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Previously in the last Chapter:

"Secchan…promise me that it there's something wrong that you'll tell me ok? And…" she had a hint of fear in her voice as she continued, "And that you'll come back no matter what happens…I don't know what I'll do without you here by my side."

I pulled her closer and in a comforting embrace, "I can't guarantee that I could, but for you I'll try alright?"

She just nodded and had her head on my shoulder.

"It's starting to get late, let's go back to your room."

I didn't hear anything from her and I picked her up bridal style. Still no response so I figured that she must've went to sleep. I tried to go back to her room but it was hard since I didn't really remember where it was.

After a few minutes I found it and felt a futon by my feet. I put Kono-chan down onto the futon but she grabbed me and moved until she was on top of me!


Again no response. Was she teasing me or is she really asleep? I can't tell. Thinking that she won't get off me and that she might wake up if I moved her I just grabbed the blanket and placed it over us.

Slowly I drifted to sleep, not knowing that a pair of eyes was watching us the entire time…

Chapter 6: Friends or Kidnappers?

Normal P.O.V

'Set-chan was so cute when she blushed like that! Luckily, she couldn't see me smiling the entire time since I 'pretended' to fall asleep.' thought Konoka. She opened her eyes when Setsuna put her down onto the futon. As soon as she was put down, Konoka pulled her down until she was on top of her.

"Ko-Kono-chan?" Setsuna stammered.

Konoka kept quiet. Hearing Setsuna sigh, she pulled the blanket until it was over them and she slowly tried to fall into a restless sleep.

Konoka looked up and saw her breathing steadily, "Nee Set-chan…ever since I met you…I couldn't keep my mind off of you…I…I think that I've fallen in love with you…so…don't leave me ok?"

Setsuna didn't hear what Konoka said earlier and sensed someone coming. She moved, causing both of them to lay on their sides and she pulled her closer.

"Se-Set-chan?" Konoka slightly blushed. Setsuna stayed quiet. Whoever that she sensed was getting closer. The only thing that Konoka heard from her was her soft breathing. "Set-chan? Are you trying to trick me like I did to you?" she pouted, slightly clenching her shirt.

"You were tricking me?" momentarily forgetting about their 'visitor' she spoke, "That's what I thought."

Konoka blushed. If she was awake the entire time, then she must've heard what she said earlier. Konoka tried to pull away, but Setsuna pulled her back closer.


Konoka blushed harder and closed her eyes. Setsuna held her tightly but gently and they heard the door open. Konoka was about to say something, but she had a bad feeling.

"So this is where the princess is? To think that we would find her asleep with her bodyguard here." laughed a voice.

Konoka didn't dare look up. Instead, she just closed her eyes tighter and went closer to Setsuna.

"Hey keep it down. The bodyguard is one of that remember?" said another voice.

'How many of them were there? Someone…anyone help us!' Konoka clenched Setsuna's shirt tighter, scared of what was going on.

'How did they know what I am? From what I'm sensing, there's only two of them. If there are more that hiding their ki, then we're in trouble.' Setsuna put a protective arm around Konoka, calming her down a bit. "Don't worry Kono-chan. I'll protect you." she whispered, pretending to be asleep.

"Hey! She spoke!" said one of them.

"Don't worry, she's just sleep talking."

"You're the one that said that we shouldn't talk."

"Let's just get this over with." they drew their swords and struck down, trying to stab Konoka in the stomach, but Setsuna moved again and manage to get away from them.

"Damn…" Setsuna growled. One of the men managed to cause a deep graze on her arm.

"She was awake!"

"No matter! We will kill them before the night's over." they charged at them again, but Setsuna drew her sword and managed to block both of their attacks.

"Who are you and why are you attacking us?" she demanded.

Konoka stayed behind Setsuna, trying not to get in the way, but seeing Setsuna injured, she couldn't help but want to help Setsuna somehow. "Se…Set-chan?"

"Don't worry! No matter what I'll protect you." Setsuna whispered to Konoka, trying to calm her down, 'Ok if it's just these two, I think that I can handle them. Damnit! Where's Nakashima and Kimura?'

"Hey what's all the noise?" Fate walked in and saw the two strangers, "What the? Who the hell are you?"

"That is none of your business!" the boy turned towards the girl, "Now!"

The girls turned towards Konoka and Setsuna. Suddenly, Setsuna was unconscious.

"Damn…it…" was all that Setsuna said as she blacked out

"Why are you doing this?" shouted Fate.

He replied coldly, "Orders from above. Kill the princess."

Konoka P.O.V.

'Kill the princess'? Does he mean me? Why? What did he mean 'orders from above'? Is he part of the Kansai Organization?

I held Set-chan in my arms as the girl crept closer.

"I'm sorry princess."

I backed up in fear, bringing Set-chan closer in my arms.

"Like I said I'm sorry." the girl touched my arm and pulled me closer to her.

"N-No!" I shut my eyes tight and cried.

"Don't hurt her Keiko. We need her later on."

"I know. She's just scared right now Zero. You don't have to tell me anything." Keiko pulled me up until I was standing next to her, forcing me to drop Set-chan to the ground.

"Set-chan!" I struggled against Keiko's grasp and tried to go to Set-chan, "Let me go!"

"Be quiet. I don't want to hurt you more than I have to." Keiko punched me and all that I saw is black soon after.

Fate's P.O.V.

What the hell is goin' on…? Why are these guy's after Jou-chan? They must be strong since Sakurazaki's out cold…

"Are you going to stand in our way too?" the guy, the girl called Zero, looked at me.

"So what if I am? Jou-chan's the only one that's supposed to knock Sakurazaki out like that." I started to sweat a bit, "And if ya wanted to take care of her, why're ya so rough with 'er?"

"The half-breed can be a problem so we took her out the fastest way that we could." the girl, Zero called Keiko, shifted Jou-chan's weight, "And we could not allow her to see the bloodshed of her friends."

"So you're just sayin' that you're gonna kill us now so we can't save her?" I laughed a bit, "That's not how stories usually go."

"This ain't no story!" Zero growled at me, "We'll do whatever we can no matter what it takes!"

I frowned and glanced at Keiko. She had this weird sad look as if she didn't want to shed any blood.

"What about her? She doesn't look like she'll do anythin' to spill blood to get what she wants."

"That's none of your business!"

Suddenly, a harsh wind blew all around us as she said those words.

"Oi oi! No need to be so rough here!" I closed one of my eyes and raised an arm to cover my face, "People are still sleepin' here!"

"They could all die for all I care…" Zero grabbed Keiko's hand and the wind turned hot.

"Hey that's hot!" I jumped back to where Sakurazaki was, "You're not serious are ya?"

"Dead serious…" Keiko looked at me with emotionless eyes.

Something's not right… before she had a scared, harmless look. Now…she has an emotionless look.

I growled, "This isn't some sort of weird prophecy is it?"

They both glared at me as the wind turn hotter and harsher. I stood back to protect Sakurazaki as best as I could. "Kimura!"

The ground shook, causing both Zero and Keiko to stop their attacks.

"You called?" she smirked as she came out of the ground.

"About damn time" I smirked back at her.

Setsuna's P.O.V.

Ow… it hurts… what's going on…? This is too painful to be a dream…

I moved slightly to feel hot wind around but not actually hitting me. Wait… hot wind…? we're inside a house… how can that be…?

Using my senses, I tried to get an idea on what was going on around me. "What's going on…?" I said weakly, trying to get up.

"Don't get up Sakurazaki…" Nakashima was near me, "Until this is over, don't get up."

I growled and got up slowly, "Who are you to tell me what to do…?" I tried to sense where Konoka is since she wasn't around me, "Kono-chan…?"

"Calm down Sakurazaki." Kimura was about 5 feet away from me but it sounded like she was right next to me, "There's nothing we can do for now until you get your sights back or until we can get them to tell us everything."

Get who to tell us what…?

"Like we'll tell you two what we need to do!" I heard a teenaged boy voice yell.


"Zero! That girl work up! We must retreat now!" this time a girl's voice yelled.

"Damn! We'll kill her after!"

"Kono-chan!" I got up and tried to run towards them but was flown back, "Argh!"

"Don't get in our way hanyou…" I was starting to lose them.

"No!" I lunged forward at them before they disappeared but I couldn't sense any of them…not even Kono-chan… "Kono-chan!"

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"Come on Sakurazaki. Quit sulking and fight!"

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