I don't speak Bulgarian, and odds are you don't either! That is, unless you're the fabulous Mira, who was kind enough to correct some of the mistakes I made in the Bulgarian dialogue in The Next Best Thing. The glossary has been revised to show these updates, as has the text. Blagodaria, Mira, for helping make TNBT a more accurate story!

There's also a glossary of the smattering of French I used as well, which follows the Bulgarian section.

Glossary of Bulgarian words and phrases:

As hareswarm balgarskiiat – I like Bulgarian

Balgarya e welikolepna strana – Bulgaria is a wonderful country

Balgarskiiat mi e losh – My Bulgarian is bad

Blagodaria – thank you

Bolen sam – I feel sick

Da -- yes

Dva zaeka s edin korshum – literally, to kill two rabbits with one bullet. Bulgarian equivalent of the English idiom "kill two birds with one stone".

Haresva li ti? – do you like it?

Iskash li pomosht? – Do you need help?

Leka nosht – goodnight

Ne – no

Ne pravi taka – don't do that

Ne se trevoji – don't worry

Ne sega – not now

Ni plaschi – don't cry

Njama strashno – don't be afraid

Po kasno – later

Sega – now

Sladki sanishta – sweet dreams

Ti si moeto slunce –You are my sun

Ti si moyat jivot – You are my life

Tiho – be quiet

Tova e dobre – it's OK

Vreme e da si liagash – it is time to go to bed

Vnimavai – be careful

Shte te obicham zavinagi – I will love you forever

Glossary of French words and phrases:

Avec la faculté à maîtriser la volonté d'autre – with the ability to control the other's will

Bien sur – of course

Comment ce dit – how do you say

Grimoire – spell book

Les grimoires anciens – old spell books

Le Grimoire Complet du Mariage – The complete marriage spell book

Magie noire du sang – dark blood magic

Mais non – but of course not

Oui – yes

La Societé du Parrainage la Préservation de la Magie Ancienne – The Society for Supporting the Preservation of Ancient Magic

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