It was my first day back at Forks High, I had had an amazing summer in Phoenix, and now I was back at the rainiest place in the country. At least I had my friends.

"OMG!!! Bella, you look amazing!!!" My best friend Jessica shrieked when she saw me. I was wearing new skinny jeans, new Uggs, a new bright pink American Eagle top, A new North Face, and getting out of my brand new red convertible (courtesy of daddy dearest).

"I know right. You look amazing too." I said half heartedly. She did look good, but not nearly as good as I did. See I was the #1 A-list girl. Most popular girl in school, and the prettiest. I was damn proud of that title.

"So how was your summer?" Jess asked

"Oh you know same old. Shopping, beach days, hot guys drooling over me."

"Haha. Man it wasn't much fun here." She looked sad.

"Like it ever is." I started walking in to the school. I was immediately bombarded by a million Hi's. I just kept walking, looking for someone on at least a B-list level to talk to, Jess trailing close behind. It wasn't until lunch that my life was flipped upside-down.

I was sitting with my usual, A-list friends, talking about the usual A-list things, and eating an A-list lunch (or rather not eating at all). As good as my life was (and trust me it is good), I was just so bored all the time. There had to be more right? As far as I was concerned, wrong. Then I saw him, He was tall, muscular, Had amazing hair that was a weird, bronze shade, and was hidden under a hat, he was pale, and above all ridiculously hot!!

"Who is he?" I asked Jess. She followed my gaze then quickly looked down.

"Um, that's Edward Cullen, he moved here while you were in Phoenix"

"He's…" I struggled for the right word to describe him.

"A total loser." Jess said. A Loser? Please, she obviously got rejected him.

"When did he turn you down?" I halfway joked.

"As if I would even go there." She stuck her nose in the air, the official sign of the snob.

"Ummm, why not?"

"Ummm look at what he's wearing Bella." Oh now I got it. He was wearing baggy ripped jeans, a big no, no for us. He was also wearing one of those lame punk, emo bands that we hated, totally not my type.

"Oh I get it."

"One more thing…" I was still staring at him as he sat at his table. He was sitting with his punk family, all wearing similar ripped jeans, and t shirts. There were 2 boys, one was blonde and the other had brown hair, and 2 girls, one had spiky brown hair, the other…

"Omigod!" She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, She had blonde hair, she was average height, skinny, she had the type of body that by just looking on it will make you develop an eating disorder. For the first time in my life I was jealous.

"Yeah, she's pretty, huh?" Mike said. He was a popular boy, but also kind of a pervert. "We should ask her to sit with us."

"You know what? I think I will." I gave Jessica a sly smile and strode over to their table. I sat right down next to that Edward boy. "Hi there, you're the new kids right?" They looked at me like I had a third head, it was Edward who answered me

"Yes I'm Edward, That's Emmett, Jasper," he said, pointing at the boy with brown hair then the blonde boy. "Alice" He pointed to the spiky haired girl. "And that's Rosalie." Rosalie. Even her name was pretty.

"So, are you all related?"

"Rosalie and Jasper are, the rest of us were adopted."

"Oh, that's cool… I'm Bella. Rosalie?" her head snapped up and she glared at me, for a split second, I was scared. "We…well Mike was wondering if you'd like to sit with us, you are all welcome of course." Edward was about to say something when Rosalie quickly answered

"No, we're good."

"Oh… okay. I guess I'll see you all later." I walked away. Feeling somewhat rejected, today was a day of firsts alright. I sat back down at my own table. That Rosalie was a real bitch. I would show her who the boss around here is. Mike looked at me hopefully


"You wouldn't like her." That was all I said, and I used my "no more questions" tone and our table was silent. Yeah it was good to be queen.