Bella's POV

We walked upstairs to Edward's room after I asked Alice to watch Nicole. As soon as we got in his room I ran to the bed and plopped down onto in like it was my bed even thought it pretty much was I mean he did buy it for me. Wow I didn't realize how awkward the situation was until I looked in his eyes.

He cleared his throat "So you wanted to talk?" By looking in his eyes I completely forgot what I wanted to talk about. So instead I ran up and kissed his and naturally he kissed me back. But then oddly enough he stopped. "Bella stop I know you don't want this you already told me it was too early.

I was about to respond but Alice knocked on the door. "Hey you two lovebirds stop all the emotions your totally are freaking out Jazzy he's going to jump me if you don't stop, and if you forgot your daughters here!"

"Alice we're just talking." Edward called calmly, what was he thinking? NEVER bet against Alice.

"Bullshit!" and with that last word she was gone.



I looked down, I couldn't look in my daughters fathers eyes and break his heart. "I cant do this now.

"I know…"

"And…" My voice broke. "I don't think I ever can Edward it…. It just hurts too much."

He sighed. "I know love."

"no no no no don't call me that I'm not your love and you don't understand! I walked around like a zombie for 3 months until I found out I was pregnant! And then my dad kicked me out of the house! So I was so sad, I started dating Jacob. He knew I was using him and it killed me, it killed me that he knew and it made me hate myself knowing what I was doing to him. But he still helped me with Nikki and we agreed that we'd say it was his. So that's what he did and then he hurt just as much as you did. And now I have to sit here and talk to the person who started it all and it just …. KILLS me!" by now I was bawling, but hey I never agreed to staying strong.

Edward lifted my head and kissed my head. I looked at his confused. "You're right lo… Bella I don't understand I thought I did but I don't. If you want I could just leave now and save you all this pain."

For a second I was considering it but then I thought of how selfish I'd be. I mean it's HIS family. "No Edward it's your family not mine. And I kind of can't leave because I promised Alice…"

"Okay Bella we can just live it through."

I smiled in the 1st time in months. Okay we'll stick it out." I extended my hand and shook Edwards's hand. "I'm glad we worked this out Mr. Cullen.

He laughed. "Indeed Miss. Swan."

After all of that Edward, Nicole and I started acting more like family. Edward took Nicole and I to Mall of America in Minnesota which Nicole loved. I didn't love it but some of the stuff was fun. If Alice saw it she'd want to live there.

So its been about 6 months with our "family bonding" and it hit me that I wanted Edward. Not just wanted him, I needed him. So I had Alice and Jasper take Nicole back to Mall of America. Alice was excited she told me I gave her a reason to go to a mall.

The night they left I turned to Edward and ran upstairs to mine and Edwards's room. (Alice made Nicole a room filled with Hannah Montana stuff.) I looked through all of the clothes I had until my hand fell upon pink and black lace, I smiled evilly and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I totally forgot about this lingerie Alice bought me, I HAD to wear it I did promise Alice that I would. I looked in the mirror and smirked, I looked HOT!! I was going to drive Edward crazy. I grabbed a rope and put it on before I went back downstairs.

"Hey Edward,"

"Hey Bella, while everyone's is gone I thought we could watch a movie or som……" haha he looked up and saw my extremely small rope that was way above my knees and he probably thought I was naked because he continued to stare. I just smiled and ran back to our room. He followed behind me of course. I lied down on the bed and patted the spot next to me. He was there instantly. I took off the rope and he just stared again, since he wasn't doing anything I kissed him. You could only guess what we did.

I woke up in his arms and let me tell you it felt really good. I just breathed in his scent because I just wanted to be in his arms forever I don't know why I rejected him he was perfect for me. After 10 mins, I realize that vampires don't sleep. I turned to face him to see his beautiful eyes. I smiled thinking about the events of last night.

"So about that movie…"

he just laughed. "You know I really don't want to watch a movie."

We just stayed in each others arms talking about what we've been up to and started to get to know each other again even though I know everything about him. This weekend was the best weekend I ever had. It pretty much was the same as our make up. Gladly I'd never have to wear that stupid piece of fabric from Victoria's secret again, because Edward killed it… I couldn't wait until my daughter came home because when she got home we could start living like a real Family. We could even probably buy our own house.

The last thing I remember before I fell back asleep was Edward whispered "I Love You Bella."

"I Love You Too Edward." I didn't even have to think about saying it. It was like breathing, it just came naturally.