Mr. Matchmaker

by flipstahhz.


"I don't like him."


"That new transfer student."

"Hikari, you hardly like anybody."

"That's not true, Daisuke."

"Then how long did it take for you to warm up to me?"

Clicks tongue.


"Exactly, and that proves my point! Be nice to him, will you? Don't scare the guy back to Kyoto."

Frustrated sigh.

"But look at him! He seems so fake. He's just standing there and all the girls are drooling over him." Sniff. "He's such an eyesore."

"Do you mean a 'golden' eyesore? Could it be that you don't like him for his popularity, how he was the basketball champion at his old school or the fact that he his charming attitude?"

Punch on shoulder.


"Or maybe the fact that he has blue eyes and blond hair - because you know, as well as I know, that that's an even pathetic excuse for you."


"Laugh it up, Daisuke. Laugh it up."

"Maybe it's because you have a thing for blondies. Take Yamato Ishida for instance, you've been crushing on your brother's best friend for years-ouch!"

"He's coming. Daisuke, shut up-!"


Hikari and Daisuke shift eyes at the newcomer.

"You like my brother?"


"Hikari, blushing isn't going to do you any good."

"Shut up, Daisuke."

"Hikari? Hmm...I know that name."

"That's nice to know."

"Wait a minute…you wouldn't happen to be Taichi's sister, right? Hikari?"



"Oh, come on! We used to play together whenever Taichi and Yamato would hang out. We were play buddies, Kari! Don't tell me you've forgotten."

"Play buddies? Sounds kinky."



"Sorry about that, Takeru. I don't really remember."

"Way to hurt a guy's pride."


"It's TK."

"TK..." Eyes widen. "TK! Now I remember! How are you?"

"Great. So...who's this guy? Is he your boyfriend."

Shakes head.

"No, he's my bestfriend Daisuke. Daisuke, this is TK."


"No, TK."




"No, it's TK."







"So Kari. Fill me in. What was that thing I heard you say about you liking my brother?"


(a/n) I admit it. I've missed this fandom.

I promised you guys that I'd write a takari one-shot, but I ended up writing this drabble. So, I'm thinking that I'll be writing this as a drabble story and it will be written in this conversational style format. It's more fun and less energy/brain-power exerting for me (because I have so many projects going on for my fictionpress account).

Tell me what you think. ;)