I do not own twilight in any shape or form although I own little Nicole and Jake's little slut err

I do not own twilight in any shape or form although I own little Nicole and Jake's little slut err.... soul mate.

"Bella! Get back here! I wasn't done talking to you!" Jake yelled at me.

"Yeah well I was done talking to you!"

"Look Bella I know your mad but….."

"No you do NOT get to try and calm me down! This is horrible you said it meant nothing!"


"Jake… you IMPRINTED on another woman! Nooo not me YOUR WIFE. Then you tell me oh don't worry Bells it will be okay, this doesn't mean anything because I love you. HA if you we going to sleep with her in our house you should of at least let someone watch Nicole or here's a thought how about you break up with me and then sleep with your little slut that way you don't have to be sneaky.

"Why are you yelling at me? Why am I the bad guy? You married me and you didn't even love me!"

"I did too!"

"No you love that bloodsucker Edward."

I flinched at his name. "I… I ..I do not!"

"See! You couldn't even get it out!"

By now I was in tears, I ran upstairs and started packing all of mine and Nicole's things and putting them in the truck. As soon as I was done I walking downstairs with a sleeping Nicole in my arms. "Bye slut bye cheater." I said calmly. As I was driving it dawned on me I had nowhere to go. "Great." I whispered. "Just great." But then I thought of a place I would always be welcome whether they were there or not.

I drove up the long driveway kind of dreading of seeing the house. Crap! I thought, I have no idea if they're there, or if he's there. Oh well Ill just see. I walk up to the door and knocked, and a pixie like girl opened the door.

"BELLA!" She screeched. "Oh my god what are you doing here?"

"Well… Jake imprinted on some blond bimbo and I ran away and now I'm here and I have no place to go AND…….. I was hoping I could stay here… whose all here anyway?"

"Don't worry Bella it's just me and Jasper. All of them including Ed… him… are in Alaska it's just that Jasper couldn't handle all of the emotions."

Hearing Alice go on about all of this made me more said. "so." I said finding my voice. "I broke up your family?" I said nearly in crying.

"No Bella, not even close. Edward did. He left not you, he left knowing you'd get all depressed and he knew how everyone loved you including him."

I heard I whimper coming from my car. "Oh and Alice… when Edward left I was pregnant and I'm 100% sure that she is his.

"Mommy? Mommy where are you? MOMMY!"

I ran to the car and picked her up."Shh hon its okay baby shhh mommy's here. Nikki I have someone I would like you to meet." I said confidently while putting her down. "This is your aunty Alice. Alice smiled.

Nicole walked over to Alice and put her hand out. "Hi I am Nicole Alice Cullen Swan Black."

"Wow Nicole that's some name."

"I know!

"Actually." I cut in. "on her birth certificate it says Nicole Alice Cullen. Jake thinks it has all of those names I just didn't think it was fair that she should have her step dad's name forever stuck on her." Alice nodded while smiling.

"Mommy I'm hungry" Nicole whined.

Alice laughed. "Well come on in my little niece I can whip something up for you.

I smiled. "Thanks Alice you really don't have to though."

"No no that's okay I insist Jasper's inside eating anyway."

She knew I was coming…. And didn't say anything to the family… I hope… I snapped out of my thoughts and followed them inside. It looked the same to me, exactly the same. It even still had Ed… his piano sitting in the same room.

"Hey hey hey looks like trouble has just walked back into our life again." Someone said to me. I turned around and saw Jasper coming over to me. "Hello Bella how are you doing?"

"Oh just great my boyfriend left me pregnant, my dad kicked me out, I got married to Jake and then he cheated on me and now I'm here." I was surprised I could say that and not burst into tears.

Alice and Jasper looked at me pained, until someone knocked on the door. Alice rushed to open and there was my big teddy bear brother just standing there….okay he's not really my brother but I consider him my brother. "BELLA!" he screamed. He ran up and gave me a huge bone breaking hug. "Oh Bella it really is you, I missed you so much! The whole family has really, by the way Esme says hi along with Carlisle."

"Hey Emmett I missed you too… where's Rosalie?"

"Oh she stayed home… Edward won't come home and it's just got Esme a wreck so she stayed home. Plus I don't think Esme could handle all her kids being gone. She'd go crazy!

"Yeah… I bet she would." I whispered.

"AUNT ALICE WHERES THE CHIPS?" Nicole screamed while running in the room causing Emmett to smile big.

"Oh my Carlisle don't you tell me Edward…"

"Yes HE did." I said rather harshly.

"This is great! Um she can bring the whole family back together!"

"Emmett Cullen as much as I see you want to get the family together you're not using my daughter and I don't want to see him!" I spoke carefully because a wave of calm was keeping me rather serene.

"Yes Bella I don't know what I was thinking I'm sorry it's just that this whole thing is driving me crazy." He looked like a puppy who just had been disciplined, I felt kind of bad.

I sighed. "Okay fine you can call him and tell him I'm here but DO NOT tell him to come and DO NOT tell him about Nicole, we clear? Good if he comes here I will tell him the whole story but I can't promise you anything. I'm only doing this for you guys okay? I just want to let you know that there may be tears and this is going to hurt me terrible."

"Thank you Bella" Emmett muttered.

"Thank you Bella." Alice and Jasper whispered.

It was all silent until Nicole asked who Edward was. But I couldn't stand to tell her until I knew for fact if he was coming because I didn't want to get her hopes up for nothing.

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