I have been dying to write a story on this book for ages! Thank God there's a category for this book! YAY! This is one of my most favorite books; it's so fascinating and unique! Anywhoos, about this story. I set in after Daisy's father brings her back to New York for "hospitalization" and I know its a little angst for Daisy but I hope you all like it! It's just a little drabble to get the category going…enjoy!

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing from "How I Live Now" expect this drabble I came up with.

One bed with the hospital white rusty sheets, one window with its yellow stained thick curtains drawn back, the late afternoon New York sun beginning to lower beyond the horizon and it filled the hospital room with a soft glow.

A girl of the age of fifteen lay, staring out the window, lying under the covers of the bed on her side, her eyes were simply wide and staring; no emotion, no feeling…just numb…

Her name was Daisy; just Daisy. Nothing interesting or fascinated about her. Just Daisy.

Or so she had once believed. But now she was less then even that; she was no longer Daisy, just a random lost soul staring out the window, seeing nothing, feeling nothing.

The room's door opened and revealed a man wearing a fancy business suit, with a woman at his side, heavily pregnant. Daisy did not move; she eyes stayed focused on the window, not wishing to see the culprit that brought her back to New York; that took her from Edmond...

"Daisy," her father spoke, "I spoke to the doctor. He's wants if there's something wrong with you?"

Something wrong with her? Oh yes, something was very wrong with her…

"What I mean honey," her father continued when Daisy made utterly no reaction, "is that, are you hurt? Is something sore?"

Hurt? Hurt? How can he talk about hurt?! He, who took her away from the only family she felt she really had, the only home she felt remotely welcomed in, the only boy she had ever, and will always, truly love. How could he talk about hurt to her?!

"Daisy?" She felt the large heavy hand of her father's against her head, resting, trying to bring some life into her eyes and face. But she refused as always, she wouldn't give him what he wanted, not now and not ever. Never again…

Davina the Diabolical made a comment that she was just 'attention seeking and they should go as she needed to sit down because of the baby.' Her father gave a heavy sigh and told Daisy he'd be back in a couple of days and for her to get some rest.

Rest? How could she find rest here?

The room closed and Daisy made the first sign of movement for what felt like a million years. She closed her eyes as her throat tightened. She stayed silent and still for a moment before she finally broke and for the first time since she'd arrived back in New York she cried.

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