Author's notes: WARNING! Finally, a reason for the rating T. No lemons, but it's a little close. A little. And... this would be the first drabble in this series where they're a couple lol. Also, I know that Japan doesn't celebrate Christmas like christians do, but what the hell.


U is for uncomfortable


Said girl sighed heavily. If there was something she hated the most about her captain aside from his careless disregard of danger, it would be his whining.

"Hold still!" Nami scolded as she tried to reach out once more through the grills of the only measly hole of the contraption they were currently trapped in. "For someone who got us into trouble, you sure aren't helping!"

She attempted to reach for any semblance of a lock outside the box they were currently trapped in, but as Luffy had confirmed earlier, there wasn't anything. There was no way for them to get out of the trap until its inventor, Franky, came and deactivated it.

"I can't believe this…" Nami said as she slumped completely. "This is all your fault, Luffy!"

"You were in on it, too!"

While it was true, Nami didn't want to take any blame for their current miserable situation. It stung her pride on being a thief who can sneak in anywhere undetected.


Nami glared down at the person who had the gall to laugh at their predicament.

"What are you laughing at?" Nami snapped.

"Shishishi!" Luffy laughed out once more. "Looks like curiosity killed the cat burglar!"

A fist immediately pounded him on his head.

"That wasn't funny at the least!" Nami screeched. "And I wasn't stealing anything, you idiot!"

"Shishishishi! But we were sneaking, weren't we?" Luffy said with a knowing grin, and Nami felt her face warm up considerably. "But man, I didn't know they hid the presents in here!"

"I guess it makes sense," Nami said as she peered outside of the small hole and spotted a mountain of presents several feel away into Franky's special room. "It would be easy for him to lay down traps, and no one else usually goes down here except for Usopp."

"Hey, Nami," Luffy said with an excited grin. "What do you think you'll get from Santa?"

Nami looked down at him with one of her brows raised. "Luffy, you're too old to believe in Santa."

"Anyone who gives presents can be called 'Santa'!" He said still with his grin. "I hope everyone got me meat!"

"Luffy, you can always get that every day."

"What did you get me, Nami?"

Said girl pinched her captain's nose. "I wouldn't have attempted to stop you from looking at the gifts if I wanted you to know what you're getting."

"Pooper," Luffy said as his cheeks puffed up and he looked sideways.

"You're the only reason why we had to hide the gifts and ask Franky to set up a trap! Argh, this is going nowhere. I'm sleeping."

As awkward their position was, Nami decided there was nothing they both could do. They were trapped inside a heavy steel box that somehow shrunk until it forced the both of them to squeeze together. In their bewilderment and panic, they hadn't thought of in advance the best position to settle in, and as if someone was setting up an early Valentine's Day joke, Luffy ended up lying on his back while Nami was squeezed between him and the roof of their 'coffin'.

I'm going to KILL that Franky! Nami seethed. AFTER this stupid idiot!

There wasn't any space to move, even to turn sideways so they could at least attempt to sleep with a little more room. The only consolation Nami found was that she wasn't trapped with any of the other boys. It would surely cause a lot of teasing and uneasiness, and she didn't want to have to deal with Luffy's... unadmitted jealousy. She didn't want to see another victim of a chock-ful of tabasco-ladened food and to hear Usopp complain once more that his hot sauce supply had mysteriously run out because of a 'ghost'.

That's what Nami would like to think, but Luffy was now completely frozen over, and judging by the very little light available from outside the box, he was actually flushed.

"Luffy!" Nami shrieked incredulously.

"W-W-What?" He said, trying to look away but failing to hide the fact that he was keeping something to himself.

And sure enough, Nami felt something that she was sure made her blush down to the roots of her hair.

"Stop it!" She hissed. "This can't happen! Not now!"

"B-But Nami—!" Luffy's whine was cracked, but as much as Nami tried to push herself off of Luffy, there was simply not enough space.

"O-Okay," She said while she raked her brain for any ideas. "U-Uh, try to fall asleep."

"I can't…"

"T-Then let's talk!" Nami suggested. "To keep your brain from going elsewhere it shouldn't!"


"Uuh, how about you list down your favorite food?"

Nami nearly snickered to herself. Genius! Luffy loved all kinds of food, so it shouldn't take long before he'd get sleepy as he recited his favorites and soon, their most pressing problem would be gone—

"Meat!" Luffy piped in her thoughts.

"Okay, that's a good start!" Nami encouraged him. "What else?"

Luffy stared at her blankly. "That's it. Everything else is second."

If there was enough space to do so, Nami would've slapped a hand to her forehead.

"Okay, how about you try counting from one to a hundred, and then backwards?"

"That's boring!"

"Then what the hell do you suppose we should do?"

For the first time that night, Luffy's face fell into a serious façade.


"Nami, we were about to do it anyway," He said.

"I-I'm not in the mood anymore!" Nami squeaked. "B-Besides, how can we even move in this thing?"

Luffy thought hard for a couple more moments.

"But it's really hard to ignore… Maybe if I just reach down and—"

Nami opened her mouth fully…

And screamed bloody hell.

Ten minutes later, everyone deduced correctly what had happened just as Luffy rushed out of the room like hell was snapping at his heels. Sanji was, expectedly, irate and following him with flaming legs and shoes, while the others did their best to avoid the subject of finding their captain and navigator in a very compromising position— not to mention the unnecessary and unwanted view of an earthly body reaction from being pressed with the person the captain was involved with— and silently headed back to their quarters while attempting to erase the disturbing memory from their minds.

Come Christmas morning, Luffy's presents were all unsurprisingly missing.