Trick or Treat

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"Awww! Come on Alice! Please?" Emmett begged for the billionth time that day. Jasper was counting.

"What was the answer last time?" Alice asked

"No." Emmett mumbled.

"And the time before that?"

"No, again" Emmett sighed.

"And what do you think the answer will be this time?" Alice questioned

"Yes?" Emmett tried.

"No." Alice stated flatly "And besides none of us have costumes."

"We could go shopping forcostumes." Emmett suggested coyly

"Did you say shopping? LET'S GO!" Alice commanded. A newfound purpose to go shopping was just what she had been hoping for.

"Oh god." Jasper groaned "Not again."

Emmett had been trying to convince Alice to let them go Trick-or-treating around the Forks neighborhoods, for the past week and a half. It had not worked until now and Halloween was just a day away.

"Yes!" Emmett punched a fist into the air.

They headed off the Seattle Towne Center, where there was a large costume shop. They were sure to find what they needed.

"Oooh, look at this Jazzy!" Alice squealed pointing to a racy jailer's costume. "I could wear this and you could be my prisoner." She said seductively

"Uh, I'd rather not." Jasper half coughed. Emmett burst into a fit of booming laughter. Everyone in the store turned to stare at them.

"Ha! You and Jasper! Jailer! Prisoner! Ha!" Emmett managed to get out between laughs. Alice glared at him, and he immediately stopped.

"Yes, Alice" he mumbled.

"So, what would you like to be Jasper?" Alice asked him sweetly

"Oh, well, I'd--er like to be a soldier?" Jasper asked meekly, slightly afraid of what Alice would say. Alice smiled deviously. Jasper gulped.

"What kind of soldier, love?" She asked, the deviousness had spread into her voice.

"Ah! I can't take the fear that Jasper is emitting to me!" Emmett said "I'm gonna go find my costume. Alice continued to stare down Jasper, even though she knew the answer.

----------------------------Meanwhile Emmett searches for his costume-------------------------

"Can I help you find anything sir?" Asked a young teenage-yish girl with red hair and freckles.

"Yeah—er, do you happen to have any Benjamin costumes?" Asked Emmett

"The green manatee from 'Ariel's Beginning'?" The girl asked, her eyes nearly popping out of her head with excitement.

"Yep, that's the one." Emmett replied

"Ehmahgawsh! We have a ton of them! I can't believe one wanted to be Benjamin! He is just so cute!" The girl jabbered on, while Emmett's eyes flashed to her name tag. It read 'JOVIE' in large orange and black alternating letters.

"Er, yeah. Totally." Emmett answered absent mindedly his mind drifting off as usual. He didn't hear what Jovie said.

"Here you go." Jovie said, producing a plastic package containing the minty green costume.

"Oh, uh, thanks, uh Jovie." Emmett said.

"Sure thing. Anything else I can help you with?" she asked smiling a bit too widely for normal politeness.

"Uh, no thanks." Emmett replied, "Just gotta go check out."

"Oh, I can help you with that." Jovie smiled.

"Uh, on second thought, I gotta go check on my brother. 'Kay, bye!" Emmett said quickly and bolted toward where Alice and Jasper were standing, eyeing and array of pixie costumes as fast as it would seem normal.

"Hey!" Emmett said hiding the costume behind his back.

"You find anything?" Asked Alice

"Yeah, you?"

"Oh, I have, but Mr. Picky over here has not." Alice retorted

"Oh, well, uh, alright. Uh, Jazz will you come with me to the check out counter? The girl is seriously freaking me out."

"Sure." Jasper replied, an amused expression on his face. They walked over to the counter, at a normal human pace. Jovie looked up.

"Wow," she breathed. "Uh, I mean, is this your brother?" Jovie asked interesting coloring her tone.

"Yes." Emmett said, cringing slightly.

"Good." Jovie replied. "Er-so are you ready to pay?"

"Yes!" Jasper and Emmett said. Emmett soon found himself lusting after Jasper and himself. Ugh.

"Emmett, can we speed this up a bit? I am not very comfortable when I'm lusting after myself or you for that matter. Why do you think I don't enjoy going shopping with Alice!" Jasper hissed; too low and too fast for Jovie's insensitive human ears to hear.

"I'm trying!" Emmett replied, widening his smile. He handed over his visa. Finally the receipt was given to him.

"Emmett, hmm, nice name." Jovie said.

"Uh, thanks," Emmett replied taking the neon orange bag from the counter. He and Jasper took off as fast possible.

"Happy Halloween!" Jovie called after them.

"That was close!" Emmett sighed as he got into his jeep. Alice was in the back and Jasper beside him. Alice giggled.

"You could have just gone to the other end of the store. The young man there was very helpful." Alice said, still giggling.

"Helpful my foot," Jasper muttered.

------------------------------------ Cullen Household----------------------------------------------

"Come on Emmett!" Alice yelled up the stairs "It's getting dark out and the people are already out and Jazz is starting to scare me!"

Jasper, had put on a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He claimed he was a 'secret agent man' and then he would start to sing the song from the Capitol One commercial.

"Relax I'm right here!" Emmett replied. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what Jasper was doing. He was rolling around on the floor and then getting up really fast and making his hands into the shape of a pistol and aiming it at random objects. "Wow, I see what you mean about being scared."

"Let's go Alice said. Jasper stood up and rolled his neck. He then went into a ready stance with his hands clasped in front of him. Then Carlisle walked in.

"Uh, son I think you're going to need these." Carlisle said to Jasper and handing him a pair of dark sunglasses, "It completes the look." Jasper put them on and nodded. Then Esme entered the room. She walked over to Jasper and started to dust him off.

"Much better," Esme said as she fixed his collar and she slipped him something. Emmett saw him put something in his ear.

"Gasp!" Emmett gasped. "You gave him one of those curly-wired walkie talkie things! Why don't I get one?"

"Because you are a Manatee. A green one for that matter." Esme said. Emmett pouted.

"You are a very cute green manatee." Esme added quickly

"Uh, huh." Emmett said still pouting "Let's go."

"So that's what you're supposed to be!" Jasper exclaimed, breaking his well composed character. Emmett glared at him. "I couldn't figure it out." Jasper squeaked quietly.


"Ooh! Emmett's Benjamin!" Bella exclaimed as she and Edward walked into the room. Edward started to shake with contained laughter.

"What are you two doing for Halloween?" Emmett asked them curiously and trying to ignore Edward.

"We are watching movies and giving out candy," Edward replied.

"What are you watching?"

"Finding Nemo," Edward replied sheepishly.

"Isn't that rated G?" asked Alice.


Emmett and Jasper burst into laughter. "G rated! Ha! G!" they cackled, until Jasper was finally able to pull himself together.

"Hey! I happen to like 'Finding Nemo'!" Bella said. Jasper had to fight hard to stay in character and not burst out laughter, unlike Emmett who was openly quivering. He had to send out some waves of calm-ness.

"Okay, well we'll bring you candy." Alice said, pulling Jasper and Emmett with her.

"Wait!" Bella called.

"Yes?" Alice responded.

"If Emmett's Benjamin, and you're a pixie, then what's Jasper supposed to be?"

"Jazz?" Alice said and gestured to the empty space between the coffee table and the TV. Jasper walked over to the center and dropped to the floor. He then tumbled around on the floor three times and stood up quickly and began to hum the secret agent man song.

"Oh! I get it now!" Bella exclaimed. Jasper nodded and dusted himself off.

"Okay, we are leaving now." Emmett said hurrying out the door.

"So where do we go first?" asked Alice.

"Uh, let's go over by the school."

"Alright." Alice replied. They soon approached the first house. Alice knocked.

"Trick or Treat!" They said together as the door opened.

"One for you, one for you and one for you." The lady in mom jeans said. "Ooh, a pixie, a green manatee, and a-- oh, dear, I'm sorry but I can't tell what you are supposed to be dear." The lady said. Alice and Emmett stepped back so Jasper could perform his stunt of the third time that night. "I get it now!" The lady said after Jasper stood up. Jasper nodded.

---------An obscene number of houses and the same amount of Jasper stunts later-----------

"Trick or treat." They said for what seemed like the billionth time that night. The screen door opened to reveal the girl from the costume shop, Jovie. Emmett had to resist the urge to scream.

"Ehmahgawsh! It's Emmett! And his brother! And some weird pixie costumed girl!" Jovie squealed and another girl about her age came up beside her. Emmett stared at her blankly.

"Ehmahgawsh! You weren't kidding! They are simply scrumptious!" The girl screamed. "I'm Acelynn by the way." She added quickly.

"Eh, right. Well, nice meeting you, but we gotta get going, okay? So see ya bye!" Emmett said quickly and he, Alice and Jasper hurried away as fast as it would still seem normal for a human.

"Wait! You forgot your candy!" Jovie called after them.

"And what's your brother supposed to be?!" Acelynn added.

They ran all the way back to the Cullen home.

"Whoo, that was close!" Emmett said sagging against the door.

"Are they stalking you Emmett?" Alice asked laughing. Emmett glared at her.

"Come on. I'm sure Jasper is just dying to get inside and 'feel the love'." Emmett said teasing Jasper.

"Not in particular, not really, no." Jasper said as Emmett opened the door and dragged him inside. Bella and Edward were sitting on the couch watching 'The Tigger Movie'.

"We're back," Emmett sang.

"Joy." Edward muttered. They all walked right in front of them and dumped their bags of candy in Edwards lap.

"Happy Birthday."

"Merry Christmas."

"For Bella." (A/N: Can you guess who said what? You can leave it in the review! You get a cookie if you do!)

"Uh, thanks?" Bella called after them.

"You're welcome." They called back.

"So what do you want to do now?" asked Emmett.

"The next holiday is Thanksgiving right?" asked Alice.

"Actually it's All Saint's Day." Jasper replied while unbuttoning his blazer.

"Do you have to do shopping for that?" Alice asked

"I would hope not." Jasper mumbled

"I'm calling Jacob and Seth!" Bella called from the living room. "They're gonna come help me eat candy, since Edward won't let me eat it all!"

"Who wants to go shopping for All Saint's Day?" asked Emmett asked quickly.

"Don't you want to see Jacob and Seth?" asked Jasper

"Not in particular, no." Emmett replied. Jasper smiled knowingly.

"What did you do Emmett?"

"Nothing!" Emmett said very loudly and quickly.

"Of course not." Jasper said, just as the doorbell rang.

"Gotta go. Bye!" Emmett said and ran outside.

"So where's Emmett?" asked Jacob as he stepped in the door.

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