Kunnichiwa! I hope I spelled that right…Anywho, there's just a few things I wanted to put here before you read the story. First off, I was inspired to do a Yu-Gi-Oh! story from Little Kuriboh's YGO abridged series on Youtube…(I'm not here to advertise, but if you like comedy and Yu-Gi-Oh, go check the guy out!). I'm well aware that I'm not nearly as funny as he is, but I've always liked doing comedy, which is kind of how this came about. Secondly, I've portrayed the characters out of character. All of them! So, if you're looking for the overly serious Kaiba, he's gone. Kind of…hell, I haven't written him into the story yet, so I'm not fully sure how his character will be. But just be prepared! And lastly, I do have one thing to admit. I haven't watched nearly all of the show…sorry, all the duels turn me off of it a bit. As LK himself said, there does need to be a bit less duels and more character development in the show. So, if I don't mention a lot of characters or scenes from the show, do forgive me. Though this is my interpretation of YGO, so there's not going to be a lot of that anyways!

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Home Alone (4): The Moto Story

Yugi had been living with his grandfather for the past nine months. His parents, like his grandfather himself, were explorers and were currently on an expedition to find the sunken ship Titanic…and refused to hear a word of contradiction from anyone who said that it was already found. Yugi had pleaded with them to see reason and begged them to go to the museum where the remains were now on display, all to no avail.

"Now Yugi, you're too young to know about such things," his father said to him.

"You always say that!" Yugi complained. "You said the same thing when I asked you what a condom was; you told me it was one of those balloons used to make animals like at the circus! As if I was dumb enough to believe that…okay, so maybe for about a year I did, but I was fourteen! Look, it's been proven, the Titanic has already been found! Do I have to start listing the names of the scientists who found it?!"

"Oh Yugi, honey," his mother soothed, "It's okay. We'll just be gone for about a month and then we'll be back in time for you to start the new school year. We'll even do some back to school clothes shopping and get those new skateboarder jeans that make your butt look cute. Now, give your mother some sugar on the cheek."

Yugi's face had turned crimson, but he sighed and against his adolescent wishes, he kissed his mother on the cheek. They waved good-bye to him as he and his grandfather waved back to them in front of the game shop. That was the last he saw of them.

They sent postcards to Yugi on Christmas and his birthday…and in each one, the postcard's location were farther away from each other…he could have sworn the Titanic went down in the Atlantic Ocean. So why did his card from last year's Christmas look like it was taken on the Las Vegas strip? And why was the one from this year's birthday a picture of an ancient Roman coliseum?

"Face it Yugi, your parents went on vacation and didn't take you with them," Solomon Moto told a heartbroken Yugi at breakfast that morning.

"But, why?" Yugi sniffed.

"Hell if I know, but it seems to me like they're having a great time," his grandfather said as he held the newest postcard from them in his hand. It had been custom done and featured his father in shorts with the same wild hair that Yugi sported. His mother looked more like one of the island locals in the background of the photo and she wore a coconut bra with a grass skirt. Splashed across the front of the card in blue letters were "Aloha!!" If it hadn't been the newest picture of them, Yugi would have torn it.

"Well, guess I better get going then," Solomon said, disrupting Yugi's thoughts.

"Wait, where are you going?" the boy asked, alarm unwillingly filling his voice.

"Why, I got me an, um, "expedition" to work on as well," his grandfather said, head down as he laced up his boots.

"How come I can't go?" Yugi whined.

"It's top secret," Solomon said and threw a rucksack over his shoulder with ease.

"I won't tell anybody, grandpa! I mean, I'm your grandson. You can trust me, can't you?"

"Um…I, uh…"

Yugi widened his amethyst eyes to their fullest extent and made them watery in that childish way he'd perfected so well. His grandfather's stern look faltered.

"Yugi, we can't, uh…well see…"

Yugi widened his eyes just a fraction more and made them water so much that a tear spilled out from one.

"It's not that, I…damnit, you can't go!" his grandfather finally shouted.

Yugi's face deflated instantly and took on a frown. "How come?"

"It's top secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill you," the man said as he headed toward the door.

"Grandpa, it's me! Your grandson! Your only grandson! Loveable little Yugi! Who doesn't want me around?" Yugi beamed him a smile and held his hands up as though to say, "C'mon! You know I'm right!"

"I don't, that's who!" Solomon said. Yugi's happy bubble popped.


His grandfather had put a hand on the door knob, but stopped and turned halfway around to look at his grandson. "I watch over you day in and day out. It's been two years since I went on an expedition and the last one nearly cost me my life when the damn tomb we were excavating collapsed on us…though it earned me a Blue-Eyes White Dragon…damn Kaiba… I'm going on a trip for a little R&R. You're fifteen, you can handle yourself. Throw a party, get laid, I don't care. You and that Yami fellow have been getting a little buddy-buddy here lately, go party with him. Just as long as the place is still standing when I get back. I left some money on the counter, that should last you a while. I'll be back when I'm back. Bye Yugi!"

The man waved and with a snap of the door, he was gone.

Yugi immediately broke into sobs over his cold oatmeal. A flash from his Millennium Puzzle and Yami was standing at his side.

"There, there, Yugi. Everything will be fine. You still have me, eh? I'm fun right?"

Yugi's crying suddenly halted and he stared up at his friend.


Only a blink.

"Yami equals fun, huh?"

Another blink.

"Oh, you don't need to answer that. But we'll have loads of fun Yugi! Now, who wants to hear old Egyptian war stories? You know, I'm the pharaoh that refused to free the Hebrews."

A splutter and then a wave of half chewed oatmeal hit Yami's face. "Say what?!"

Yami only chuckled. "Ha, I knew I could turn that frown upside down! Now, after I get done puking up your ABC oatmeal from my mouth, we can go see what your other not-as-great-as-me friends are up to!"

He left the room, leaving Yugi to revel in appreciation of the pharaoh. Wow, what a great—but Yami's retching interrupted not only his ears but his thoughts as well, due to their mind link. Ew, ew, gross, gross, gross, so not super-speacial-awsome.

Yami came back a moment later, wiping his mouth on a napkin. "Man, I'm a spirit and I can still vomit. Purgatory sucks!"

Yugi decided not to comment as they locked up the apartment and the shop below. He hoped his friends could cheer him up from this newest abandonment. No guardian at all…maybe this is what being an orphan felt like. He gave a mental shrug and decided to ask Kaiba the next time he saw him. Yami's deep scoff echoed through his head as he thought this. Something else Yugi decided to ignore.

Alright, there's the first chapter, hope you liked it! No duh I hoped you liked it…anyways, I wanted to give credit to Lk, yeah I used Yugi's catchphrase from his videos…super special awsome. God, I hope I'm not coming off as some type of fanatic of his stuff, how embarrassing! I'm going to try to keep it more original in future chapters. Well, please review!