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AN: Pure Crackfic. hey for the ones that have been waiting for a fresh fic...here it is! Much cleaner version thanks to Ava.

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AN: Pure Crackfic. hey for the ones that have been waiting for a fresh fic...here it is! Much cleaner version thanks to Ava.

Chapter 1: The Sidewalk

There was never a spring that was more beautiful. The Sakura petals would confetti down from the sky, spraying the air with its natural, rosy fragrance. These days were the best of the best; when even the wealthiest boys and girls wouldn't mind dipping their sleeves in mud, clawing up Sakura trees with beads of sweat gripping their necks. One thing's for sure, hide and seek was not to be missed.

"That was close," a young, pearl-eyed boy panted, slumping wearily into the grass defeated. His black hair tangled from the sweat.

"You little cheater," another snowy-eyed girl replied insolently, folding her arms in an angry pout and blue hair equally messy. "Daddy said you can't use Byakugan."

"A little won't hurt Hinata. I win though and –"

He was cut off by Hinata's sudden pouncing movement across the grass, in attempt to pin the older black haired boy to the ground. He swerved to the side looking alarmed.

"Nice try," he laughed playfully inches away from her hand. "I was going to say...you still owe me 10 minutes on the swings."

However Hinata took the chance and pinned him on his back, without noticing the glowering looks from the adults. "Look who's laughing now Neji," Hinata signed, hands firmly clenched on the boy's arms.

Neji narrowed his eyed at his cousin, "OK, ok you win." He gently brushed her death grip on him. "What a baby," He teased and she stuck her tongue out. She couldn't be mad at him for more than a minute.

They lied back in the grass again, laughing exuberantly. "Haha that looks like you on the toilet," Neji pointed above her head. She squinted at the fluffy cumulus and nudged her company "And that looks like you doing ballet." Neji flushed.

They were silent once more, trying to find a more disturbing image of the other.

"Neji? We will be friends forever right?" Hinata whispered into his ear and giggled.

He nodded by glanced at his watch, "um, I still have some training with father later. I'll see you later Hinata." "Okay!"

He raced down the streets, hair still disheveled from the afternoon. He paced around the block as if waiting for some invisible person. Finally, he saw who he was waiting for…

"you're late again Neji-kun" A high, feminine voice met his anxious gaze and disheveled appearance.

"Sorry Ino, I guess I couldn't help it."

"What's she to you?"


"The faking-innocent bluehead." She rolled her eyes. "Don't act like you don't know, Neji-kun."

Neji smirked and gave a yawn. "If you're so concerned why don't you go look for her yourself."

"Why do you even play with her? She's not even worth your time, she can't do anything right. I heard even her father dislikes her." Another girl with a shocking pink purse scoffed, presumably back from another one of Ino's shopping sprees.

"Father was away, so I couldn't train," Then he added, "You're right, she is a waste of time."

Ino gave a real cheesy smile, and gave the Hyuga prodigy a bear hug, having confirmed her suspicions. Neji didn't fret, but seemed to drink in all the attention he was getting.

"Let's go then Neji-kun!" She nodded to her two other girlfriends and they immediately trailed her like some trained dog. It was along the way that Neji decided that Hinata should never know that he didn't need her at all when he had all the popularity in the world. He was a genious, and like he was told – never to mingle with the less-than-geniouses.

But, it was his bad luck that he didn't detect a fragile, angelic being somewhere behind the alleyway, listening intently to every, heart-breaking word he said. And it was his luck that he didn't see the tears hanging at the corner of her puffy, worn-out eyes. Because if he did, it would make him feel guilt like he never felt before.

No it's not Neji…Hinata breathed heavily and hiccoughed. She didn't know if she was fortunate to have heard him while she headed back to the Hyuga compound, or was downright unlucky.

Half way to the Hyuga Mansion and the rain had already begun splattering heavily onto the road, soaking the roots of her hair, jacket and all. The cold was piercing, especially when the winds lashed the sides of her face like kunai.

Am I really nothing to him? She braced the cold and fought the tears once more, but in vain. And more replaced them as she brushed the drops away.

If I didn't hear anything at all, I wouldn't be here… I would probably be waiting for him to come home…and…and welcome-hug him, and wait for him to tuck me to bed.

Hinata gave a shudder; the night had already seemed to have swallowed the warmth of the afternoon, and without exception she was drained to every last drop of chakra, tears and love.

She coughed, unaware of the puddle in front of her and it was only in a matter of seconds before her feet gave way and slipped in a tangled heap the side of the road, drenched in murky water, hoping no one had saw her.

But someone DID notice her. Through the rain, Rock Lee and Uchiha Sasuke stalked back from the Konoha Library, also drenched (to some degree), but under Lee's umbrella, it provided somewhat of a shield to the wind.

Out of the corner of the young Uchiha's eye, he spotted the peculiar figure, holding her ankle, as she pulled herself up with great effort, but with no success.

Not that he'd care, but the Uchiha manor was that way, and he didn't want to be disgraced when he passed a lowly Hyuga aka his rival's sister. He was Sasuke…no let me rephrase that.

THE UCHIHA SASUKE (-sama if you'd like). Lord, prince, his majesty, his excellency, his honor and the list goes on…

But the point of the matter was, he needed to preserve his reputation and he couldn't do that when there was some lowly, beggar-like female by the Uchiha Manor. It was a dishonor; like having a fat, greasy zit on his face.

And with that in mind, he crossed the street and waved goodbye to the discouraged Lee and his umbrella and with great conviction set out to purify his manor from lowly citizens…

The rain was pouring harder and by the time he had reached her, his navy blue hair had nearly lied flat on his head. Even so that didn't deflate his ego.

"Hey." He lowered his chin.

Hinata's eyes couldn't get any wider. She was facing THE UCHIHA SASUKE in her distressed, weak state. It couldn't get any worse.

"umm hi."

"Do you have any idea, who's sidewalk you're sitting on?"

"…no." Hinata looked puzzled. Did it matter? Apparently so.

"Let me have the honor of enlightening you then." Sasuke narrowed his eyes and smirked.

"This…" he referred to the cement. "is the property of The Uchiha Manor"

"…and you Miss," he bent down and leaned centimeters from her ear. "should know the rules."

Hinata blinked. She was all very new to the Uchiha Manor business.


Sasuke couldn't believe his ears, it was like explaining to some mentally impaired person.

"meaning," he said through clenched teeth. "someone like you should not sit anywhere near here. Understand?"

Hinata couldn't stand him anymore, and she pulled herself up, tears and all. "Uchiha, Uchiha, you think you're some prince, using your name like some brand label…you're pathetic if you need to use five sentences to leave, when one would suffice."

More tears escaped the corner of her eye, and she hurried to leave when Sasuke caught her arm.

He was feeling guiltier than ever.

"I didn't mean to make you cry." His voice was calmer now, with a washed-out ego.

"Well, you just have," she was going to march herself home when the blue-haired boy tightened his iron grip around her arm.

For once she met his gaze, and he relaxed his tense shoulders. Now, he could see clearly, the distraught state she was in. Hinata had dark pink circles under her eyes: telling him that he wasn't the only cause of her mood. Her jacket was soaked in debris from the sidewalk.

"Let me go!" she said furiously. First Neji, now THIS. This was really not her day.

But suddently the Uchiha had an idea.

"No… Follow me." Without hesitation, he jerked Hinata forwards still frozen from his grasp and lead her forcefully down the street toward the market.

"Are you hungry?" Sasuke asked after what seemed like hours of tagging her along.

It was only then that Hinata felt her stomach churn with stomach acid. Yea…but I can't go home and eat because some idiot is taking me somewhere. She said mentally.

He took the silence as a "yes" and took her deeper down the street.

Finally after one last attempt at freeing herself, she panted allowing Sasuke to lead her toward the comforting glow emanating from the ramen shop.

He beckoned toward the sales girl as they slumped down next to each other on the stools.

"One Ika (squid) Ramen, please."

"Coming right up.."

Once they were alone, Sasuke eased his grip on her arm and sighed, taking her here actually cost his quite some chakra.

"Sasuke," she said flatly.

"Hn?" He turned and – BAM. Hinata's hand sailed across the air and gave him a heavy blow on the cheek.

"What the hell…" He covered his cheek with one hand and looked incredulously at her. What is with her? One moment she's crying, and now….hell.

"I'm poor okay? I'm don't live in an Uchiha Manor. I don't have a CENT on me, how do you expect me to pay?"

Sasuke still infuriated with her, pursed his lips, "Do you think I'd LET you pay after I took you here?"

Hinata's furrowed eyebrows relaxed and realized the crime she'd just committed on the prince, his majesty Uchiha.

But an "oh" was all he got. "for God's sake," he said under his breath still cursing.

Hinata didn't complain when she downed the bowl of ramen.

Sasuke savored the few happy moments watching the young kunoichi slurp down the noodles ravenously.

"Good night Sasuke," Hinata's voice echoed softly through the dark, more lively than usual once they reached the Hyuga mansion.

"Night." It seemed to be the longest moment of his life just standing there and staring up at her at the Hyuga Mansion. Finally, she was smiling again and he knew his job was done. Despite it being yelled at, slapped and all the details that he would never have endured in his life, he felt a smile curl up the edge of his lips.

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