Trick or Treat

Chapter 2: Running Away from Jacob

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Emmett POV

Oh man, I gotta RUN!!! And fast!

"Emmett, you better get back here!" Jacob yelled from somewhere behind me. I didn't really care from where he was yelling, so long as he was behind me.

"Emm, what did you do?" Jasper appeared beside me.

"Less talkie, more runny." I replied quickly.

"Emmett, don't be such a coward! I'm gonna get you eventually!" Jake's voice was carried through the dark forest.

"Oh, no you aren't." I mumbled to myself quietly.

Aw, shoot. We were reaching the edge to the treaty line. Carlisle would kill me if I crossed it.

"Emmett, we're reaching the treaty line." Jasper pointed out.

"Nah, really Jasper?" He really isn't all that observant. "Way to point out the obvious."

"Just letting you know."

"Come out and play, bloodsucker!" Jacob called, hidden somewhere in the trees.

"Oh no!" I cried and nearly jumped into Jasper's arms. "Run, Jasper!" I hissed.

"While carrying you?" Jasper asked incredulously

"I'm gonna die." I cried and attached myself to his legs.

"Emmett, get up. We can still out run the wolf and make it back to the house before he does." Jasper convinced me…somehow.

"Okay." I got up and followed Jasper.

-----------------------------------------------Sometime later…----------------------------------------------------------

Jasper POV

"Emmett, I seriously think we went in the wrong direction. We've been by that stupid rock shaped like Edward's head five times." I looked around the dark forest.

"Don't be stupid Jazz. I know which way we're going." Emmett replied.

"But Emmett, it's taking forever to get home."

"Oh be quiet. It's not like we haven't got forever."

"B-but I want to go home." I said quietly. My voice echoed off of the trees, breaking the silence.

"Don't be such a baby. It's not like you're…"Emmett stopped.

I turned to look at him. He grinned gleefully.

"You're not scared, are you Jasper?"

"N-n-n-n-no!" I stuttered loudly, scaring the birds that were perched in the trees above…or were they bats?

"Hehehe, Jazzy-kins is scared." He danced around a bit.

A twig snapped under his weight, causing me to jump.

"No, I just, ah, I just want to go home….with Alice." I tried to distract him.

"Nope, Jasperino is a frady cat." Emmett continued.

I sighed.

"We better hurry if you want to get back to the house before Jake."

"Nope. I'd rather wait for him here." Emmett sat down cross-legged.

"Emmett," I began.

"Come on Jazzy." He patted the ground next to him. "Criss-cross-applesauce."

"Aw, Emmett, please, let's just go home."

"Nuh-uh, not until you admit you're scared of being out here in the dark, dense forest with all the scary creatures that could rip you to shreds and eat you alive." Emmett insisted.

"No, we're going home, NOW." I pulled his arm, but he wouldn't budge.

"Admit it Jazzy-o."

I pursed my lips. Well…he didn't have a video camera record anything, so I supposed it was okay…

"Alright, fine, I'm scared, now can we go home now?" I asked.

"Hmm….I guess…" He got up.

YAY! I rejoiced inside.

This time, I got to lead the way and we made it home in no time.

"AHH!" Emmett screamed as we stepped inside. "It's a wolf!"

Seth was sitting right in between Edward and Bella on the couch. They were currently watching a bunch of recorded music videos.

"She makes me feel so good, better than I would by myself or
if I was with somebody else.
u don't understand
she make the people say yeeeeahhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh.

At, first I thought it was my phone, but then……

"Jasper Whitlock Hale, where have you been?" Alice demanded from behind me. Uh-oh……

"Ah…"I began.


"I could put u in a log...cabin
somewhere in aspen,
girl ain't nothin to the pain,
it ain't trickin if u got it what u askin'...for.
Put u in a mansion, somewhere in Wisconsin.
like I said it ain't nothin to the pain
we could change the last name, what's happenin'.
cause you look so good,
tell me you wanna work here, I'll put you on the front page of a king magazine,
but you gonna get yourself hurt here.
ah, baby I brought you in the back just to have a conversation;
I really think you need some ventilation,
let's talk about you and me.
" I wrapped my arms around her and sang quietly into her ear.

"Don't you sweet talk me." Alice grumbled. I chuckled quietly.

"ooh I can't believe it,
ooh, ooh, she all on me (on me)
meh, meh, I think she want me (want me)
naw I can't leave her lonely naw.
ooh, I can't believe it,
ooh, ooh, she all on me (on me)
meh, meh, I think she wants me (want me)
naw I can't leave her lonely naw.
man you don't understand
she make the people say yeah, yeah, yeah,
she hit the main stage
she make the people say, yeah, yeah, yeah.
" I continued.

"Fine, you're off the hook…for now." She gave in.

I kissed her gently, slowly.

"Ah, get a room!" Seth crowed.

I looked up to glare at him.

"Watch it wolf!" I growled.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say veteran."Seth waved a hand at him.

"So anyway, I had to convince Jasper that nothing was going to hurt him in the big bad forest." Emmett stated.

Seth burst out laughing.

"It wasn't like that!"I desperately tried to defend myself.

"Ahahaha!" Seth laughed at me.

"I'm warning you wolf-kid!"

"Jeez, I'm just kidding Jasper! Don't hurt me, I'm just a kid!" He pleaded with his hands up in the air.

"Aww…is Jazzizzle gonna hurt the little kid?" Emmett teased.

"No." I shifted my weight from one foot to another.

"I'm only 13, come on, I haven't lived that long. But on the other hand, I've got nothing else to do…besides maybe beat that video game…" he trailed off. "But ha, you're afraid of the forest!"

"Boy, by the time I was your age I was out in the fields helping my father with the harvest! Maybe you need something to do." I growled at him.

"Yeah, well, I haven't got a father anymore." Seth said quietly.

Oops. Now he was feeling extremely upset.

"Oh, uh, sorry Seth. My bad, I didn't mean to bring it up."

"S'okay." He nodded.

The kid needed a fatherly figure around him again.

"Seth, uh, you want to uh, help me set up the new Wii?" I asked gently.

"Sure." He agreed.

I took him to the game room to connect our newest gaming console.

-----------------------------------Meanwhile in the living room…------------------------------------

Emmett POV

Wow, Jasper sure messed it up with that kid. Poor Seth.

"So, did Jake split?" I asked cheerily.

"Not a chance." A voice said behind me. Uh-oh.

Suddenly, I was caught in a head lock between Jake's arm and his arm-pit.

"Oh, god, Jacob, use some deodorant much?" I grimaced.

"Shut up, and apologize for what you did." Jacob growled.

"Aww…but it wasn't my idea! Edward suggested it!" I tried to weasel my way out of it…

"But you carried it out, and I've already got too much against the leech over there." Jacob gestured with his head at Edward.

………No such luck.

"You can have him Jacob." Edward said, his eyes not leaving the TV screen.

"OH! Eddie, don't be so quick to give me up! What would you do without me? What would mother say if she came home and found out that you fed me to the wolves, literally…?" I pleaded.

"Okay, Emmett, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Which one's it gonna be?" Jacob asked.

"Psht, the hard way, I'm always up for a challenge."

"Great, let's take this outside."

By the time we got outside, Jake had successfully pinned me down to the ground.

"Having trouble, Emmett?" Jasper asked from the roof.

"HI JAKE!" Seth screamed from next to Jasper.

"Boy, what are you doing up there with a bloodsucker?" Jacob called to Seth.

"We're running a line down to the Wii." Seth replied.

"Don't get too attached! He's emo!" I warned him.

"What's that?" Seth asked.

"Nevermind!" I choked out as I flipped Jacob over and held him down under my foot.

"So you think you're quick, huh?" Jake pushed me off and turned me around.

He, somehow, got me chained to a tree and was holding me down his foot, and he had my arms behind my back.

"Oh Emmett, you are going DOWN!" He said triumphantly.

I craned my neck around to see that he was holding my wrists, with his pinky out.

Oh no.

"GASP! It's the wuxi finger hold!" I exclaimed in fear. (A/N: FROM KUNG FU PANDA!)

"Yep." Jacob nodded.

"Psht, you're bluffing, you don't know how to do that."

"How would you know?"

"Because you're a stupid wolf. What would you know?"I questioned.

"The hardest part is cleaning up afterward." Jacob raised one eyebrow.


"That's good enough." I heard Jasper say.

Jacob let go of me.

"Whoo that was a good idea to get the video camera out!" Jacob coughed out a laugh.

"It was Seth's idea." Jasper shrugged.

I glared at them and rolled my shoulders.

"So, Emmett are you gonna make fun of Jasper for being afraid of the dark anytime soon?" Seth asked.

"Ah, well…" I opened my mouth.

Jasper waved a tape in his hand.

I growled at him. "Go away."

"Okay, c'mon Seth. Let's go see if we can transfer this to a DVD." Jasper and Seth turned and headed for the house.


"WAIT! Jasper, Seth, c'mon! I promise I won't make fun of you being afraid of the dark! JASPER!" I yelled.

"I think I'll go help them." Jacob ran after them.


The back porch light flipped on.


I looked around, I could make out the house, and I heard the river, but it was starting to get foggy. I looked up to see the full moon starting to get covered with clouds.

A twig snapped somewhere, and something made an animal call….it sounded like a crow.

I was starting to not like the dark.

"Emmett…."Some unseen voice whispered to me.



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