Precious One

Chapter 17

Fingers smoothly laced the stems of flowers, expertly, and made a crown of them, planning them on her head, as she sat there, motionless, and he smiled, "So beautiful- just like your mother." He said gently, running his thin fingers through her hair, "You're hair is silky too. You got that from me, you know?" He smiled, his own hair, running over her shoulders and clothes like a river, and Boba appeared, making him looked up, "Oh, it's the Bounty Hunter." Suddenly, his head snapped back and there was a mildly surprised, but other wise blank, expression on the man's face as Boba shot him in the head. Their head lulled forward, before they looked up at Boba. "Nice- that was a 'kill shot' was it not?" He purred, reaching up and touching where the bullet should have killed him, and pulled his hand back, dark blood on his fingers, and he looked at the bounty hunter, showing him the results, "Good work- I'm bleeding a little."

"Shut up and die." He shot the man repeatedly- before his gun exploded in his hands and he flinched back just in time to throw an arm up for defensive reasons. He lowered it, and the man sat there, smiling, a long, spiked tail, pulled back. "Release the girl." Boba instructed, trying to intimidate them, and they grinned with insanity,

"Or WHAT! You're going to shoot me again? How effective has THAT been?" He asked, smiling darkly, his fingers in her hair, "I don't think I'll give her back, because I came just for her." Boba shot him in the face and the man was unfazed, "So persistent!" He leaned down and kissed her forehead, "Can't you find another girl for your wife, Bounty hunter? You have many fans."

"Shut up, she's already wearing the ring." Boba said and he grinned,

"You mean-" The man tilted his head back, gagged, and opened his mouth, showing Boba his tongue- a gold ring resting on it, "Thith one? (this one?)" He asked, before it melted down and he swallowed it, smirking, "Oops. Seems the acid in my saliva burned it down. My apologies." Boba was livid, but before he could do something, he whipped around and found a woman at the door, a sword on her side.

"HEY! If you've got her, then why are you fucking around?" The woman demanded, and the male frowned,

"Sorry, Dear, I just wanted to play with the Bounty Hunter." The Male said and picked Alice up in his arms, the woman going over to him,

"We don't have time to be messing with the bounty Hunter!" She hissed, and Spartan kicked Boba away from her. The force of the kick sent him away- and he tripped over the edge, plunging down to, and a ship rose up. Boba used his jet pack and slammed into the ship, rolling off, and clung to the edge for dear life. The ship opened its entrance bary, and the two strangers jumped in, as it closed, Boba fell, and the ship took off quickly.

~O~ Elsewhere ~O~

Bako stopped playing with the sith's light saber and looked to his right, as did Ryuki. He sniffed and started crying, making the sith look at him, taking back his light saber. "What's wrong?"

"Mommy's gone!" Bako sobbed and Ryuki purred, nuzzling him, and Bako hugged the lizard, sobbing, "Mommy! I want my mommy! Mommy, mommy, mommy!" Vader panicked and wondered what to do, looking around for where he had pt that number for Grievous, as some Storm troopers tried to calm Bako down and Ryuki snarled and snapped at them. Vader finally found it and dialed Grievous up, and Grievous answered.

"Why are you calling me?" He demanded, and Vader wheezed.

"Your son is crying."

"Impossible. My son is well behaved and hasn't cried a day in his life!" Grievous hissed, coughing, "You're lying."

"NO! Your son is crying for his mother and keeps saying, 'mom is gone. mom is gone.'" Vader explained, and Grievous tilted his head to the side, before readjusting his footing.

"Then something is wrong in regards to my wife, obviously. Bring the child over." Vader picked up Bako and set him in front of the transmitter, and he looked at Grievous.

"Daddy…" Bako murmured, and Grievous waved.

"Rock a by baby, on the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock," Grievous sand, and Bako began to blink heavily, looking down, "when the bow breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all." Bako sniffed and fresh tears sprang, as Vader sat down and the storm troopers stayed close, as Bako whimpered for his mother, "Little baby, don't say a word, momma's getting you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing, mommy's getting you a diamond ring, and if that diamond ring don't shine- er (he forgot the rest)- so baby don't you cry, momma's gonna sing you a lullaby-" Bako slowly dozed off and finally fell asleep, "That should keep him quiet."

"Nice singing." Vader commented, and Grievous glared at him.

"My wife sings some sort of dark lullaby to him- I don't do much so I had to free style." Grievous added and ended the transmission, Ryuki picking up Bako and carrying him to where Vader was sitting, growling at Vader, who got up and Ryuki set Bako down, curling around him for his own nap. The Storm troopers found a blanket and threw it on top of Bako so he'd be warm. They had to throw it because of fear of being hurt y the bull dragon.


"Look how pretty she is, Benkai! She's beautiful!" His wife cooed, and Benkai smiled gently,

"Yes…" He softly agreed, as she slept, "It looks like- she cut her hair." Benkai commented, and kissed his finger tips, running his hands rough her hair, "Ah- so much better."

"I think she looks pretty none the less." His wife smiled happily, "She'll be perfect. The inauguration won't take very long, and she'll be able to return when she's done." She messed with the ship's navigation as Benkai stayed back, staring her Alice. His daughter was in his arms. This was his daughter. This girl, whose smile captured hearts, whose hands drank up the blood they shed. Her wisdom and right choices were valued by even the Chancellor, and she was said to be as beautiful as she was blood-thirsty. "A grandson too! He must be adorable."

"He will be a cold-hearted murderer." Benkai blurted out, and his wife looked at him, and he looked sad, "Her son will slaughter like a butcher with no real direction, and when he gets that direction, he will continue to kill, but with purpose."

"Will he now?" his wife asked and frowned, "Well- at least he'll have a mate- right?" Benkai closed his eyes,

"I can't see far enough to be certain, but his heart will be of ice, so probably not." Benkai said, and his Wife kissed him,

"I thought you were an asshole the first time I met you, honey." She said, and he frowned, making her giggle,

"Eh, well, I got everything I could ever how to have. A daughter as lovely as her mother." He kissed her and smiled.


She felt pain and her eyes snapped open, and she fund herself in a dark room. Two large doors at the other end of a long room, and she was in the back, on a throne, wearing some weird dress. She looked to her right, seeing a stain-glass window- they were everywhere. The stained glass held pictures and told stories she felt she knew but they were foreign to her. She got to her feet, wondering when she had been dressed. The black shoes matched the black, elbow-length gloves she wore and she could see her reflection in several glass orbs that hung from the ceiling, make up all over her face, making her look like a ghost. The black dress was made of feathers and strapless, just a long 'v' to the end of her sternum, and the sides of the 'v' covered her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra, either! Where was she! She picked up the dress that dragged on the ground, and ran over to the doors, dropping the dress to pound on them. "WHERE AM I!" she hollered, panicked, she roared and broke the doors open, and they burst open, as she showed her fangs angrily, pissed, and several people looked up at her.

She stood on top of a large set of black stone stairs, and other people, were at the foot of the stairs, looking at her. They gazed in amazement and awe. Then, they began to whisper to one and chatter. Two people looked familiar from the crowd- a plain-looking woman and a gorgeous man. Well- everyone was gorgeous- but they stood out for some reason. Some of the whispers were directed to them. "Alice…" She blinked, the familiar woman coming forward. "H-Hello. You may not remember me, but I'm your mother." The Woman said honestly, the man beside her. "T-This is your father, Benkai." He bowed, but did not smile.

"W-What's going on? Where am I?" Alice asked, and Benkai looked at the woman,

"I told you she wouldn't remember us." Benkai said knowingly, and the woman looked like she was about to cry. "You are the next Leader of your people, Alice." Benkai explained and she blinked, "We've been behind everything- every major event of your life, until your grandfather died- then we were lost in darkness. So, we decided to retrieve you ourselves. These are your people- not your mother's, mine." Alice looked at all the anxious faces looked back, as if waiting for her to say something. "You are their Queen now and hold more responsibility on your shoulders-"

"So- you knew I got married?" Alice asked him, and the Woman nodded,

"Well, we did arrange the marriage and personally interviewed candidates with your grandfather. Grievous was strong and so adorably shy-" The woman said,

"Why weren't you at my wedding?" Alice asked. If they were her parents, then where were they her entire life!

"Well, we were sweetheart. Your Father hid us very well and we watched the wedding- even when Grievous was fumbling in giving you some of the wedding cake." She giggled, and Benkai smiled gently at the memory, "We've always been there- until recently of course." Alice still felt a little uneasy. They were her parents- and they were completely gorgeous- like super models! Her mother had long, dark brown hair to her hips, and her father had long white hair that held several strange but interesting golden ornaments in it, and he had a pink flower tucked behind his ear. Even though he hat two small, white bate ears, he was still very handsome. Everyone- of his kind- was beautiful. They were like vampires- in the sense of they each had some point of beauty on the outside. "Will you be their queen?" Alice's eyes rested on her mother finally, and she took a deep breath.


The plane landed in front of the Jedi Building of Parliament in sector 5. A cloaked person exited with two others, saying something to the others staying behind, before gesturing the two guards and walked towards the building, the two bodyguards holding large metal staffs, instead of some type of weapon or gun. They entered the building and the bodyguards pressed the button in the elevator and the cloaked person was still. They arrived at the floor they needed too and the doors opened, the guards exited first, and Darth Vader looked over. "I don't know who you think you are, but you'll be dead." The body guards got between the cloaked person and Vader.

"Threat!" They exclaimed and started fighting him with the rods and he countered with a light saber, but the staffs only gained nicks and scratched from Vader's blows. The cloaked person said something and the two guards stood up straight, abandoning the cause and returned to the sides of the cloaked person, and the Chancellor entered the room.

"Oh? Who are you?" he asked, and they pulled down their hood. "Alice?" She stood there.

"I would like to resign being a Sith Jedi." She said, and they blinked.