He just couldn't stop thinking of her.

Nick's mind had been heavy. Heavier then before the…experience. All he could see was her face, Annie. A sigh escaped his lips. It had been here on this very bed that they had looked through his stuff. The yearbook was now honored a place on his desk, a bookmark glued to the picture of them.

Life had gone back to normal, for the rest of them. Pete was still snooping out good deals, and his mom had gone back to her distant self. The only new in his life was little Victor. Annie's brother now his own, and every time he saw those eyes and that hair, he thought of her more.

He never would forget the life she lived and the torment she caused everyone else. The torment that reflected her desperation to save Victor. It had paid off. She had saved them both. Ten years ago to this day he had missed her. All those years waiting for his surrogate brother to grow up. Waiting for his dependence on Nick to leave. And it had.

He readily shaved his face, and sprayed alittle musk on his neck. The scene was set. His blinds closed and the floor cleaned. He didn't need any interventions. He didn't need anytime to think, he'd had ten years for that.

He calmly walked the room. Making sure everything was perfect. This room looked exactly like the one in his mother's house. In fact it was. Everything, bed and all were from that day. Including the rifle that had belonged to his dad. Today he would finally fulfill that attempt, and there'd be no more shit'n this time. He was flesh and he was ready!

Dragging the weapon out from it's hiding place he admired it's beauty. He had played with it many a time. Examining it and testing angles. Now he placed the barrel firmly under his chin. His trigger finger happily found the place of his salvation. In few moments he would be with his Damning Annie!