. Natsuki opened her door and then trotted over to the other side of the car, just in time to see Shizuru opening her own door. Natsuki pouted.

"I wanted to do that," Natsuki complained, looking like a disappointed child.

Shizuru giggled because of the expression. "Should I shut the door and allow my wife to open it for me?"

"Don't be silly. Would you mind if I help you out?" Natsuki proposed with hope in her eyes.

"That sounds fair. Ever the chivalrous knight." A happy smile played across Shizuru's lips. "Hmm… is my wife also going to want to carry me across the threshold?" she asked, clearly teasing as she offered the younger woman her hand.

"You carry all the bags and my hands are free, sure," Natsuki replied with a smile while helping her dear spouse out of the car. She made a point to grab onto Shizuru's waist while helping and "accidentally" brushing her fingers across Shizuru's ass.

"Naughty Natsuki," Shizuru whispered while standing on solid ground. She put her hand over Natsuki's to keep the pale hand where it was just a little longer.

Natsuki blushed. "It was an accident…" she weakly lied.

"I'm sure it was, dearest wife. Come, let's get inside."

Natsuki nodded and opened the back door. She grabbed two duffle bags while Shizuru took charge of a large suitcase. They walked to the door, which Natsuki discovered was open. As she peered inside of their home for the week, she could not help whistling. The place was as impressive inside as it was outside.

"Where did you find this place?" Natsuki asked curiously as she stepped across the threshold. She was tempted to honestly carry Shizuru across the threshold, but she knew Shizuru would want to do the same. Shizuru had said as much when Natsuki proposed the idea a couple of months ago. There was something about Shizuru carrying her somewhere other than to bed that did not sit well with Natsuki, so the idea was junked.

"This is Anh's wedding present to us," Shizuru answered as she stepped inside, closing the door as soon as she was in the house.

"Time at the house or the house?" Natsuki asked and Shizuru just have her a look. "Leave it to Anh to go overboard," she commented, laughing and shaking her head.

"Not to be outdone, my father is out looking for a manor to buy us," Shizuru remarked with a smile.

Natsuki laughed, knowing it was probably true. "We should actually consider getting a house and where we want to live and everything. I mean, we can't stay in the principal suite at Garderobe for the rest of our lives. I'd like our kids to have a proper house and some land to play on."

"I agree. Can we save this discussion for another time? I would like to just focus on this week, not the future right now," Shizuru said. She knew Natsuki would get wrapped up in planning the future if she let Natsuki go down that road because that was what Natsuki did; Natsuki made plans.

"All right," Natsuki concurred.

Shizuru smiled and she decided to go put the suitcase away in the master bedroom while Natsuki decided to look around. Natsuki took in the bottom floor of the two-story house. She wandered into the living room, taking in the rich, light wooden décor that she noticed seemed to be the theme with the house. There was a light tan sofa with a matching love seat, and recliner. A stone fireplace was on the back wall where Natsuki would have liked to find a television.

"Oh, no…" Natsuki thought. She was on vacation with no TV!

She had to see if that was true, so she rushed through the other rooms. The den was like a small version of the living room, also lacking a television and the bookshelves were bare. There was nothing to read in the house either. Okay, it was one thing to be away from civilization and to be out in the woods with nothing to really do, but it was another thing to take away television and books!

Natsuki marched off, intent on giving Shizuru a piece of her mind… as soon as she could find her beloved wife. This place is huge! It was difficult to find the master bedroom. She did not know why she thought to check upstairs before looking around the rest of the first floor, but she found out there were two guest bedrooms up there, an office space, a huge bathroom, and an empty room that seemed to be waiting for something to go in there.

She sighed and turned around to go back downstairs to continue her search. Downstairs, she found another office space, which also did not have any reading materials in it, and another large bathroom. She decided to start calling out for help since she thought it might be a while before she located the master bedroom.

"Hey, Shizuru! There's no TV or books around here! Did you do that on purpose?" Natsuki called, but she did not get any response. "Oi! Shizuru, babe!" she continued.

A giggling sound that she knew was her wife caught Natsuki's ear. She guessed the laughter was due to her using the term "babe." Natsuki tried to get into the swing of using pet names and terms of endearment with Shizuru, but she found she still was not as good at it as Shizuru was. She was stuck with generic terms like "babe" and "baby."

Natsuki zeroed in on the sound like she had radar and found the master bedroom with no problem after that. The room was tucked away in the back of the house, next to a second set of stairs that led up to the top floor. The door was shut, but could be pushed open easily. Natsuki did not think anything of it and marched right in.

"Babe, there's no TV…" Natsuki trailed off as she figured out why Shizuru disappeared on her. Her mouth hung open and her mind almost completely forgot her complaint. It had something to do with television… or books… or something… who the hell cares?

The reason for Natsuki's sudden case of amnesia was because her dear wife was on the king-sized bed on the back wall, wearing a crimson-colored teddy that Natsuki bought her for just this occasion. She had her back arched, showing off her curves, and a come-hither stare in her ruby-red eyes, beckoning her wife to her. Topping off the surprise was the coy look on Shizuru's face, even though, internally, she smiled like the devil.

"Natsuki was saying something?" Shizuru asked, tilting her head to the side and putting a finger to her chin as if she was thinking something over.

"Was I?" Natsuki wondered. What the hell was I saying?

Shizuru was close to giggling again. She doubted she would ever get enough of Natsuki's reaction to her in provocative situations. Natsuki had a way of making it seem like it was her first time seeing Shizuru in sexy lingerie every time she saw Shizuru like that. The twinkle in those emerald eyes always succeeded in making Shizuru feel sexy and loved.

"Maybe I can help jog my wife's memory," Shizuru said and she proceeded to put on a show to just fry Natsuki's brain a little more.

Shizuru leaned forward to crawl across the bed on her hands and knees. Natsuki refused to blink, fearing she might miss something. Her eyes strayed from Shizuru's alluring face to other swaying body parts. She swallowed hard while taking in the curves and swells that begged for her touch and skin that she longed to taste.

"Baby…" Natsuki breathed out the term of endearment.

"Yes, my darling wife?" Shizuru asked drawing Natsuki in closer with smooth motion of her index finger.

"You're so beautiful…"

"Why don't you come over here and show me how beautiful you think I am," Shizuru suggested. Natsuki took a couple of steps and her wife giggled again, halting her progress with a raised hand. "Natsuki, I think it would be a good time to put the bags down," she suggested.

Good plan! Natsuki dropped the bags as if they were poisonous. She took long steps over to her spouse and practically consumed Shizuru in a heated kiss as soon as she was upon the Third Column. Shizuru felt like her body imploded just from the kiss and her hands acted on their own accord, trying to get Natsuki out of her clothing as quickly as possible.

"Natsuki… wife…" Shizuru begged in a hiss as she pulled away, her fingers still fumbling with the tiny buttons on Natsuki's shirt.

Natsuki chuckled a little. "Now you know how I always feel when you get my motor running and you have on complicated clothing."

"Help me," Shizuru implored with an adorably frustrated, but sexy pout.

"Always," Natsuki vowed as she leaned down for another kiss. She eased Shizuru's hands to a home they would be happier with, the button to her pants. She took care of the small buttons of her shirt.

Shizuru undid the fly to her beloved's pants and gently pushed them down her hips. She stared at the creamy skin that was staring her in the face and making her mouth water before glancing up to check on Natsuki's progress with her shirt. The pale woman was down to the last button as soon as her eyes locked with her lover's gaze. It felt like pure heat and electricity passed between them in that look. They dared not move as the exchange went on.

"Will you…?" Natsuki whispered.

Shizuru nodded and sat up on her knees. She gently brushed the shirt off of Natsuki's shoulders, letting it flutter to the floor. She then settled back on all fours as Natsuki stepped back, coming right out of her pants. Shizuru whimpered because of the distance between them and Natsuki hurriedly returned to her former position. Shizuru smiled and moved to nuzzle her face in her wife's flat belly.

Shizuru lost herself — and her face — in the smooth, silky skin of Natsuki's abdomen. Natsuki purred as she felt Shizuru's fingers dancing across her the small of her back and up her shoulders. She ran her fingers through the soft, tawny hair as a sign of tender encouragement. It did not take long for nuzzles to turn into light kisses, which soon transformed into long, wet kisses.

"Shizuru…" Natsuki breathed out the name as she felt like her whole body was ablaze with the light of the sun. The touches gracing her back were breathtaking and the attention to her front was explosive.

"Yes, my dearest wife?" Shizuru asked before placing a kiss on Natsuki's navel.

"I love you."

The words paused Shizuru and she had to gaze up at Natsuki. Shizuru looked as if she might burst into tears when she met those emerald eyes with her own crimson ones. Natsuki cupped Shizuru's face and lightly lifted, signaling for Shizuru to come up to her level. Shizuru obliged and Natsuki placed the most loving kiss to her lips, causing a tear to slide down Shizuru's cheek.

"I'll always love you," Natsuki promised.

"I will always love you, too," Shizuru replied. "Right now, I want to love every bit of you with every bit of me."

Natsuki let loose a charming, lopsided grin. "I have no objections to that."

Shizuru smiled, a devilish grin before going in for a deeper, much more lascivious kiss. Natsuki responded immediately, meeting each and every one of her wife's movements at the same sensual pace. Taking it a step further, Shizuru's tongue poked out of her mouth to trace the outline of Natsuki's lips and was given the desired reaction. Natsuki's lips parted and Shizuru's tongue wasted no time entering the space, being greeted by Natsuki's welcoming tongue. They explored the familiar areas of each other's mouth at their own leisure, as if they were trying to find things that they had missed over the years.

Shizuru's hands copied her tongue in a way, gliding against Natsuki's body, as if searching for any dent, dimple, or mole that had not been discovered yet. She greedily kneaded any flesh she found interesting, which was pretty much all of it. She only paused when she came to the clasp of Natsuki's bra, which she skillfully unhooked with one hand.

"You won't be needing this for the week," Shizuru quipped while pulling away just far enough to get rid of Natsuki's bra.

"But, it's my favorite one," Natsuki pretended to whine.

"You can admire it and all others in your bag, but you won't need it."

"I had a feeling about that," Natsuki remarked while watching Shizuru's face as crimson eyes never turned away from her pale chest. Shizuru stared with rapt attention at her wife's bare breasts.

"It's almost like seeing you for the first time," Shizuru said in awe. Her voice was barely a whisper.

"You drooled the first time," Natsuki reminded her spouse with a fond smile.

"You thought it was sexy."

Natsuki scoffed. "No, I really didn't. I worried something was wrong with you."

Shizuru chuckled a little. She had drooled openly the first time that she saw her lovely Natsuki in the nude. It had been a sigh to behold, just like now. Shizuru was not sure what was stopping her from drooling now.

Shizuru reached out and lightly ran her hands up and down her love's torso, causing Natsuki's eyes to flutter shut. A small moan escaped Natsuki as she felt kisses showered all over her body.

"Baby…" Natsuki whispered.

"Yes?" Shizuru asked in a similar tone.

"I need to lie down before I fall down," Natsuki admitted. She was not sure how her knees managed to keep her up as long as they did. It did not help matters that her legs were starting to feel like wet noodles.

"Of course." Shizuru smirked, pleased with herself to get such an open and honest reaction from her usually stubborn love.

Shizuru took Natsuki by the hand and gently pulled her to the massive bed. She shifted her position, moving to the foot of the bed and giving Natsuki plenty of room. Once Natsuki was situated on the mattress, Shizuru gave her a soft shove, indicating she wanted Natsuki to move back to the head of the bed. Natsuki did so without a protest of any kind.

As Natsuki settled on the fluffy pillows at the head of the bed, Shizuru slowly crawled up the pale form that was presented to her. She made a few short stops to kiss Natsuki's bellybutton, the under side of each breast, her collarbone on each side, her throat, and then finally her lips. Natsuki responded with much enthusiasm, opening herself to Shizuru's onslaught, silently begging for her wife to consume her like the fire of the sun.

Shizuru smiled to herself as she felt Natsuki's hands wandering her back, caressing her and trying to press her closer, merge them together. She wished they could become one as Natsuki always so desperately tried to make them. She decided to do the next best thing and come as close to fusing together as possible.

Soft, pink lips left Natsuki's mouth and floated across her face. Natsuki moaned as she felt a nip on her earlobe and then kisses down her jaw line. Shizuru attacked Natsuki's neck with vigor, determined to leave her mark and let the world know Natsuki was hers. Her tongue licked at the delightful skin beneath her lips and she suckled at Natsuki's pulse point as if she was a vampire trying to draw blood.

A long, drawn out moan escaped Natsuki as Shizuru moved on, leaving a deep burgundy splotch in her wake. She slowly licked a trail down to Natsuki's collarbone, feeling rough hands kneading the muscles on her back in anticipation. She knew exactly why Natsuki was clutching her back, waiting for one of her favorite parts. Shizuru paused, earning a whimper and a pout.

"What an adorable noise and expression," Shizuru commented with a small smile.

"Shizuru… don't be mean… not today," Natsuki pled.

Shizuru nodded in agreement. "Forgive me, ouji-sama. I will not be mean to my wife this week, especially not after my wife made so many dreams come true for me."

Natsuki grinned, glad to hear that. Shizuru went back to work, going right to where her mate wanted her, her breasts. Shizuru lips wrapped around a small, pink peak while her hand occupied the other. Natsuki moaned loudly and arched into the touch, silently begging for more.

"Yes…" Natsuki groaned, hips bucking against Shizuru's body.

Shizuru nibbled on her lover, taking her in, experiencing her precious wife. She barely registered the hands on her back, roaming her body as if trying to map the entire plane. Her focus was squarely on the feast set out before her and she tried her best to devour creamy flesh. Small noises escaped Natsuki, keeping Shizuru working because she wanted to keep hearing those delightful sounds. But, soon, she knew that she needed to move on. There were tastier items to be had.

One last nip to a hardened peak and busy lips had to move on. She smiled to herself as she moved downward and felt hands running through her long hair, urging her to continue. She placed long, wet kisses to the toned abdomen beneath her, pausing to feel Natsuki writhing against her in anticipation.

"Shizuru…" Natsuki pled. Busy hands on her chest made her back bow again and silenced her words. She moaned again and could not recall what she wanted to say. The only words that she could get out now were, "Don't stop."

"I had no intention of stopping, dearest one," Shizuru replied with a devilish smile. "Not even when you beg for it."

Natsuki did not have a chance to contemplate those words as Shizuru captured her target, taking Natsuki with her mouth. Natsuki screamed to the heavens and pushed her body down, trying to get Shizuru to devour her entire body it seemed. Shizuru tried to oblige, wanting more of Natsuki's sweet taste.

They both shifted; Natsuki's legs were suddenly hitched up on Shizuru's shoulders while one of Shizuru's hands abandoned Natsuki's breasts to go to her backside. Soft mews escaped Natsuki's throat, letting Shizuru know that Natsuki was close. Shizuru thought it was cute that Natsuki practically purred before she climaxed almost all the time… and she did not disappoint that time.

Natsuki felt like she melted into a puddle as her body rocked from Shizuru's careful attention. Shizuru did not stop with at the first time, though. She continued on, lapping at Natsuki as if she was a happy kitten while Natsuki purred like a contented cat. Shizuru had to move her hand from Natsuki's butt, where it was totally happy, to Natsuki's stomach to keep her from leaping off of the bed as Shizuru continued to drink from her.

"Oh, Shinso! Baby, stop!" Natsuki implored after the next tidal wave hit her, crashing against her worse than any tsunami.

Shizuru did not listen and distracted Natsuki by paying more attention to the right rosy peak on Natsuki's chest. She knew she could get one more from her wife before Natsuki had truly reached her limit, but it always required a little distraction. As sort mews escaped Natsuki as her thumb played with Natsuki's delightful nipple, she knew the distraction was in full effect. Her mouth continued on, delighting in all that was Natsuki. My love is so sweet, Shizuru thought.

Shizuru loved the taste of Natsuki on her tongue. She doubted it would take much convincing for Natsuki to let her stay there for the whole week. Sure, there would be breaks in between, but she just wanted Natsuki in her mouth for the entire trip. It was not too much to ask, right?

Natsuki howled and leaped off of the bed as Shizuru finally drained her. Shizuru kept her hand on Natsuki's stomach to make sure the principal did not fly off of the bed as her body shuddered and she floundered like a fish out of water as ecstasy jolted through her body.

By the time Natsuki settled, Shizuru was curled up into her side, kissing her cheek. Natsuki sighed and wrapped her arms around her wife. Shizuru smiled and moved over to place a proper kiss to Natsuki's lips. The kiss was long and deep… very distracting. While Shizuru was focused on the kiss, Natsuki took advantage.

Before Shizuru realized it, she was on her back and Natsuki was over her with a wolfish grin. Shizuru could place that expression anywhere. It was payback time.

"Natsuki, lovely wife… have mercy…" Shizuru pretended to beg.

"Mercy? After what you did? You know twice is my limit," Natsuki replied, acting angry.

"But, the third time is always the charm," Shizuru remarked with a weak smile.

"We'll see about that."

Natsuki did not give Shizuru a chance to contemplate those words, attacking a tempting neck with nips and light bits. Shizuru squealed from the assault and pressed herself closer to Natsuki's wanting mouth. She whined when Natsuki pulled away.

"Baby, while I like this piece a lot, I think I like you more out of it," Natsuki commented, lightly fingering the silky material.

"I like me more out of it, too," Shizuru replied with a surprisingly coy smile for the situation. It got a smile out of Natsuki, knowing only her lover could look so innocent while they were so compromised.

"Then let's get you out of it."

Natsuki reached out back and lightly tugged in a string that kept the item in place. She watched as Shizuru sat up a little and the piece pooled down at her waist. Natsuki bit her lip at the sight. She could see why Shizuru thought it was like seeing her for the first because the feeling was mutual… except now Natsuki knew what to do. The first time, she had nearly fled the room because she had no clue what to do next.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I feel blessed every time I'm with you," Natsuki said, her fingertips brushing against Shizuru's side.

"Then be with me now, dearest Natsuki," Shizuru whispered.

Natsuki went to work right away, filling her hands with her love while her mouth returned to Shizuru's neck. Shizuru put her arms around Natsuki, seeking contact of any kind between them. She moaned, feeling Natsuki's teeth scrap against her neck before moving downward. She left a mark of her own on Shizuru's neck and she was not done with marking all that was hers.

As she neared Shizuru's breast, she was already planning out where she was going to mark. Shizuru merely clung to her, nails digging into Natsuki's heated flesh, while Natsuki worshipped Shizuru's body with long kisses and sensual bites. Shizuru pressed Natsuki closer, begging for more, not caring if her whole body was left covered in love bites.

Natsuki left her mouth where it was, but her hand strolled down Shizuru's stomach. She caressed Shizuru's belly and briefly considered moving her lips down there, if only to leave another mark, but she just could not tear herself away from where she was, going from one full hill to the other and treating the dusky pink peaks as if they were delicious candy. Plus, Shizuru held her tight, so she was not going anywhere.

Her hand was the only thing that needed to move, anyway. Her fingertips cut a light path straight down to Shizuru's body. Shizuru cried out and her nails cut little crescent moons into Natsuki's back as she felt familiar fingers stroking her, loving her. She moved with the fingers as best she could, muttering incoherent words into Natsuki's ear as Natsuki slipped inside of her.

Whatever Shizuru was saying spurred Natsuki on, kept her suckling and kissing on one of her favorite body parts. Her fingers stroked Shizuru, as if reaching in and trying to bring something out of her. They soon succeeded in doing just that. Shizuru tensed and stop moving altogether, letting loose a long, drawn out moan. Natsuki's fingers stilled and she glanced up to see crimson eyes closed and tawny hair sticking to her love's forehead.

"Natsuki," Shizuru muttered as she felt her body being placed down on the pillows again.

"Remember, Shizuru, this is paybacks," Natsuki reminded her wife.

Shizuru's mind did not have the power to figure out what Natsuki was talking about. She barely felt Natsuki removing her teddy from around her waist. Her body was still recovering when a jolt shot through her as Natsuki return to her chest, nuzzling the soft mounds as Natsuki worked her way in between Shizuru's legs.

"Natsuki?" Shizuru said, appearing confused as Natsuki kissed her way down Shizuru's body.

"Two more, babe," Natsuki remarked with a smirk.

Shizuru still did not figure out what Natsuki meant and she did not care when those adoring lips hit her heated flesh again. Panting, moaning, and writhing were about the only things Shizuru was capable of. Natsuki added to that list after she put a hand between their bodies and touched Shizuru again.


Natsuki and Shizuru laid underneath the warm blanket situated on the bed. The moon was out, shining out on the lake, which they had a view of from the large glass doors on the opposite side of the room. They had their pillows propped up on the head of the bed, but Natsuki used her wife's shoulder instead of her pillow. They shared a bottle of champagne, which was settled on Natsuki's side on the nightstand.

"I'm glad my wife thought to bring champagne," Shizuru commented as she took a sip from her glass. She settled deeper into her pillow while smiling because Natsuki's hand was drawing circles around her navel.

"Well, I was planning to use it to celebrate in a different way, but this way is fine, too," Natsuki replied. She leaned down slightly and kissed the shoulder that her was against.

"You were going to pour it all over me, weren't you?"

Natsuki glanced up with an incredulous expression. "How the hell did you even guess that?"

"I know that on the inside Natsuki is very naughty and sometimes lets that come out and play when absolutely no one is around," Shizuru remarked, tickling her love's nude stomach with her free hand for a moment.

Natsuki did not bother denying it or even blaming Shizuru like she usually would. They both put down their glasses at the same time to turn their complete attention to each other. They were quiet for a long moment.

"Hey, babe, could we talk for a while?" Natsuki asked in a low voice.

"We can talk all the time. Oh, I meant to mention, I do like that you've gone back to calling me 'babe.'" Shizuru knew that needed to be said because Natsuki would stop using the nickname if she did not know Shizuru truly appreciated it.

"Good to know. I didn't know if you liked it or not and I was going to stop…" Natsuki admitted. She still hated she could not come up with something better than "baby" and "babe" to call Shizuru.

Smiling a little, Shizuru ran her hand through Natsuki's silky hair. "I know my little Natsuki."

Natsuki nodded. "You know me better than anybody. I wish I knew you as well as you know me."

"You know me perfectly well, Natsuki, as my wife should. Have I mentioned that you make me the happiest woman in existence, especially when you said 'I do'?" Shizuru pulled Natsuki just a little closer to her, loving their shared warmth.

"You have, but I still say you're the second happiest. I'm definitely the happiest, but I was thinking about what would make you happier."

"Oh?" Shizuru shifted a little. "And what would that be?"

"Starting our family. When do you want to do that?" Natsuki asked.

"When would you like to do it?" Shizuru countered.

"I'm not sure. I would like a couple more years to ourselves, just feeling out being married. I also figured you'd like to keep working for a little while since I know you like being Archmeister…" Natsuki trailed off and wiggled a bit. "You do like it, right?"

Shizuru nodded. "Of course. I wouldn't do it if I didn't like it. You know that. I am willing to give it up to carry your baby, though."

"I was thinking that maybe I could go first. I don't know how many kids you want, but I think two would be good and since I don't really go out on assignments, I could go first," Natsuki proposed.

Shizuru blinked hard and looked at her wife as if she was confused. "You… you want to carry my baby?"

"Of course. You didn't think I would?" Natsuki asked with her own puzzled expression. "Don't tell me you're starting to buy this whole 'Natsuki's a boy' thing that my brothers keep pitching!" she teased.

"Never that. I do have intimate knowledge on how much of a woman Natsuki is." Shizuru's hand drifted to Natsuki's breasts for a moment and then down to her stomach. "You just never really showed any inclination that you would like to be pregnant. I would be honored if you carried our first child and I think two children would be a good start. You never know, you might like a large family like yours, though."

Natsuki nodded. "That would be great if all the kids get along. I mean, I've seen families like mine where all the siblings can't stand to be in the same room with each other. I don't want that to be our kids."

It was Shizuru's turn to nod. "So, let's start with two and see what develops from there."

"Do you know what you want to do after retiring? I know I've never thought much on it. Have you?"

"No, actually I haven't," Shizuru admitted. "We have time to discuss all of that, Natsuki. We're not planning to retire just yet. Let's live in the moment for a little while before you start plotting our entire lives."

Natsuki smiled, looking a little guilty. She had been ready to plan out their entire lives at that moment. She was able to put that away as Shizuru leaned down and placed light kisses to her cheek. She wrapped her arms around Shizuru and decided to live in the moment. The moment called for them to celebrate again as they had done all afternoon. The future was ahead of them and they were overjoyed to face it together.


The end.

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