Your Love is Just a Lie

Rating: T

Summary: It's rare to lose a Hyuga and gain a friend, soulmate and lover named Sasuke in the course of a day. But what if Prince Charming wasn't wasn't what he seems? "What if I'm Lucifer?"

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Pairings: SasuHina no duh

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Chapter 9 - Renewal

Don't settle for the cold and rain
It's not too late to start again
To find a way to smile and never let it get away

- Never too late. Hedley

The cragged wall left the Uchiha almost no place to hinge his foot upon, but he hung on to dear life with only the chakra from his heels. He must have felt the frail body on his back tremble as he moved swiftly down the wall. Her soft nails dug into his neck, nearly suffocating him; since when did the dainty hinata become so lethal?

He managed a reassuring glance back at the kunoichi, calming the collage of treetops, apartment tops met her eyes, and she was back to clawing at sasuke's neck.

She shut her eyes, swallowing the bulge in her throat. Not long before a staunch arm closed around her wrist, she didn't know how it could be possible, but within a blink, she was shrugged off someone's back and onto earth.



Her right hand still hanged precariously upon a rock-solid shoulder and the other around his neck.

"Thanks," she muttered half-heartedly. It had never felt better to be on solid ground.

"Not good with heights, hn?" he smirked, his fingers firmly around her thin waist.

Her lips formed the classical pout.

"When are you going to trust me?" Sasuke shook his head nonchalantly. "I would've never let you fall."

"It's not you I have no faith in, it's….myself." She said quietly, swallowing her pride.

"Would you have believed me if I told you if I could fly down?"

Hinata turned around incredulously, "you-what?"

The raven-haired man pocketed his hands and began heading in the direction of the village market, allowing Hinata to figure out for herself. Besides, he preferred the attention. Her attention.

What Hinata had heard was amusing, but she wasn't naïve enough to believe an ounce of Sasuke's pride unless…

First, if he really could fly, he needed wings...right? Her mind conjured the image subconsciously. Angel wings on THE Uchiha wouldn't the fan girls fancy that. She looked forward to seeing them.

"Show me," she challenged with a smile. Sasuke must have seen it coming, smirking satisfyingly to himself.

"Well you'll have to show me where to go first." He wore a curious expression as he stretched out a hand to her in true gentlemen fashion.

"Now...where to?"

"Oh my god, correct me if I'm wrong. But isn't that the prince?"

"Of course not silly! He would never be in a place like-"

The door swung open, and two heads shot in that direction in synchronized motion. A distinct squeal was heard, followed by trembling hands. In front of him this time, walked a slender, beaming woman with moon-like eyes, characteristic of the Hyuga clan. She tapped her index finger to her chin curiously debating behind the pane of cake-galore, all in the meantime exchanging glances with prince charming.

The prince followed her gaze twice before tapping on the glass for a certain toffee cake. There was a delayed silence before the two dazed cashiers rushed to fetch the cake. But, you couldn't blame them; who wouldn't be dazed at the sight of the youngest Uchiha in a cake house? To top it off, with a beautiful damsel. Exclamation mark, indeed.

"You're so unpredictable," the blue-haired kunoichi commented as she reached for a forkful of toffee cream.

"Hn?" sasuke knitted his eyebrows, already knowing the answer, but wanted to here just how she was going to describe it.

"For one, i would never have thought you'd be a toffee-cake-person."

She focused on her cake, but kept one eye on the man in front of her. Besides, she couldn't truly ignore the dark-haired man elegantly scooping cream, toffee and cake to his lips.

"I loath all sweets, it's only tolerable if you have something bitter on your mind." he raised a finger to his lips and licked the morsel of icing dry. hinata could've sworn the cake she just swallowed turned into butterflies in her belly.

"You know what also helps?" she furthered taking a bite from her own plate.

"hn?" Sasuke was finished and now began cushioning his hand under his arms, comfortably stretching his aching muscles.

"If you tell somebody," she said fixedly at his onyx eyes, determined to get her point across.

"Sometimes, the toughest decisions don't have to be made by one person. Especially if there are still people who care."

But at this, the Uchiha could no longer meet her eyes. What if those decisions involve the person that cares to suffer? What if the tough decision had to be made by one person alone? Because if he didn't...other would get hurt?

The Konoha prodigy closed his eyes, drowning out his surroundings. Instead of feigning an answer, he replied, "It's nothing. I'm just more tired than usual." which was the truth.

Hinata smiled as she scooped anoter spoonful of the sweetest layer of toffee bits.

"Maybe you haven't had half your share of sugar." she mouthed an "ahh" as she slowly fed him the spoonful. She knew the prince's sugar tolerance was leaning on the low side and this might just frenzy him.

Raising one eyebrow suspiciously he obediently opened them for her, letting the mélange of sugary dough slideover his tongue. He had to admit it was worse than the strawberries he packaged to her, with shrieking high carbohydrates, if there was such a thing as eating a spoonful of sugar raw, this had to be it. Hinata smiled sheepishly as she watched his skeptical glance afar, wondering what curses he had in his head for her. It was delightful to know you had a leg up in something the prince didn't have.

Knowing what she was aiming for, he relaxed his glucose-phobic tongue, and chewed the contents once before swallowing the bolus. His acting spoke, delicious. But his inside screamed bloody hell.

"Feel better?" Hinata asked in her sweetest smile.

There was a pause as Sasuke struggled to find an answer to satisfy her.

"Much." Sasuke resumed his smirk, peeking at the clock. "But, I think it's time I took you somewhere."

At first she thought he was taking her to the groceries, judging by the direction they were heading. It frustrated her how he was always so mysterious, but sometimes the subtleties were what made him so attractive to her. When he chose to be revealing, fan girls gathered from miles away.

They walked along the bustling marketplace lit vibrantly by neon lights. It was the first time she enjoyed the busy scene in front of her, the last time they were here their perverted sensei had them on a hunt for the latest issue of Icha Icha Paradise. Thatcould be hardly rated as enjoyable.

He stopped when the noise from the marketplace faded and watched the stars calmly. She could tell they were nearing Konoha's main gate. When she was little, she had always believed the bench, the cherry blossoms and the scent of fresh grass could cure any broken heart.

"Well this is something I don't get to see everyday." She followed his gaze to some thousand visible stars above them.

"I guess I never appreciated how beautiful they looked." he replied stoically, tracing his index finger as if to connect the glowing dots.

Hinata watched Sasuke, then back at the stars, with a curve on her lips. If she could stop time and choose a moment, it would have been now.

"Quick! Make a wish Sasuke!"

The Sharingan user raised a brow, "Aa." He murmured. "And what do you wish for?"

Hinata shut her eyes and clasped her hands together. "I wish…I would get to see Sasuke like this everyday."

There was a moment's pause before, the Sharingan master closed his eyes and said in a baritone voice, "Why would you sacrifice your wish for me?"

I don't deserve any of this. He though with disgust at himself. Would you have done this if you knew I was the cause of all your pain?

You should be running away while you still can…

He watched Hinata take a step toward him, but stood frozen to the ground.

When she put her arms around him, he didn't protest like he did to every other girl. He could feel the cluster of heat around him and almost forgot to breathe. Instinctively, his hands trailed down her shoulders and let them rest at the base of her spine.

"I guess," she spoke into his chest. "It's my way of saying thank you."

Her body felt so fragile against his solid physique that he was afraid if he held on tighter she might collapse into a thousand pieces.

But this woman…was stronger than he had given her credit for.

He brushed aside her bangs and rested his chin on her forehead. Her presence had calmed him to some degree despite the thought of Orochimaru's punishment nagging a part of his mind.

It was then that he realized this wasn't the end.

This was the beginning.

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