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Warning: Spoilers (kind of) for Murder 2.0

A/N: All I have to say is FINALLY some suggestive Gabbiness from the show! Seriously, when Abby asked to stay with Gibbs for the night, well, let's just say hole. Huge hole in my ceiling…(Did anyone else notice that Abby wasn't at the awards thingy either??) ok, this IS a one-shot I am determined…Sorry if one have you have already wrote something to this idea, but I didn't see any. Read. Enjoy. Review. (ps. This goes right before the awards thingy scene) short and Fluffy…

Missing Scene from Murder 2.0

Abby had decided to skip the awards and finish up in the lab before she enjoyed the day off Leon had given the team, including her and Ducky. She finished quickly as the sun started to stream in the window, she would hate all nighters at work, but there were compensations to be factored in. She started the process of shutting down all the machines in the lab, which took all of ten minutes, twenty when her computer was being decidedly stupid. Like this morning, as soon as she was done she was going home to enjoy the day off Vance gave everyone who worked on the case the night before.

While she did spend some time with him, but she couldn't say she wasn't disappointed. Any other time she would be overjoyed with the day she had, how much she time she ended up with him, but she couldn't help feeling a little ripped off. The only upside to being threatened as much she was was that whenever she was, she got to spend the night at Gibbs's. She hated missing any chance she had to spend a night with her silver haired fox, working on the boat, or rather her watching him work on the boat. Watching his muscles work.

Finally the computer screen went black, and she turned to grab her stuff she had piled next to the computer. Abby saw something out of the corner of her eye, she stopped, froze were she was, half bent over, and a smile came across her face. She had just seen Gibbs, standing in her doorway watching her, and she shot into a normal standing position. His blue eyes were gazing intently on her, and she met his gaze without a quiver, but with a confused look on her face.

"What?" He said, softening his gaze, as he walked in closer to her, "You ready to go?"

"But you caught the guy," Abby replied cautiously and he leaned in and kissed her cheek.

"You think I'd miss out on a chance to spend the night with my little bat?" Gibbs whispered softly into her ear.

Abby smiled, so brightly it made Gibbs smile too. He brushed his lips against her cheek once more as he bent over and grabbed her bag, and all the stuff she insisted on carrying to and from work with her. Abby looked out the window at the stream of sunlight that was now peeking through the window, and popped open her parasol, resting it on her shoulder.

"You know, you don't have to carry all that stuff," said Abby watching him carefully, his arms were full of her things.

"Oh, I think I do," said Gibbs and he leaned in and gave her a soft peck on the lips, "Keeps my hands busy, ready?"

Abby smiled mischievously, and followed him from the lab. Know she would be fully enjoying her day off.