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Chapter 5: Birthday

Spike had gone quiet and his actions stilled. He had fallen asleep again. I could feel my eyes start to close again. It seemed that all I did during the past day or two was sleep, but I didn't care. I wanted to dream.

"Elizabeth Anne Summers!" Joyce was standing in the opening of her bedroom looking down on her eight year old daughter. Buffy was wearing a light blue dress with her hair in a ponytail.

Buffy looked up guiltily as she took her hands of the dozens of presents that she had pulled from under the bed. She tried to give an innocent smile, but her mother stood firm.

"Buffy, you are going to open these presents up at the party! Why on Earth would you try to get into them now?"

Buffy shrugged. "I was curious…."

Joyce sighed. "Go finish getting ready. Some of your friends have already started to arrive."

Her eyes lit up and she jumped up. "Who Mommy? Who?" She ran down the hallway not stopping to wait for her mother's answer, too excited to see who was here. She stopped however and turned back to her room. She wanted to show off the pretty necklace her aunt had sent her.

Her eyebrows scrunched together as she saw an object lying on her floor. It was close by the window, almost as if someone tossed it in. She began to smile and ran over to it. Lying on the floor was a black spiked dog collar with the name Spike on the tag. Buffy hugged it lose and began jumping up and down.

A few months ago the same thing happened, but it usually had a note. He told her that if he was in town he would through this in her room if the window was open to tell her that he was here. She kept her window open every night after that. Sometimes he even left a small pull down ladder that she used to get out of her window with. She knew that sneaking out of the house was bad and dangerous, but she always wanted to see him.

Since that first time, Spike had come to see her only about 6 times. He would take her to the park a lot of the times and play with her. He would ask her what she has been doing and he would tell stories of where he had been and what those places were like.

Spike always tried to scare her too with tales of vampires and demons, plus of girls who fought them. They were called slayers. When she asked if he fought with the slayers to help beat the bad things, he smiled and said 'Yes, I fight with them. I've fought with two of them before.', but his voice was a bit scarier and he was smirking.

Buffy was so excited that she had completely forgotten about her other friends. She couldn't wait for them to meet Spike. The collar must have meant that he was coming to her party. It was going to be the best birthday ever.

Buffy had waited for two whole hours and no Spike. Her party was almost ending; all that was left was the presents and cake. They had played fun games and ate pizza, but it would have been more fun if he was there. Her friends laughed and said that he was just an imaginary friend and that she didn't have a real big guy friend.

"Buffy, come on we are opening presents!" She ran over to her mother and sat in the chair that had 5 different color balloons attached to it. It was the Birthday Girl's chair.

Joyce held out the first present wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a yellow bow. Joyce looked at the side and smiled as she handed it to her eager daughter. "This one is from Meredith."

Buffy ripped the paper off and held up her new Ice Skater Barbie. "THANK YOU!!" Buffy hugged the new doll, but quickly put it to the side grabbing the next one in her sights.

15 presents later, there was all, but one left. She had gotten some cassettes, some cute dresses, some more dolls and toys, and she even got her own mini dress-up kit.

The last one was wrapped in dark black paper and had a shiny silver bow that reflected the light. There was a smaller present on top of a bigger one with the bow tired around both.

Joyce looked at the gift and was confused. "There is no note, who gave Buffy this one?" She was met with shrugs and 'no's", but Buffy was quick as she grabbed the present and eagerly shredded the bigger box. She screamed so loud that everybody got tense.

But, Buffy began jumping up and down screaming "Yes" as she held out what she got in the big box. It was a pair of beautiful silver skates with a pink Buffy, inscribed on the side. They were custom made ice skates.

Joyce's eyes widened. And a few people gasped. These skates were really expensive. Buffy held on to them as she opened up the smaller box. Inside was a beautiful necklace with a B, an S and a cross around its chain. The B & S had small sparkly dots out lining it as did the cross.

Joyce took the necklace and looked stunned. "These are real diamonds." A few of the moms gathered round and took a look for themselves. Buffy just smiled. She knew who this was from. If it wasn't for the S, the cross would have given it away. Spike always said she should wear one and to not let dark scary people into the house. She asked why and he said that they were dangerous. The look in his eyes made her believe it.

Joyce thought hard and just assumed that made a relative had sent it or Hank had bought it as a treat for her, but it still didn't explain the S…or the cross.

Buffy took the necklace and asked her mom to put it on her, and she quickly complied. It fit perfectly for her and inside the box was another silver chain, but it was bigger. Probably for when she was older.

"I want cake!" Buffy giggled and her and her friends began chanting cake until Buffy's mom had brought it out, which their chant turned into song as they sang Happy Birthday to Buffy.

"Make a wish." Buffy closed her eyes and thought real hard on what she wanted. She smiled as she thought of her wish and blew out the candles. She wished that her and Spike would be best friends forever. Buffy couldn't image anything better.

She stayed up till 10 which was way past her bed time, but she couldn't sleep. Spike usually came earlier, which was about 8 because it was around her bed time, so she could leave while her parents thought she was asleep.

She heard a soft pang against the side of her house and she squealed, and then covered both hands over her mouth as she giggled. She looked out her window and waved as she saw his bright hair stand out against the darkness. Spike began to climb the side of the house.

"Hey pet." Spike smiled as Buffy hugged him as he hung outside her window.

She gave him a small peck on the cheek. "Thanks, Spikey! The skates are the best gift ever!!! Plus, the necklace is so shiny and all my friends are jealous because they don't have one as shiny as this, but they laughed because I told them it was from you and you weren't at my party!!" Her lower lip turned into a pout and he sighed.

"Come on." He turned around, so she could climb on his back. One he was sure he was on and he had a good hold on her, he dropped to the ground landing skillfully on his feet. He gently let her down. He kneeled down and held her hands. "You know I couldn't go pet. I have sun allergies."

She played with the sand with her foot as she looked down. "I know, but I thought maybe you could because it was my birthday."

"And why would I be able to then." He raised an eye brow as he watch her sigh and look up at him like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Duh, silly. It is only the most important day of the entire year." She rolled her eyes, which caused Spike to burst out laughing.

"Of course, I was a ponce to think otherwise." He stood up and held out his hand to her which she eagerly took.

"So, Spikey, what are we going to do for my birthday?" They strolled down the streets together.

"I have a very special surprise that I think you might like." Spike smiled, but his eyes were skimming the surrounding area as he was on watch the entire time. Especially, as they headed out into more downtown L.A. He knew he shouldn't bring her, but he knew that she would want to see this.

Buffy giggled and when he looked down she tried really hard to purse her lips. "Are we there yet?"

Spike sighed. Each time he had taken her anywhere, even to the park she would start a game of are we there yet. As much as he thought it was cute, it was also bloody annoying. He stopped when he heard a distant crash. He listened closer and smiled."Yes we are."

He held his fingers over his lips to show her that she need to be quiet and she nodded as she pretend to lock her mouth and gave the key to him, causing him to silently chuckle. They crept down the alleyway and he stopped her right before an opening where they could hear the sounds of a fight.

Spike knelt down and whispered in her ear. "Remember all those stories about all those girl slayers and monsters I told you about."

Buffy nodded eagerly.

"Well, I am about to show you one." Spike smiled as her face lit up. She wasn't like normal little girls. They would have screamed at the chance of meeting a monster or the girl who fought them, but here this little one stood waiting impatiently to look around the corner.

They both looked around the corner to see a larger vampire being thrown into a wall by a talk brunette. She kicked him in the stomach sending him doubling over and when he rose she jabbed her stake directly into the heart, causing the vampire to turn to dust.

Buffy's eyes were like saucers as she watched the vampire disappear. She poked Spike who had been watching her reaction. "I've never seen that this close before." She hugged him tightly and whispered, "This is the best birthday ever."

Spike furrowed his brow. He pulled her away from him and kneeled down so he could look at her. "What do you mean by this close? You've seen the slayer before."

Buffy smiled and nodded. "That's Jamie." It was Spike's turn to stare in shock. "I've seen lots of them. Some are like her while others are blonde like me. Some are from all different parts of the world. Like different countries and things."

Spike's grip on her tightened just a bit on her as he absorbed what she was saying. "How did you see these pet."

Buffy shrugged. "I've always dreamt about them. I've seen you before to." Her hand ran through his hair. "One time you didn't have as bright hair. You were scary then. You seemed mean. Plus, your face was all messed up." Then she began to giggle a bit. "You were pretty scary another time, but you had ladies make-up on your eyes so I thought you were funny."

Spike's jaw throbbed as he tried to remain calm. That was what was different about her. She was a potential slayer. Years from now, he would be the thing she hunted, if she ever got called. She would be the one to, his Buffy. She was brave and strong even at such a young age. She would be deadly as a slayer. A goddess.

"Come on pet, I got to get you home."

"Can't we stay out a little longer…please please with a cherry on top?" She looked at him with such big eyes. Usually he would cave, but right now he had a lot to think about.

Spike took her hand as they walked back to her house. "Sorry pet, not tonight."

"Did I do something wrong? You seem mad."

Observant too. She really would be an amazing slayer. Spike stopped and turned to look at her. "It's not your fault pet. You did absolutely nothing wrong." You can't control your destiny. She was too young to even have to think about what could lie in her future. "I'm just a grumpy old man."

She giggled and pulled him along to keep going. "You're not old. Old men smell funny and are all wrinkly."

This caused Spike to half-smile. If only she really knew what he was and how old he actually was. They reached her house and he hoisted her up on his back as he climbed the side of her house. She hoped off back in her room, but hugged him tightly.

"I'll miss you."

"Me too pet, me too."

He turned to go, but her voice stopped him. "Spike, you are my bestest friend. We will be friends forever won't we?"

Spike felt a tug at his chest. She was so innocent now, but she had no idea what forever truly meant…or even where they would be in possibly just a few years. Spike kissed her forehead and took a long last look.



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