Precious One

Chapter 1

It all started- with a knock on his door, around a quarter past 11 pm. He was still a jedi- who was working with the Sith behind the Jedi Council's backs. He'd opened the door, purple moons under his eyes from lack of sleep. The thunder boomed outside his home, as rain poured down on the city. His daughter at the door.

His only child- taking after her mother in so many ways- it was disgusting. A small child with her, looking only about 2 years old. A guy next to his daughter.

She gave a sheepish hello and hastily introduced the man next to her, Indi. She asked him to take in the child- his grand-daughter- for she and her boyfriend were being hunted down, and wanted their only child, to be safe. He looked at the child- who took after neither her father nor her mother in any visual way. This pleased him greatly, but he kept that to himself.

He scoffed. "So much like your mother." He muttered in distaste with a smirk, making his daughter glare at him. He inhaled from his nose. "Very well. I'll take the child in." He agreed. The couple bend down, smiling at the child lovingly, her mother patting her on the head affectionetly, saying they're see her soon. They told him that she hadn't spoken a word since birth- that maybe he could fix that. The child watched innocently and helplessly, as its mother and father vanished into the dark and stormy night. He sighed, stepping aside. "Come, child. Get inside. You'll get sick." He said, gesturing the child in. It walked in cautiously, and he shut the door behind it. "Did your bastu- I mean darling parents, give you a name?" He asked, the little child shook her head.

He picked her up and put her on his knee, as he sat down on his couch, bouncing her on his knee lightly. She smiled, making him stop. "You like that?" She smiled at him, eyes closed and purred- like a baby kitten. This was strange- but was easily an advantage. He's know if she liked something by her purring- simple and no guessing. He began bouncing her on his knee again, thinking of names. "Naomi?" She frowned. "Lina?" She growled- un happy. "Trisha?" Still a growl. "Alice?" She purred. "Alice it is." She tugged on his beard, making him wince. "No, no!" He said, taking her hand off his beard. "No." She tilted her head to the side, but smiled and giggled,clapping her hands. This was going to be hard-

(14 years later)

"Guys, check it out!" A clone yelled, running towards his friends, waving around a package. His clone buddies gathered around their excited and happy fellow clone, who ripped open the package. "I just got my RCMS 179.8 official calendar!" He said, showing off the calader. "Each month features a different picture of the mid-dayt chick, Alice Gordana!" He said excitedly, flipping through the calender with his buds.

"Its like porno for clones." One of his friends commented, seeing a picture of the exotic radio DJ in a rather skimpy bikini, holding her hair up, looking over her shoulder at them with a devilishly bad-girl look. Suddenly, they were all slapped up-side the head by their superior, and the calender confiscated.

"If its porno for clones, you are not to have it." Their Captain said. "Besides- crushes are impossible to attain." The rookies groaned, before a transmission of Alice Gordana popped up.

"Aaaand we're back from a commercial break, boys! That';s for being such sweethearts and waiting! Patience pays off, and you've just earned yourselves a full hour of music- don't forget to call in and request, clonies!" She said, smiling.

-RCMS 177.9 Radio Station-

She hummed a bit between calls, writing down requests and shout-outs. Her wings flapped behind her restlessly- sick of being cooped up. She sighed, resting back in her chair. She loved her job- working as a DJ for the Republic only was easy- but she just wished she'd get more time out. If it wasn't for the fast that she didn't know how to use her wings, then she'd be on a 'smoke break' right about now. Her cell phone rang, making her glance at the screen to see the caller I.D.-


She smiled, picking up the phone and answering it. "Hi daddy!" She loved talking to her dad- who was really her gandfather- he was probably around the only who cared for her. Actually, he was the only 'family' she had, after her parents died in that terrible war. Apparently, the Jedi killed them- but to her, everyone was innocent until proven guilty. Her grandfather said he was in Genosis- he had buisness to do, but he wanted her to come visit- even for a little while. It had probably been about a year or two since they saw each other. She said she'd ask her bosses for a day off- that she had about three or four months worth of paid vacation-days off. Alica stood up, exiting the Studio, looking around out side for any one Jedi she knew- only finding Commander Cody of the Clone Troopers. She bowed to him. "Commander- do you know where Master Anakin or Master Obi-Wan are? I have a family emergency to attend, and I'd like to arrange the use of some of my vacation days."

"I could arrange that. This way." Commander Cody said, leading her away.


Her father welcomed her warmly. "Alice! So good to see you!" He said, hugging her. "My dear, this is General Grievous." He said, gesturing to tall and skinny Droid, amung the group of people who stood behind her grandfather. The druid coughed, wheezing, before bowing to her deeply. "He is the leader of the Droid Army."

"Holy gosh, you're tall." She said, as he stood back up to his full height. "You're taller than me- that's a bit- um- yeah-" She suddenly felt very, very, small. But, she smiled- "I'm Alice Gordana- you can call me Ali." Grievous didn't seem to be paying attention to her- he just kept staring at her chest in that, 'what's this thing?', sort of way.

"Alice, I'm sure you know that marriage between two people from different parts of the planet is benefitting. So, I've arranged for you and the General here, to be married." He grandfather said professionally before-


She looked down to see Grievous's talon-like finger, on her boob. He poked her again, because apparently, he's never seen a girl up-close before. "G-Grievous, that's not a very good idea-" Her grandfather warned, before Alice puled her fist back.

"PERVERT!" She holered, before punched Grievous, sending him flying into the air, leaving just a twinkle in the sky. She smiled. "Anyone else wanna make contact with this girl for the first time?" She asked innocently, as if nothing had happened, before Grievous fell back to earth, and slammed into the ground with an unpleasant crack. She thought he was dead, so she stood on his back. "Yey me!" She said, making her grandfather chuckle- as the druid got to its tallon-feet and grabbed the back of her shirt with a hand, pulling her off, and putting her on the ground. "Wow- You're tougher than I thought! That's so macho!" She squealed, before running over to her grandfather and hugging his arm."Papa, he's not gonna die easily- is he?"

"I hope not. I've already schooled him on everything there is to you- I'm sure he knows how to take care of you, and he'll probably do it better than I can." She laughed. "Laugh all you want, my child. You're going to be spending the next year or two getting to know him. But before I start schooling you, there' one thing that will never change about him- he's a bit of a coward- not by much though." She nodded, and just clung to his arm, as He turned and continued whatever business he had with the group- introducing all of them to her. Business- never sweeter.

(2 years later)

She walked up to the kidnapped chancellor with a plate of food, smiling. "General Grievous said I could whip you up something to eat, Chancellor." She said. "I hope you don't mind meat too much- I made stew." The chancellor smiled, as she stopped in front of him, stiring the stew lightly. "Its a long way up here- so it might be a tinsy-bit cold."

"Thank you very much." The Chancellor said, opening up as she spoon fed him. He swallowed. "That's quite good. Home-made?"

"Yes sir."

"You're a very good cook." He complimented her, making her giggle slightly and shake her head, as she fed him another spoonful. "Might I inquire as to why a gorgeous woman like yourself is in a place like this?" She shrugged, giving him another spoonful of stew, giving him time to chew and swallow.

"I'm the General's wife, sir. Where the General goes, he takes me along." She said, jumping back, as the chancellor spewed out the food he was chewing in shock from the confession. "Oh my!" She turned around. "Could I get a clean up droid in here please?"

"Roger, roger!" One of the simple droids said, running out to get the clean-up droid, as She took out a napkin and wiped off the chancellor's mouth.

"The General's wife, did you say?" She nodded, feeding him another spoonful of stew, waiting for him to swallow patiently, before letting him speak. "He doesn't look like he could get a wife-"

"It was arranged sir. But- I'm very glad he's busy right now. The General is a very jealous man, Chancellor-" She said quietly, before smiling- before Grievous popped in, coughing, making her whip around.

"Alice! What are you doing?" He demanded, before wheezing.

"I was feeding him lunch. You want to keep him alive, you have to provide him with the nutrients the body needs to fuction daily." She said simply. "But I'm done now. He complimented me on my cooking- something YOU'VE never done." Grievous glared at the Chancellor, a clean-up droid passing him to pick up the mess, as Grievous looked back at her.

"I'm a droid, my dear. If I had the sense of taste,(cough, cough) I would have complimented you years ago." He whined, as she looked up at him, napkin in the dirty bowl, on a tray she held. "Come now- the droids are calling for you." She waved to the Chancellor, as she walked up the stairs and regrouped with Grievous, who kindly led her out of the observation dock.

"Oh, General!" The General stopped, looking back at the Chancellor, who smirked at him. "You have a very beautiful wife." Grievous wheeled around, a look in his eyes of pure murder, but Alice grabbed his arm.

"Grievous, you don't have time to mess around." She said seriously, turning Grievous's attention to her. "Chill out, man. You've got to focus on what NEEDS to be done, than what SHOULD be done. What's more important? Beating up someone for a comment, or getting back at the Jedi?" Grievous looked down.

"The Jedi-" He said, before parading out of the room, dragging Alice behind him. She smiled- she'd just saved a life. Grievous didn't have enough control to kick a Jedi's ass- he relied on his tricks and pranks to save him. So, they'd live too. She was shoved into the elevator, making her squeak, as she hit the back wall, while Grievous entered, hitting a button. "Are you ok?" He asked, grabbing her wrist and rather roughly, yanking her towards him. "You're not hurt are you? My apologizes (cough cough)." She grabbed his head and ulled it down, resting her forehead on his.

"Calm down- relax. Everything is going to be fine, Grievous- ok? Just- try to manage the best deep breath you can-" Grievous struggled for a large gup of oxygen with out having to hack and wheeze for it. This proved less painful and more succesful when she was there, for some odd reason. "- and exhale." The General did so, feeling refreshed. "You see? When you calm down, you can breathe better, and everything becomes easier- even if just a little." Grievous closed his eyes, resting his head on her shoulder, towering over her, sighing. She smiled a bit. Grievous wasn't all that bad- he just wanted to be needed and desired affection. "If you weren't so tall, I'd hug you." She said, before he got on his knees, making her laugh before she hugged him. He got back up to his feet, wheezing, taking her hands in his. Apparently, it facinated him how fingers intertwined- so he liked to do it often. They came to the command center floor, and the doors opened, revealing a row of escape pods and the command center ahead.

"Go wait in the middle escape pod- (cough) don't make a sound until I get in-(wheeze)." She smiled, nodding, before picking up the skirt of her long dress, and jogging over to the escape pod in her high heels. She went to the back of the pod and sat on the left- closest to the window. The sound of her husband's rasphy voice- unmistakeable, as he spoke with the ship captain. After a few minutes, she heard him telling them to prepare for attack. She tightly clenched handfuls of her dress, wanting to plead with him to reconsider- but he said stay put and be quite. She lowed her gaze, releasing her dress.

Sure, she had opossed the whole marriage at the start- but he'd treated her like a queen, and made sure she was safe at all costs. She's actually become fond of him- and would hate for him to die too soon-

Suddenly, the entire ship began to dip down, turning almsot everything upside down. The room tilted, and she had to put her heels against the edge of the seats across from her, from falling forward. She braced herself and gripped the spaces in the walls. She slammed against the opposite wall with a grunt, hearing an alarm blaring. It took about five minutes before the entire place began to level out at a rather quick pace. She gritted her teeth, getting back to her seat, holding back a grunt as she did so. She waited, and several minutes later, three unknown beings passed by- escorted by a thick caravan of her husbands droids. She heard the muffled sounds of fighting, before her husband walked in. He sat down across from her- closest to the door. He cackled, throwing back his cape as he sat down. "Time to abandon ship." He said, hitting some buttons on the escape pod's control pannel. He cackled, looking out the window, before coughing again.

"You started a fight, didn't you?" She demanded, making him cackle.

"I did nothing of the sort." He said, as she frowned.

"Not convincing, Grievous." She said quietly, as he leaned over and took her hand, leading her over to his side, before setting her in his lap- which was very uncomfortable. Sitting on his legs and the seat at the same time was very uncomforting. He coughed, before laying his forehead on her shoulder. "You poor thing. You must be so tired. Why not take a nap?"

"It'll take us 5 minutes to get to the main starship, Alice. There's (cough) no time." He said, declining her offfer. "I will rest when we get there." She got up from the seat, surprising him, when she wen to sit on the other side of the escape pod. She patted the seat next to her, resulting in HIM getting up and sitting next to her. Grievous leaned over her, holding her hand in his. "This is all we need, my dear. Time alone. Just you, me, and a couple of Jedi-free months." She laughed, cuddling up to him.

"Oh, Grievous- you're so romantic. You know just what to say!" She cooed, looking down at their hands. "Maybe- we could even- play a bit?" She suggested unsurely and quietly. She laid her head on his chest. "No Jedi- no fighting. Why, with the droids as our shield- there'll be nothin gin our way from a little peace and quiet- maybe even some R&R." Grievous cackled.

"I admire your- thought process." She laughed.

"Admit it- that's not why you went alone with marrying me- is it?" Grievous shook his head, nuzzling her neck, wrapping an arm around her waist, free-hand slidding up her dress as he let out a seductive growl as he did so, making her giggle. "Grievous, stop that! There's no time." Grievous was about to protest before the pod came into a rough landing, m shaking the entire pod. Grievous fell on top of Alice,as it came ot a stop. He growled in anger, getting up, helping her up next. The doors opened, and he exited first, offering his hand to her. She accepted it, picking up her skirt in her free hand, benting down under the door. She stepped onto the floor, smiling brightly, as most of the droids whistled and hooted at her.

"She is NOT to be touched, understand?" Grievous snapped at them, before they were lead to a vacant room for the night.