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Citizen Censorship

After seemingly endless tries to find a bit of emotional comfort from his other friends, Yugi finally reached Téa's house. It was a simple, yet beautiful structure, painted yellow and surrounded by a freshly cut green lawn.

Yugi gulped loudly as he stopped on the sidewalk outside of her house. "Well?" Yami asked beside him. He was getting more and more comfortable with not being within the boy all the time…wait a minute…something about that didn't sound right…oh gods!!

Yugi looked over at the spirit for a moment, then lowered his eyes. "It's just that…well, though Téa is my friend, sometimes she has this way of going on and on about being friends. I mean, I cherish friendship, I really do. I've told you what my life was like before I met Joey and Tristan and Téa, haven't I?"

Yami gave a quick smirk that soon turned to a bark of laughter. "Hell yeah you have! Man, and I thought me wandering around for millennia inside the Puzzle was pathetic! You used to be lower on the social ladder than Rex and Weevil!"

Yugi frowned and narrowed his eyes at him. "You're supposed to be sympathetic for me. I thought you were my friend."

"Eh, I am. Nobody else could ever stand you and your overly-emotional self as long as I have. I'm here with you buddy until the end." Yami gave him a bright grin and a thumbs-up sign.

Yugi gave him a kiddish grin right back, eyes sparkling with joy and admiration. "Yami…that's so…sniff… so…LAME!" He shouted, doubling over in laughter. "'I'm with you till the end!' Great way to go for the Oscar but you didn't quite nail it."

Yami growled and grabbed his jacket. Ignoring Yugi's protests, he dragged the boy up the walkway to Téa's front door. With his other free hand, he pounded on the metal surface until he heard movement on the other side.

"No…stop…I said stop! Not now, I know you heard the door knock as well? Just give me one moment."

A few locks clicked and the door was opened just a crack, the chain still in place to keep anyone who might want to enter at bay.

"Yes?" Téa asked. Yugi could have sworn she sounded a bit impatient, though he might have just imagined that.

"Um, can I talk to you?" The boy asked sheepishly. Téa always had a way of making his heart flutter.

"If it's about dueling, Yugi, I don't want to hear it," she said sharply, making Yugi wince.

"No, no, it's not about dueling…it's just that…can I come in?"

The girl gave a heavy sigh. "No, not right now. I'm busy. Can you hurry this up?"

Yami's eyes squinted at her, then pushed Yugi aside. Before Téa could stop him, he shoved the door open further. Téa was standing in nothing but her undergarments. Behind her in the living room, Duke Develin could be seen sitting shirtless in a chair, bound and gagged.

Yugi looked at her, then at him, then back at her. He gave a few quick pants, not being able to breathe. Finally, words managed to reach his lungs.

"What the fuck is this?! Téa, Duke? Duke Develin? Oh no…oh hell no…"

He walked away from the scene shaking his head furiously. Then, in a sudden burst of rage, he whipped around and was about to storm in the house when Yami grabbed him from around his waist, holding him up to where his feet ran uselessly in the air.

"You whore! Filth of Japan! You're just dating him because you think he's cute! Looks fade Téa! You spend more of your life looking old than you do looking twenty! But true love never fades with age! Why can't you date me?!"

Téa blinked at him, sighed, glanced over to Duke who was mumbling muffled gibberish, then looked back at Yugi. "Because you're with Yami. All the time."

Yugi gave another furious growl. "Damnit , we're not talking about the fanficts here! I'm datable! I mean, if there has ever been a couple on this frickin' show about my life, it's you and me! So why can't you stick to the script and flirt with me?"

Téa shot him a glare. "Flirt? Whoa, never have I flirted with you! Yami, yes, plenty of times. You? Ugh, never!"

Silently, Yami curled his fist up and brought it down to his side in a victory gesture. "Oh yeah, the phresh pharaoh always get's the girl! Gigiddy, gigiddy, gigiddy!"

Yugi stood with his head bowed, eyes shadowed. "So…you really mean all of that? You really have no feelings for me?"

Téa rolled her eyes and tightened her jaw, a look of slight remorse coming over her. "It's not you, Yugi. It's me…what can I say? I like 'em tall, dark and handsome. Not…short, vibrant and…childish."

Yugi pursed his lips, then muttered. "Curse me for having the Curse of the Moto's…short stature and tri-colored pointy hair! And…chibi-like amethyst eyes…"

Téa nodded at him. Then she bent down and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "We can be friends, okay? Remember that friendship sign I drew on the back of our hands that day Kaiba dueled your grandfather into submission? The day Yami came into your life? The day I started my period—"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! TMI, Téa!" Yugi shouted, pulling away from her.

"Well, that day. That friendship sign I drew was for just that, to show our friendship. Nothing more. Go out and find someone that truly deserves your affections Yugi. You're a great guy and you deserve to have someone great in your life."

Yami's eyes widened hopefully.

"And since Yami is just a spirit, don't try to make it him," Téa added, as she softly shut the door in his face.

Yami's shoulders sagged. In an indignant huff, he jumped off the porch and moodily walked away. Yugi caught up to him and gently nudged him with his shoulder.

"Hey, trying to do that reverse psychology thing isn't going to work on the girls," Yugi told him.

"Huh?" Yami asked, thoroughly confused.

"You know, acting like you like another boy so the girls start drooling over you. I think that only works with two girls trying to get the attention of a guy. But anyways, at least I can rest easy knowing that I don't have to try to impress Téa now. I'll wait until you leave the picture so that way girls won't think about you instead of me."

"You'll be waiting for quite awhile Yuges. I'm not going anywhere for a looong time." Yami smirked evilly at him and Yugi sweatdropped at what was in store for the future for them.

After awhile of walking in silence, Yugi spoke up again. "I still haven't been able to tell anyone about grandpa leaving me. I guess no one cares."

"I do Yugi," someone said from beside where they were walking.

Both heads shot up and looked around. Outside of a pizzeria, Tristan was wolfing down an extra large sausage pizza by himself. Around the food in his mouth he said, "Sit, talk, spill your guts."

So, he sat, he talked, and he spilled his guts out. To Tristan Taylor. The class idiot. Oh, how a mighty duelist has fallen…

When he was done, Tristan gave a final mighty swallow of the food. "Ah, that's nothing to worry about. Except you, nobody here has parents! So since time has been taken out to actually provide you with an authoritive figure, it's not all going to be a waste. He'll come back soon enough. With all the dueling you'll be doing, time will fly right by! He'll be back home before you know it…or you'll mysteriously get plane tickets to India where you'll find him in some woods with a bunch of monsters hidden in capsules that you have to catch and train like Pokémon…but that's another series that I'll explain later. Go home, Yugi. Gramps will return, I'm sure of it."

Yugi gave a traditional bow and left the boy as he ordered yet another extra large pizza.

"Dudes…you just got advice from Tristan," Yami said to him. "Since when the hell did he get so smart?!"

"Tristan's stupidity is only there because 4Kids made him act that way, lest he be taken out of the show entirely. The real Tristan was too violent for the age group that they were trying to target. Same with Joey, and even you, to a certain extent."

"What? Damn them! They can toy with my outfits, they can toy with my friends, they can even make toys of me! But when you mess with my personality…that makes me feel a rage of the Egyptian variety!"

Yugi gave him a cautious glance and moved a few spaces away from him as they continued to head home.

When Yugi unlocked the door to the apartment above the shop, he noticed a large rucksack on the floor. Slouched on the couch with a can of Budweiser in his hands was Solomon Moto.

Forgetting that he was a fifteen year-old boy, Yugi rushed to him, looking more like a child than ever. In his excitement, he jumped on his grandfather, knocking the wind out of the old man.

"I'm so glad you're home! Man, do I have a story to tell you! But…what happened? It hasn't even been a day! Hell, not even three hours!"

Solomon sighed and pushed Yugi away onto another couch cushion. "It seems like duel disks are something that can't be taken into the passenger seating area on planes. Oh sure, they'll let you bring laptops and portable DVD players. But when it comes down to the tools of a duelist, those damn flight attendants just don't understand."

"Grandpa, you use a duel disk? I thought you were set in your ways and refused to do anything else but tabletop duels."

"Huh? Am I? Oh yes, that's right, now that you mention it, that is my nature…so, wait a minute. What happened? Oh no…damn them!!"

"What is it?" Yugi asked with alarm.

"4Kids, that's what! They changed my character without my permission!"

"Oh no, not you too?" Yugi sighed and shook his head. "Let it go Grandpa. They hold all the best cards in this duel and even more so, they know how to play them right. I'm just happy that you're home."

His grandfather ruffled his hair and smiled. "Actually, it's kind of nice to be home too," he said.

"Oh, please, would the both of you shut up! I'm trying to watch Mama Mia!" Yami shouted at them.

And with that said, all three of them turned their attention to the TV to be sucked into sappy musicals, happily provided by 4Kids.

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