TITLE: luffyXnami soup

PAIRING: luffy/nami

TIMELINE/SPOILERS: anything goes. may vary on the word.

WARNINGS: I might suddenly come up with an M rating, but as of now, everything's safe. Except for the usual Nami violence.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is for lj's alphabetasoup challenge. I've staked my claim, and now I bring you what I've written. These are mostly drabbles, mind you. Ordering is by date of completion.

DISCLAIMER: Eiichiro Oda owns everything related to One Piece.


A is for amused

Luffy couldn't help but grin. He knew Nami had spent the night trying to finish a knitted sweater for his birthday, all because he had torn the first one the day before. She had been furious then, and shouted with such anger that she wouldn't be giving him a gift. Everyone had thought she locked herself inside her room to make maps, but as Luffy held the mass of dark red knitted material with great carefulness, he was grateful that Nami liked him enough to forgive him and make him another gift.