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He Will Never Know


I rub my eyes to make certain that I am not seeing things.

There again.

Merlin's ghost…what does he think he is doing?  Even he cannot possibly be trying to show off like that…thought he had a little more sense than to…

I glance back quickly and a sickly cold feeling races down my spine.

I knew it.

Damn him. 

For a moment, I watch him as his eyes stare fixedly at the struggling object in front of him…eyes never wavering, mouth never stopping.  Chanting an evil mantra over and over again in a monotonous undertone I can only just barely hear.  The voice of evil…it does not even sound like him…it almost…

It almost sounds like…

I quickly turn around and, fixing my eyes on that same place, I begin muttering counteracting words.  Words of control.  Words of levitation.  Words of light.

And as I recite the words over and over again, I find myself thinking…almost as if I have somehow detached myself from my body and am watching myself with a critical eye.

Yes, I have always resented his father, but I did not wish him dead.  Quite the opposite.  No one ever knew.

No, I did not love his mother, although she was the closest thing to a friend I ever had.  No one ever knew.

I do not hate him, but I have no choice in the matter.  To do otherwise would be to jeopardize my role… and that is something I cannot afford to do…for any of our sakes.  And, as long as I mutter quietly and as long as I can get him back to safety, no one need know that it was I who saved him.

I can still hear him muttering, changing the nuances of the words…stronger powers emanating from him, causing the object to swerve and careen wildly.  I don't have much time before…

I change the tempo of my words, trying frantically to match the cadence, the tone and the force.  Trying to save him.



I hear the sound of a body falling…thankfully, it is behind me.  I may just be able to save him without…




A lot of it.



I jump up as I see the flames flickering red-gold tongues along the hem of my robes.  I quickly put it out and then look up to see…

…and heave a quiet sigh of relief as I see him zipping around on that blasted Nimbus 2000.

I really should have a word with the Headmaster about that.

I look over to my colleague as he struggles to resume his seat.  Apparently, he was bowled over by a student, breaking the contact…breaking the spell.

He glares at me…evil intent clearly visible in his eyes.

It is not over.

The crowd cheers.  Apparently, he recovered enough to catch the Snitch.  Gryffindor has won.

How typical.

Well, at least he is safe and I am safe as well.

He will never know that I tried to protect him…nor that I will continue to do so as long as I am able.

Right now, he is busy celebrating.

Let him.