I'm only the second in command.

Rigar's right hand man, as it were, only I'm a woman.

I have to follow his orders.

Lock those people up in cages, as if they were wild animals.

I know they're not Optricans. I know because they look unlike anything I have ever seen before, in their dress, in their weapons, and their speech.

Even before the great circle of stone was unearthed, I was starting to question Rigar's ways silently to myself.

I know that he is bordering on obsessive madness, due to the loss of his wife and daughter at Optrican hands.

A loss which has dealt as crippling a blow to his spirit and psyche, as his leg became crippled that day years ago..

He will never admit that we could be wrong.

And I have to lock this man and his second in command up, following his orders.

I see the anxious glances they cast at one another, and know without them saying that they care deeply for each other.

The anger that shot from the man's eyes when we grabbed the woman was unmistakable.

He would have given his life to save her at that second.

I hope his second in command has the chance to acknowledge to him what I will never say to Rigar.

Things I should have said years ago, when there was still a chance for us, before his obsession tipped him over the edge.

For us, there is no second chance.

I hope that his second fares differently.