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Previously in Chapter 6:

"Like we'll tell you two what we need to do!" I heard a teenaged boy voice yell.


"Zero! That girl woke up! We must retreat now!" this time a girl's voice yelled.

"Damn! We'll kill her after!"

"Kono-chan!" I got up and tried to run towards them but was flown back, "Argh!"

"Don't get in our way hanyou…" I was starting to lose them.

"No!" I lunged forward at them before they disappeared but I couldn't sense any of them…not even Kono-chan… "Kono-chan!"

Chapter 7: Reality or Fantasy?

Setsuna's P.O.V.

"Kono-chan!" I yelled, trying to sense her presence but it was no use. I fell down to my knees and punched the ground out of anger, "Damn it!" I never felt so helpless and angry before, why couldn't I protect her?

"Sakurazaki get a grip! We can probably find her!" Kimura tried to calm me down. But I didn't want to calm down.

"How can we even find her? Why didn't you try to protect her!" I spat at her.

Before I realize what was happening, Nakashima punched me in the gut and I think I flew about 10 feet before slamming into the wall. "Sakurazaki seriously calm down. We're not her body guards, you were." I heard his unusual cold voice say softly, "Get up we're gonna find her now."

I got up weakly and stumbled towards him and Kimura slowly, "How…?"

"It is your choice."

"What do you mean…?" I tried to find them.

"We can train you or get her back now."

"What's the difference?" They stayed quiet. It annoyed me. "What's the difference?" I repeated.

"You could slightly see better if you train with us. If you don't train you'll die." Kimura said gently. I could hear the slight unsureness in her voice.

"You're lying aren't you?" I growled at them for wasting my time.

"It's not a lie Sakurazaki." Nakashima nearly growled at me, which made me move back a bit, "Then…?"

"After we're done training you, we can find that Konoe girl faster than you know it."


"It's better if you wait it out since you know what the contract does right?"

"I know…" I clenched my fists in anger and despair, "But… I don't want it…"

"Come on Sakurazaki…" Kimura grabbed my shoulders and shook me, "Quit sulking about it and fight with us!"

"I couldn't protect her… how am I supposed to fight?" I shook her off me, "I never even wanted the contract!"

"How about we teach you… how you can fight without any of your senses at all?"

"What…?" I turned towards Nakashima.

Konoka's P.O.V

"Ow…" I held my head since it was hurting a bit, "Where am I…?" I looked around and realized that I was in a dark room and there were some faint lights but it wasn't enough to light up the room. As I inspected the room, I heard dull foot steps approaching me and I backed into a wall, scared. The door opened and I closed my eyes in fear, "Don't be afraid..." I told myself as I slowly opened my eyes and I saw no one there, "W-What…?"

"'Don't be afraid' huh?" I heard a voice say next to me and I jumped in fright.

"W-Who are you? W-Why did you bring me here?" I shouted, trying not to be scared.

"Shh! Don't be so loud!" the owner of the voice closed the door and lit a small fire, "My name's Koorino Yuki."

"How can you help me…?" I looked at him.

He couldn't be over my age with that face so I guess he was about my age, his hair seemed to be sea blue and his eyes were sky blue, but then again only a small fire was helping me see him so I could be wrong.

"You don't want to be left in a dark dungeon do you?" he started softly.

I looked around and he was right. I didn't even realize there were chains around my ankle and I was bare foot wearing what seemed to be rags.

"I can at least get you a better room and clothes." he offered a hand to me.

"Why are you helping me…?" I asked, suspicious of him.

He had a slight hurt look on his face and I felt bad about it, "You won't be treated well here… besides you'll only be hurt and tormented from tomorrow on."

"W-What…?" I was shocked, "W-Why do I deserve this…?"

He sighed, "You hold power and our master requires that power." He helped me up and wrapped a warm blanket over my shoulders, "And you are bait for a traitor that left us long ago...but it seems I'm the only one who doesn't care about it…"

"This isn't fair…" I started to tear up, "Why me…? You hurt my best friend just because you wanted to get revenge….she could've died..."

Again, he had a hurt look, "I'm sorry that I can't help…" he bent down and unlocked the chains what were around my ankle and lead me to a warmer room, "I'll at least help you get better treatment and escape, but I'm afraid I can't do much since I'm an apprentice of the master…"

"Who is this master you've been telling me about?" I followed him, feeling safer with him.

"Master Nakashima Ginta, he teaches some kids like me how to control elements and gives us names." Koorino-kun explained.

"Wait… 'Nakashima'?" I gasped, "Is Fate-kun…I mean Nakashima Fate-kun…related to him…?" My eyes widened as Koorino-kun looked at me.

"Do…you know him…? He's the one that Master Ginta wanted to get back at…!"

Normal P.O.V

Setsuna grunted as she hit the back of a rock for the 10th time during her training with Nakashima.

"Fate why don't you take it easy on her for now?" asked Nami, watching Fate train Setsuna rather roughly, "I mean… I know we're in a hurry and all… but you could… kill her before she could even get a chance to save Konoka…"

"I guess you're right…" Fate jumped on top of a rock and watched Setsuna, "Break for about 10 minutes Sakurazaki."

Setsuna tried to get up, "But there's no time…!"

"You need to cool your head birdbrain. A hot head is the least of our worries." Fate scoffed, "'Sides…I'm the trainer and what I say goes ya got that?" he turned to Nami, "Do you think you can get some information on our enemies?"

Nami giggled, "I thought you asked so I sneaked off earlier and found some stuff." her face turned serious, "Apparently the two that we fought, Zero and Keiko, are students of his if you know what I mean." she looked at Fate and he scrowled.

"Just because I didn't agree with him didn't mean he needed to bring more kids into this… and for them to master that so fast… they have to be…" Fate rubbed his forehead, "Students before but I would've known…"

"I learned fast too you know…" Nami pouted at him which caused him to give a light smile.

"That's true…"

"What are you talking about Nakashima…?" Setsuna got up and looked for him, "Do you know who the enemy is?"

Fate looked at Setsuna, "I know full well who the enemy is now and that…is…"

"Wait." Nami stopped him, "I think there's some people coming. Sakurazaki you should get back to training. I'll deal with them." she jumped up then into the ground, causing a slight shake to stumble nearby people.

"Guess we should get back to training now." Fate grabbed Setsuna's hand and jumped into the trees and away from Nami.

"What's going on Nakashima?" Setsuna jumped as best as she could with him until they came into a landing, "I couldn't sense anyone coming."

"That's because it's the same two people this time and it seems like they got better with their skills." Fate looked around, "Guess we have to make this faster. This will hurt a bit…!" Fate grasped Setsuna's face as she tried to keep quiet about the pain she's feeling right now.

Setsuna's P.O.V

I bit my lip while trying to keep calm but it was hard to stay calm! It felt like he was ripping my head off!

"This will be over soon so hold on…!" Nakashima tried to reassure me.

"Will you hurry up…? It hurts like hell…!" My hand started shaking and my head slowly felt lighter. What the hell was he doing to me…? I know he's probably doing what he said he would but is this even what he promised me…?

"There now open your eyes." I slowly opened my eyes and I saw a bright light so I closed my eyes for a few seconds and tried to get accustomed to the light, "Can you see? Or is it too painful for you to even open your eyes since you haven't in over 10 years?"

I opened my eyes fully and saw that we were in a forest, what did he do to me…? "Nakashima what did…" I started but he interrupted.

"I switched out sights. Be thankful since I was still gonna train ya so that I wouldn't have to do this but we're outta time. Don't go overboard since it will only last for about a day though! Hurry and go get Jou-chan before you become blind again!" he pushed me away.

I was going to yell at him for not doing that before, but Kono-chan came first, "Thank you Nakashima." I looked around, trying to get used to seeing before a thought came to my mind, "Wait... I don't even know where Kono-chan will be…"

"Ok fine I'll take you there myself! Let's hurry up before some other people come!" I looked at him, confused as to why he keeps saying 'other people'. Does he know something that I shouldn't or he knows the enemies somehow? I shook my head, Kono-chan's safety comes first then I'll question Nakashima after.

"Sakurazaki hurry up! This way!" I looked and followed Nakashima, he seems to be better blind than I am…

After following him for about half an hour, we arrived at a castle like place; however, this place gave an ominous feeling…

"Are you sure this is the right place?" I looked at Nakashima for comformation.

"Oh yeah… and this is the least place I wanted to come back to…" he scrowled.

"Wait… 'Come back to'…?" I looked at him as I heard a voice come from the castle.

"Why if it isn't Kaito, my one and only son who ran away from home after his training…" a man, no older than 60, floated over us. He seemed to be wearing a black cloak with dark orange outlines, black pants, and black shoes. He was also holding a staff that just seemed like a stick with a dark blue orb on top of it, "Have you come back to your senses and decided to teach the human race that we are superior to them?"

Nakashima scoffed, "Human race is inferior I will admit that… but living with them, I understand why they are the superior race!"

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"Sakurazaki hurry and find Jou-chan!"

"Koorino-kun! You should come with me!"

"Brother no! Why did you protect me…?"

"All my life I always thought that… My existence was like that of an ice skate's blade, sliding across the frozen river…but now… I can see that I was wrong…"