Digimon: Digital Monsters

Digi to the Future: A Season 2/Season 3 Crossover

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or the movie "Back to the Future". If I did, the epilogue from Season 2 would feel my wrath!

Plot: This story is probably the biggest one I'll ever do compared to "The Alternate Saga". In this story, a Digimon version of "Back to the Future", Takato takes a little trip to Season 2, thanks to an accident, and has some unexpected results. With help from Izzy, he discovers the TRUE reason behind the epilogue and unless he sets things straight, both his world and that one could cease to exist. The couples are now Taiora with hints of Koumi, Daiyako, and Rukato. (By popular demand.) Be warned, this is only the FIRST part of a three-part saga. Enjoy!


(Season 1)

Tai and Agumon
Sora and Biyomon
Matt and Gabumon
Izzy and Tentomon
Mimi and Palmon
Joe and Gomamon
T.K and Patamon
Kari and Gatomon

(Season 2)

Davis and Veemon
Yolei and Hawkmon
Cody and Armadillomon
Ken and Wormmon

(Season 3)

Takato and Guilmon
Rika and Renamon
Henry and Terriermon

(Note: This occurs after the episode "Grow Mon Grow". Their ages are now fourteen to help the story. Unrealistic but hopefully still enjoyable.)

Chapter 1 (November 2, 2001, 7:28 AM) (S3)

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" The digital alarm clock rang out as it went off. A hand reached over and pressed the snooze button, turning off the annoying sound. Takato Matsuda opened his light brown eyes groggily, still tired from last evening's Digimon battle. Both he and the other Tamers needed their rest. He needed it more since it was the first time that Guilmon went to his Ultimate form of WarGrowlmon. The battle had taken all of their energy. Yet he had a feeling it wasn't the last one.

As Takato reached over and picked up his alarm clock, his eyes widened in shock at the time. It was 7:28 in the morning.

"Oh man!" Takato said in shock. "I'm going to be late!" With that, he jumped out of bed and threw on his usual clothes of a hooded blue sweatshirt and khaki pants. He quickly grabbed his goggles and digivice and ran downstairs to his family's bakery. As he slipped his sneakers on, he saw his father and mother in front of the store taking delivery orders for the day. Takato quickly loaded up a shopping bag full of the bread from yesterday for Guilmon. Just then, he heard his mother call him.

"Takato, don't be out too late." His mother said. "We need you to help with these orders."

"All right, Mom!" Takato said as he ran out the back door with his shopping bag. "By the way, I'm taking the day-old bread... and the day-old, day-old bread." Later, after he gave Guilmon his breakfast of the day-old bread, he ran past a card shop where he picked up his Digimon cards. In the store, an episode of "Digimon" was on. It was the episode where the children met Azulongmon for the first time. Takato continued running until he arrived at school, completely out of breath. As he got there, the bell for students had already rung.

"Great." Takato said with a sigh of relief. "For once, I'm just in time." He entered the building and ran all the way to his classroom. When he got there, he found his friend Henry outside the classroom. He was just coming from the bathroom that was two doors down when Takato saw him.

"Hey Henry." Takato said as he ran up to his friend.

"Hi, Takato." Henry said. "I'm glad I ran into you. Do you think that you could come by the parking garage near my house at 11:00 tonight? It's really important."

"I'll try." Takato said. "What's so important that I need to be there so late?"

"You'll see." Henry said as he looked at his watch. "Well, I've got to get to class. Remember to come at exactly 11:00 tonight. Bring Guilmon."

"What?" Takato said. Before he could ask any more questions, Henry had rushed off to class. With that, he went into his classroom.

Chapter 2 (November 2, 2001, 3:28 PM)

Later, as Takato was walking home, he decided to go past Rika Nonaka's house to visit. Despite her somewhat cold attitude, he valued her experience as a Tamer and respected her. That including the fact that he secretly had an enormous crush on her. As Takato walked past the front door to her yard, suddenly it opened and revealed the very person he wanted to see.

"Hey Rika." Takato said.

"Oh, it's you gogglehead." Rika said to him calmly. "I was... just coming to see you just now."

"Well, Rika, I... what?" Takato said, shocked at what she just said. Rika sounded totally different than usual. She was calm and even a little reserved, not cool and almost arrogant as usual.

"I said I was just coming to see you." Rika said, noticing Takato's shocked look on his face. "What, is that a crime or something?"

"No, it just sounds strange coming from you, that's all." Takato said. "So, what's up?"

"Well, I just wanted to say that you actually impressed me last night." Rika said to him, a light blush coming into her face.

"I... impressed you?" Takato said, still surprised from what she said. Never, in the short time that he's known her, Rika has never been impressed by anything that he's done.

"Don't repeat me, okay?" Rika said. "This is hard enough as it is. Look, you and Guilmon really handled yourselves last night against Mahiramon."

"Well, Rika..." Takato said as he laughed nervously, "I guess its part of the job description."

"Whatever." Rika said coolly. Just then, a strange man in a black business suit with blond hair began to walk up to them. He was Yamaki, the same man who questioned Takato and Henry a few days earlier about Digimon. He was talking to someone on his cellular phone when he saw Takato and Rika nearby. His eyes grew cold under his sunglasses he went to the children.

"I remember you." Yamaki said in a sinister-sounding voice. "You two were at the towers with those other children and that Digimon."

"What's it to you?" Takato said, already getting irritated.

"I'd advise you both to get a new hobby. You wouldn't want to become involved in something so dangerous. This is not a game for little children and I suggest you both find something else to do." He then brushed past them, continuing on his way.

"Who is that guy?" Rika said.

"Who knows and who cares." Takato said. Later that day, after visiting Guilmon again, he rushed back to his own house. As he came in the door of his parents' bakery, he found that they weren't home. He looked on the cash register as saw that there was a note. He picked it up and read it. It said,


We had to rush out of town to find a spare mixing machine. We'll be gone for at least four hours. Dinner is in the kitchen.

Mom and Dad

Takato looked at his D-Power around his neck and checked the time. It was almost 10:15 PM. There was still time to get Guilmon and head to the parking garage. He filled his backpack with some bread and ran out of the small store, locking the door as he went. Unknown to him, a figure from the shadows was watching with interest. It's bright blue eyes lit up with curiosity as it followed Takato secretly.

Chapter 3 (November 2, 2001, 10:59 PM)

Takato and Guilmon raced to the parking garage near Henry's apartment building. He had no idea what his friend was up to. Still, from the tone of his voice in school, it sounded important. As they ran, Guilmon looked up at his friend.

"Hey, Takato," Guilmon said, "why are we rushing? There's no Digimon nearby."

"True, but Henry said to be there by 11:00 PM sharp." Takato said. "We can't be late."

"OK." Guilmon said, satisfied by the simple answer. As the two arrived, they found that it was dark in the concrete structure. There were no cars anywhere. Takato was grateful that it was now abandoned, since it gave the Tamers an excuse to meet there.

"Hello?" Takato called through the empty structure. "Henry, are you here?" Just then, a pair of lights suddenly came to life in front of them. It blinded Takato and Guilmon somewhat. As the lights came closer, both Digimon and Tamer were getting apprehensive.

"Takatomon," Guilmon said, "what is that?"

"I... don't know." Takato said. Finally, as he looked closer, he and Guilmon could see what it was plainly. It was some sort of car made out of steel with some kind of attachments on the back. As it stopped in front of Takato, the doors flipped up with a whooshing sound. The figures to step out were recognized easily. One of them was wearing an orange vest and had black hair. The second was a rabbit-like creature.

"Terriermon, how many times do I have to tell you not to eat in the car?"

"Only once, Henry. Mo-men-tai."

"Henry?" Takato said, a little confused. The resident genius looked up and saw his friend.

"Takato, you made it." Henry said to his friend as he looked at his digivice. "You're just in time. Well, this is it, my big project."

"I can see that." Takato said as he took a closer look at the vehicle. "Wait a second. Isn't that the car from 'Back to the Future', that American movie you saw a while back?"

"Yep." Henry said as took out a notepad. "My dad decided to build one himself because he was so fascinated by it. I just added the necessary parts." He then motioned for Takato to come over to the driver side. Terriermon, in the meantime, was busy playing with Guilmon.

"This car was designed to travel through time." Henry began to explain. "However, I modified it to travel through dimensions as well, specifically to the world of the "Digimon" TV show."

"You mean, if I wanted to go back and say 'Hi' to Tai, Izzy, and all of them, I could do that?" Takato said with interest.

"Absolutely. For instance, if you wanted to go back to Episode 1 of Season 2, the one where Davis got his Armor DigiEgg and Veemon..." Henry said as he typed a few numbers on the keypad. The display said:

September 5, 2001 8:00 AM (S2)

"...or if you want to watch the DigiDestined's final battle in Season 1 against Apocalymon..." The display now read:

May 21, 1999, 5:28 AM (S1)

"...or if you even felt like it, you could go to the episode in Season 2 where the DigiDestined met Azulongmon for the first time." Henry then typed in one last series of numbers. The display now read:

December 22, 2001 6:00 PM (S2)

"Hey, I remember that episode." Takato said as he began to think. "That was the episode where the Digimon started invading the real world."

"That's right." Henry said. Just then, they heard the sound of several cars in the distance. Takato looked and saw some vans with sophisticated scanning equipment drive up to them. Henry recognized who they were.

"Oh no." he said as Terriermon and Guilmon stopped playing and went to their partners. "It's them. They must have tracked us."

"What are you talking about, Henry?" Takato said. Some men stepped out of the vans and approached them. One of them was Yamaki.

"I knew that you children were meddling in forces beyond your understanding," Yamaki said to them, "but time travel is reaching an all- time low." He then turned to Henry. "You are to turn over your little invention at once."

"Forget it." Henry said as Terriermon stepped in front of him.

"I was hoping that we wouldn't have to do this the hard way." Yamaki said as he motioned to the men nearby. They took out something that looked like sophisticated guns. "Destroy their Digimon and take that... thing back to headquarters."

"Takato, take the time machine and get out of here." Henry said as he took out his D-Power. "Me and Terriermon will hold off these clowns."

"What?" Takato said with a note of confusion. "But we're not even old enough to drive yet."

"Just do it!" Henry ordered as he whipped out a Modify Card.

"...All right, Henry." Takato said as he and Guilmon hopped into the vehicle and closed the gull wing doors. "We'll be back to help."


"Digi-Modify!" Henry shouted as he swiped a card through his D-Power. "Digivolution activate!"


"Terriermon, digivolve to... Gargomon!"

As Takato started the engine, Yamaki growled angrily. He was not going to let this opportunity get away.

"Stop that thing!" he ordered. The men took aim at the vehicle. Gargomon stepped in front of it and took aim as well with his arm guns.

"Time to dance!" Gargomon said. "Gargo Laser!" he shouted as he began to fire his guns. Takato shifted the car in reverse and drove out of the parking garage. He then shifted into drive and began to drive down the street.

"Follow him!" Yamaki ordered. "Do not let him get away!" The men piled into their vans and began to chase the DeLorean.

"Takatomon," Guilmon said, "are they supposed to chase us like this?"

"Absolutely not!" Takato said as he frantically switched between first and second gears. What he didn't know as that the time circuits were still activated! As he continued to drive, the speedometer went to 40... 60... 80 miles per hour. At this point, Takato looked out of the rear view mirror. He saw a strange-looking boy with the same goggles as him standing on the sidewalk.
Before he could comment, the car began to glow with blue sparks at 88 miles per hour. Within seconds, the car disappeared in a flash of light.

Chapter 4 (December 22, 2001, 3:00 PM) [S2]

The DeLorean emerged on the streets of Odaiba with three sonic booms. Takato and Guilmon screamed as they swerved to miss an oncoming truck.

"Oh man." Takato said. "That was close." He looked around and saw that it was now the afternoon. He was also driving down an unfamiliar street. He looked at the display. It was still activated. "This... can't be possible."

"Takato, what's wrong?" Guilmon said as his friend's face suddenly went white.

"The time circuits..." Takato stuttered, "they were on the whole time." Just then, a familiar figure popped up from the back seat.

"Hey, are you guys playing a new game?" the small creature said to them. It was Calumon. Takato turned around with a look of surprise.

"Calumon?" Takato said. "What are you doing here?" Suddenly, he felt the car begin to lurch and slow down. It went to 40... 20... 10 miles per hour. It finally stopped in front of an alleyway. As Takato slowly opened the gull wing door, he looked around. The street looked perfectly normal. Unfortunately, it was still daytime. Takato was in no mood to explain the time machine or Guilmon
to any bystanders.

"Am I really in Season 2?" Takato asked himself. "Then... there's only one person who can help me get home." He went back into the car and tried to start it with no luck. Calumon had disappeared. Takato looked at the fuel gauge. It read as empty. Frustrated, he grabbed his D-Power and slipped it around his neck.

"Takato, where are we?" Guilmon asked.

"I'm not really sure, Guilmon." Takato said as he and his Digimon got out of the car and closed the gull wing doors. As they pushed it into the alley, he covered it with an old tarp and some boxes. Then, he took off his backpack and unloaded the bread. "Now listen, Guilmon. You'll have to stay here for the day until I come back for you. Okay boy?"

"Okey-dokey." Guilmon said as he began to stuff himself with the bread.

"Right." With that, Takato set off in the direction of downtown Odaiba, hoping to find the one person who could help him. He looked at his D-Power. The time read 3:08 PM. He would have time to find the person that he needed. If he remembered the date, then there was one place that that person could be found. He ran down the street until he got to Odaiba High School. Once there, he looked around and saw that there were several students moving through the hallway. None of them was the person he was looking for. As he was about to give up, suddenly he saw a red-haired teenage boy walking down the hallway. Takato took a good look and saw that it was the one he was looking for. Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi.

"Excuse me," Takato said as he walked up to the resident genius in this reality, "but you're Izzy, right?"

"Yeah," Izzy said, "and you are..."

"Someone who needs your help." Takato said, trying to keep his voice down. "Listen, I need to talk to you alone. My name is Takato and I have a major problem." He dragged Izzy to the nearby boys' bathroom. He checked under the stalls and, when he saw that no one was there, turned his attention back to Izzy. "You might not believe what I have to say but here goes. First of all, I'm not exactly from around here..." After Takato finished his story, Izzy had a look of total bewilderment on his face.

"You know if I was a different person, I'd be inclined to believe you." Izzy stated firmly. "But I don't make it my business to believe made-up stories."

"It's not a made-up story." Takato retorted. "I'm a Digimon Tamer from another reality's future. A friend of mine, Henry, built this car that took me here when me and Guilmon were getting away from these bad guys." He then took out his D-Power from under his sweatshirt and handed it to Izzy. The resident genius looked it over and took out his digivice. He compared the two for a moment.

"Hmmm." Izzy said. "Fascinating. The design is remotely similar but... it's far more advanced than even the D-3s. You may be telling the truth after all."

"Thanks for believing me." Takato said. "Now, can you help me?"

"Where is your time machine?" Izzy said. With that, Takato quickly rushed him out of the bathroom and headed out the door of the building, careful to avoid anyone who might ask questions.

Chapter 6 (December 22, 2001, 3:45 PM)

Later that day, Izzy and Takato headed to the spot where the DeLorean and Guilmon were hidden. Along the way, Izzy tried to ask several questions about the world where Takato comes from. Takato was careful to leave out the future episodes of the series as he explained his world and the other Tamers that live there. Izzy listened with interest.

"The world you come from sounds fascinating, Takato." Izzy said as they got to the alley.

"It really is." Takato said. He removed the tarp from the car and opened the door. Lying inside asleep was Guilmon. The dinosaur opened his eyes and saw Takato standing there with Izzy.

"Is it morning yet?" Guilmon said groggily.

"Fascinating." Izzy said. He climbed into the car and overlooked the circuitry. "This is almost an exact replica of the DeLorean time vehicle from 'Back to the Future'. Your friend is obviously a genius." He then turned to Guilmon. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Izzy."

"Are you a Tamer, Too?" Guilmon asked innocently.

"Well, a DigiDestined, if that's what you mean." Izzy replied.

"We can introduce ourselves properly later." Takato said, getting frustrated. "Can you fix it?"

"I'll see what I can do." Izzy said. "Listen, Takato, it's very important that this remains a secret. We can't tell the other DigiDestined about this at all. If they find out about this, the consequences could be disastrous. Understand."

"Umm... yeah. I do." Takato said.

"In the meantime, we can study this more in length at my house." Izzy said as he got out of the vehicle. "Takato, we're going to get you home!"

Later, after explaining to Izzy's mother that Takato was a friend who was staying for a sleepover, the two reconvened in his bedroom. Izzy was looking over Takato's digivice with avid interest when he came out of the bathroom.

"Your D-Power, as you call it, is absolutely amazing." Izzy said to Takato. "It has a built-in Digimon Analyzer and a visual record of the experiences you've had with Digimon."

"Marvel over it later." Takato said.

"Right." Izzy said reluctantly. "Well, as I figure, anything that happens in this reality has an effect on yours. For example, a certain coupling would also have an effect. If that couple never occurred, it might throw your reality slightly out of balance and change it significantly." Just then, his computer beeped. Izzy checked over it and he smiled. Takato went over to his new friend
with curiosity.

"What is it, Izzy?" Takato said.

"It's an email from Kari. She says that she and the new DigiDestined are planning to get the older DigiDestined a special Christmas present for tomorrow." Just then, his smile turned immediately into a frown. "Oh no."

"What's wrong?" Takato asked.

"Tai's finally worked up the courage to ask Sora on a date but, according to T.K, she's dating Matt now. The worse part is that Tai doesn't even know it yet." At this, Takato suddenly doubled over in pain, his D-Power beeping loudly.

"AHHHH!" Takato screamed as he clutched his stomach.

"Takato," Izzy said, "what's wrong?"

"I... I don't know." Takato said. "This doesn't makes sense. I shouldn't be in pain."

"Hmmm." Izzy said. "It appears that we've found the event that should have taken place. Did they end up with each other in your reality?"

"Yeah, but what's the point?" Takato said as he slowly got up, the pain beginning to fade. "That shouldn't affect my future, should it?"

"Takato, think fourth-dimensionally." Izzy said. "From what I'm seeing, Tai and Sora not being together is probably one of the events effecting your reality. I wouldn't be surprised if Guilmon isn't experiencing symptoms as well."

"In English, Izzy!" Takato almost shouted.

"If we don't correct this, you won't have a home to get back to." Izzy said. "Also, you and Guilmon will eventually fade from existence, since you shouldn't be here in the first place."

"So, what do we do?" Takato said.

"Well, the concert is the day after tomorrow. We don't have very long to reverse this." Izzy said. "So, I have a plan..."

Chapter 7 (December 23, 2001, 1:00 PM)

"Wow." Takato said as he took a good look at the high school. "This place is huge."

"Stick to the plan, Takato." Izzy advised him. "Now remember, you have to make sure that Tai and Sora go to that concert together. If neither of them goes, they won't fall in love, and they won't end up together. That's why you are starting to feel pain. Unless the damage is repaired, Guilmon will be next."

"Man, this is bigger than Guilmon's stomach." Takato said.

"Anatomy has nothing to do with it." Izzy said as they walked into the building. "Now, our first job is to find Tai. He has to ask Sora out before the concert." Just then, they saw the very person they were looking for walking down the hallway. They quickly ran up to Tai as he was about to head to his class.

"Hey Izzy." Tai said to his friend. "What's the rush?"

"Sorry, Tai." Izzy said. "I didn't mean to bump into you like that. This is a friend of mine. His name's Takato and he's in town only for a few days."

"Nice goggles." Tai said as he shook his hand.

"Thanks." Takato said.

"Tai, listen." Izzy said. "Are you planning to ask Sora to Matt's concert, by any chance?"

"Will you keep it down?" Tai said as he clamped his hand over Izzy's mouth, blushing somewhat. The trio went into the boys' bathroom, which was fortunately empty, and continued talking.

"I don't mean to pry but it's important that you ask her now before it's too late." Takato said. "I mean, what's stopping you?"

"Do you think it's easy to ask your best friend of your entire life to a concert?" Tai said. "It's not easy. I mean, ever since we met on the soccer field we've been real close. It's just awkward, that's all. I mean, if she says no, I don't know how I'll be able to handle it. From anyone else, I probably could, but not from Sora."

"Takato has a point, Tai." Izzy said. "If you don't work up your courage and ask her soon, someone else will."

"Well..." Tai said. "I guess you're right." Just then, the bell rang for the next class. "Listen, I've got to run. We'll talk after school, okay?"

"All right, Tai." Izzy said. With that, the former leader of the DigiDestined left the bathroom. Both Takato and Izzy breathed a sigh of relief.

"I hope that he does more than just think about it." Takato said.

"You and me both." Izzy said. "In the meantime, we need to get the time machine ready for your trip home. It should be ready tomorrow evening."

"Great." Takato said. With that, both children left the bathroom. Outside the window, Calumon was listening with some interest.

"So, it is a new game." Calumon said as he flew off.

Chapter 8 (December 24, 2001, 5:45 PM)

The next day, after the older DigiDestined received their Digimon from their younger successors, Takato and Guilmon went straight to the concert. They had one more opportunity to try to get Tai and Sora together. Izzy had talked to Tai earlier and convinced him to ask Sora at the concert. While he was preparing the time machine for it's return trip, Takato and Guilmon watched as Tai and Agumon ran up to Sora and Biyomon as they stood outside the concert.

"Hey Sora." Tai said as he ran up to her.

"Oh, hey Tai." Sora said as she quickly hid some kind of package behind her back.

"Listen, we've really got to talk." Tai said. "This isn't easy for me to say, and I wish I could have done it sooner, but here goes. Sora, I..."

"Hmmm... something smells good." A familiar voice said from the tent. The two looked down and saw that it was Gabumon. "I'll just take that in for Matt." He said as he reached for the package.

"No way." Biyomon said. "You'd just eat the whole thing yourself."

"Anyway," Tai said as he tried to continue, "Sora, what I want to say isn't easy. I know that ever since we cam back from the Digital World, I've been acting like a jerk sometimes. The truth is, the only reason I acted like that is because... I didn't know how else I could tell you how much I care about you." Tai then got down onto one knee and clasped Sora's hand, surprising her and the Digimon. "What I'm trying to say, Sora, is if you'll go to the concert with me. Will you?"

"Wow." Takato said to himself. "Way to go, Tai. I wish I had the courage to do that with Rika. On the other hand, she'd probably kill me first."

"Tai..." Sora said as she blushed deeply, "what I have to say isn't easy, either." She slowly took Tai's hand out of her own. "The truth is... well... Matt kind of asked me yesterday and... I sort of accepted."

"Oh... I see." Tai said as he stood up. "Matt, huh?"

"I'm sorry, Tai." Sora said, getting nervous suddenly. She had no idea what Tai's reaction would be, since he and Matt were bitter rivals. Instead of being angry, Tai placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Sora, it's okay."

"You're not mad at me, Tai?"

"No, of course not." Tai lied, trying to be calm for her. "Now get in there and say hi to Matt for me."

"Thanks, Tai." Sora said, genuinely happy.

"The least you can do is leave the cookies!" Agumon said. Sora looked back at both of them and smiled softly.

"Tell you what. I'll make some special ones for you." Sora said. With that, she disappeared into the tent.

"I'll be waiting... thanks." Tai said to himself. Just then, Takato and Guilmon came out of their hiding place and went up to Tai.

"So, you're just going to let her go?" Takato said to Tai.

"What do you expect me to do, yell at her because of the way she feels?" Tai said. "If Sora wants to be with Matt, then so be it. All that's important is for her to be happy, even if it isn't with me." With that, Tai also entered the tent. Suddenly, Takato's D-Power went off.

"I smell Digimon." Guilmon said, getting that look in his eyes again.

"There must be evil ones nearby." Takato said. He turned around and saw a huge control spire in the distance. It was glowing with energy. "Oh man. We've got to warn them." Takato said, ignoring the pain in his gut as they also entered the tent.

Chapter 8 (December 24, 2001, 5:47 PM)

The concert was packed with people from all over Odaiba. The DigiDestined, minus Izzy and the newer ones, were down in the front row. Matt was on stage with the rest of his band. Just before the band was about to play, suddenly the wall burst open. It was a DarkTyrannomon with some Bakemon.

"Hey man, you're ruining my concert!" Matt said.

"Way to keep your priorities straight, Matt!" Tai shouted to his friend in a sarcastic manner. Just then, Takato and Guilmon came running down the aisle past the panicking crowd. He picked up his D-Power and scanned the Digimon.

"DarkTyrannomon, a Champion-level Digimon." Takato's analyzer said. "His attack is "Fire Breath. Bakemon, a Champion-level Digimon. Their attack is 'Zombie Claw'." He turned to his Digimon. "Go get them, Guilmon!"

"Ready, set, and go!" Guilmon said as he ran up to the stage. As he came down the aisle, the other DigiDestined were preparing to digivolve their Digimon.

"Since when were you a DigiDestined?" Tai asked.

"I'll explain later." Takato said as he whipped out a Modify card.


"Digi-Modify!" Takato shouted as he swiped his card through the D-Power. "Digivolution activate!"


"Guilmon, digivolve to... Growlmon!"

"Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon shouted as he spit out a wall of fire from his mouth. DarkTyrannomon was unfazed as he pushed Growlmon out of the tent, slamming both of them onto the ground. As Growlmon got up and tackled DarkTyrannomon, suddenly Takato doubled over in pain once more. He looked at his hand and was horrified to see that it was vanishing! Meanwhile, a piece of debris was headed straight for Sora.

"Sora, look out!" Tai shouted as he shoved her out of the way. They both landed on the ground safely away from the debris. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I... I think so." As Sora looked into his eyes, all of the feelings that she thought she buried for Tai came roaring back to the surface. "Tai, I'm sorry that I rejected you. It's just that I was scared, that's all. The truth is... I care about you, too."

At this, Tai's eyes began to tear up. He had thought that Sora was gone forever. Now, here she was sharing the same feelings. Then, she said something that Tai had always dreamed of hearing from her ever since the day they met.

"I love you, Tai."

"Sora... I love you too." Tai said. The two DigiDestined brought their faces closer and closer until... their lips met in an earth-shattering kiss. At this, Takato felt a surge of powerful energy coursing through his body. He looked at his hand and saw that it wasn't just restored. It was holding a blue card.

"Whoa." Takato said to himself. He looked over at Tai and Sora, happy that his reality was safe. "All right, Growlmon, it's time to pump up the volume!" Takato shouted to his Digimon, who was exhausted and beaten up from holding off DarkTyrannomon.


"Digi-Modify!" Takato shouted as he swiped the card. "Matrix Digivolution!"

Outside the concert, Calumon felt a huge surge of energy. The symbol on his head glowed brighter and brighter until the energy erupted into the sky.

"Crystal Matrix Activate!" Calumon thought as the energy exploded from the symbol on his head.


"Growlmon, digivolve to... WarGrowlmon!"

Meanwhile, the newer DigiDestined had arrived on their Armor Digimon and saw what was going on. Davis was the first to speak.

"What's that thing?" he said.

"It looks like a new Digimon." T.K said. "But I've never seen it before."

"I hope it's on our side." Yolei said.

"We can discuss it later." Kari said. "Right now, we have to help our friends." With that, they sped onward to the concert. Meanwhile, the other DigiDestined were in awe of Growlmon's evolution.

"What is that thing?" Tai said as he helped Sora off of the ground.

"That's WarGrowlmon, a Cyborg Digimon at the Ultimate level." Takato explained. "His attack is the Atomic Blaster and Double Edge." He then turned to the other DigiDestined. "I think I should handle this one, since your Digimon can't digivolve with a control spire nearby."

"He's right." Joe said, finally speaking. "Look up there." The children looked up and saw that there was a glowing control spire.

"How did that get there?" Matt said. Just then, a familiar attack was called out.

"Thunder Blast!"

The control spire was destroyed as Davis and the other DigiDestined, plus Izzy and Tentomon, rode in with their Armor Digimon.

"All right then." Tai said as he turned to his group of DigiDestined. "It's time to do this old school style!"

"Agumon, digivolve to... Greymon!"

"Biyomon, digivolve to... Birdramon!"

"Gabumon, digivolve to... Garurumon!"

"Guys, these Digimon are all from the Digital World." Izzy said as he whipped out his laptop. "We have to force them back into the DigiPort!"

"Right." Takato said. "WarGrowlmon, be gentle!"

"Radiation Blade!" WarGrowlmon shouted as he used the glowing blades on his arms to push DarkTyrannomon into the DigiPort.

"Nova Blast!"

"Meteor Wing!"

"Howling Blaster!"

"Thunder Blast!"

"Tempest Wing!"

"Gold Rush!"

"Star Shower!"

"Rosetta Stone!"

One by one, the Bakemon were forced into the DigiPort. Soon, all of them were gone. Later, after the Digimon had de-digivolved, all of the DigiDestined had reconvened at what was left of the concert. After properly introducing himself, Takato then said that he couldn't stay long. Izzy had already gone back to prep the time machine.

"That is a cool Digimon, dude." Davis said.

"Thanks, Davis." Takato said. "Veemon isn't so bad, either."

"Takato, I want to thank you for your help." Tai said as he shook his hand. "If it weren't for you..."

"Please, no thanks are necessary." Takato said. "Well, listen, it's been really great but I have to get going." Just as he and Guilmon were about to leave, he then turned around. "By the way, Davis, I wouldn't worry about Kari so much. The perfect girl for you is right in front of you."

"Huh?" Davis said. "What are you talking about?"

"You'll see." Takato said. "Well, hope to see you later." With that, he ran off to meet up with his future.

Chapter 9 (December 24, 2001, 6:18 PM)

"Darn it, where is he?" Izzy said as he impatiently paced up and down the empty street. "It only took me twenty minutes to get here from the concert."

"Calm down, Izzy." Tentomon said, trying to reassure him. "They'll be here." Just then, Takato and Guilmon ran up to him.

"Sorry I'm late, but you won't believe what happened." Takato said as he pulled the tarp off of the DeLorean. "Tai saved Sora from a piece of debris so she finally realized how she felt about him. They kissed and I made Guilmon digivolve to Ultimate."

"Prodigious." Izzy said. "And since you have no more pains, I'm assuming that the damage was repaired." He then opened the door to the driver side and switched on the time circuits. "Now, since you came in from November 2, 2001, it's only reasonable that you head back there as well." He typed in some commands on the keypad. The display read:

November 2, 2001, 11:09 PM (S3)

"Well, I guess that's everything." Izzy said as he got out of the car. Calumon, unseen by anyone, sneaked into the back once more.

"Thanks, Izzy." Takato said as he and Guilmon piled into the car. "By the way, do yourself a favor and talk to Mimi. She and Michael aren't dating so you'll have a chance." Before Izzy could protest, Takato closed the door and started the engine. He drove down the road, the car reaching 40... 60... 80 miles per hour. Once more, the car began to spark. Within seconds, the car disappeared in a flash of light.

"God speed, Takato, and thanks." Izzy said as he and Tentomon turned to leave...

Chapter 10 (November 2, 2001, 11:09 PM) (S3)

The DeLorean emerged in three sonic booms once again, narrowly missing hitting a mailbox. Takato threw on the brakes just at the end of the block near Henry's house. He and Guilmon got out and celebrated.

"All right, Guilmon!" Takato shouted. "We made it! We're home!" Just then, they saw several black vans driving down the street towards the parking garage. That's when Takato remembered that he left Henry back there. Leaving the DeLorean where it was, he and Guilmon raced down there and saw the scene happening all over again. Gargomon was holding off Yamaki's group while Takato and Guilmon drove off with the time machine. As he ran into the parking garage, Takato smiled to himself. He realized that he was the mysterious boy with the goggles he saw when he first left.

"This isn't over, kid." Yamaki said as he got into the lead van. "I'll be back."

"Don't count on it." Henry said. As Yamaki left and Gargomon de-digivolved, Takato and Guilmon ran up to their friend.

"Are you okay, Henry?" Takato asked.

"I'll be fine." Henry said. "Nothing that some tea wouldn't cure." As Takato, Henry, and the Digimon piled into the car, he explained what happened.

"Sorry about leaving the time circuits on, Takato." Henry said. "But it sounds like you and Guilmon had quite an adventure."

"It was." Takato said. "I'll never forget that." Later, as Henry drove in front of Takato's home, he decided to say goodbye to his friend.

"So, where are you headed now?" Takato asked as he got out of the car.

"Oh, about 20 years or so ahead after I drop these guys off." Henry said, pointing to Guilmon and Terriermon asleep on the seat.

"Well good luck, Henry." Takato said. "Bring me a souvenir."

"Sure." Henry said. With that, Takato closed the door and watched the DeLorean drive off. There was a flash of light and then it was gone. He took a key out of his pocket and entered his house, lucky that his parents were still out for the evening. He was too tired to explain what happened that evening.

Chapter 11 (November 3, 2001, 7:14 AM)

The next day, Takato woke up groggily and dressed in his regular clothes. He remembered what happened last night and thought it was some kind of dream. He looked at his alarm clock. The time was 7:15 AM.

"Oh, I'm early." Takato said to himself. As he went downstairs, he found that his parents were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Takato, I'm surprised to see you up so early." His mother said. "School doesn't start for another hour."

"I know." Takato said as he slipped on his shoes. "I need to see a friend before then. See you later." With that, he ran out of the door. As he got to school, he saw that no one was there this time. Just then, he heard a familiar voice.

"I didn't expect to find you here."

"Rika!" Takato said as he hugged her tightly. "I thought that I would never see you again."

"Are you okay, gogglehead?" Rika said as he let go, both of them blushing lightly. "You're acting like you haven't seen me in a week. What happened to you?"

"If I told you, you'd never believe me." Takato said.

"You know, yesterday you were acting really weird around me." Rika said as she approached Takato, making him slightly nervous. "Am I making you nervous or something?"

"Well..." Takato said as he gathered up his courage. He was about to tell her how he felt about her when suddenly, three sonic booms threw them backwards. Takato and Rika looked as the DeLorean stopped right in front of them, ice covering the chassis. The door opened to reveal Henry, dressed in some kind of outfit, and Terriermon.

"Yo, Takatomon!" Terriermon said as he ran up to them.

"Takato!" Henry said as he came up to them. "You've got to come back with me."

"Where?" Takato said as he got off of the ground.

"To the future, silly." Terriermon said.

"What's going on?" Takato asked. "I was about to do something really important here."

"Whatever, Takato." Rika said as she approached Henry and the time machine. "What's going on here, brainiac?"

"I'll explain on the way." Henry said as he punched in some coordinates into the keypad. "Rika, you'll have to come with us. This concerns you as well."

"What are you talking about, Henry?" Takato said. "Did something happen to us in the future?"

"No, Takato," Henry said, "to your kids." The three children piled into the car and slowly backed into the street.

"Henry, I don't think that we have enough road to get up to speed." Takato said.

"Mo-men-tai." Terriermon said.

"Takato, where we're going, we don't need roads." Henry said as he flipped on his sunglasses. Much to Takato and Rika's surprise, the wheels folded under the car and it rose into the air. The DeLorean drove off into the sky and disappeared in a flash of light, fire trails marking where it had been.

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