A/N: So here's the scoop: this story takes place post-Breaking Dawn, almost a full year after

A/N: So here's the scoop: this story takes place post-Breaking Dawn, almost a full year after. It is Renesmee's first Halloween and I'd estimate she is around 12 or 13 at this time. Enjoy =]

RPOV (Renesmee's POV)

Jacob and I enter the theatre lobby and he quickly drops my hand. I glare at him and he just shrugs his shoulders and leans against the wall to wait while I use the restroom.

This has become our ritual of sorts. Once a week Jacob and I go on a movie date, as soon as the lights go down he grabs my hand and I snuggle up into his shoulder. However, the minute we step into the lights he crosses his arms and walks farther away from than normal.

Jacob – and dad too for that matter – is afraid that Jacob will get arrested as being some kind of pedophile if we are seen in public together considering he is old enough to be my father in appearance yet we are clearly unrelated.

I look into the bathroom mirror and examine my pale skin and sigh, I'm a freak among freaks.

Jacob is waiting obediently for me outside the door and smiles as I walk up. Before he has a chance to move I reach up on my tiptoes – since Jacob is over a full foot taller than I am, again adding to the awkwardness of our situation – and press my white hand against his russet cheek. He sighs at the warmth of my hand, but the corners of his mouth turn down as he 'receives my message'.

I show him my anguish and despair at his necessary precautions; then I imagine us holding hands again and let the euphoria fill my thoughts.

"Nessie you know as well as I why we have to be careful." Then he added quietly, "You have no idea how much I wish it didn't have to be that way." With that he gently pulled my hand away from his face and let it fall to my side. I grunt playfully at him and walk towards the car.

Jacob was wrong in his account though. I knew exactly how he felt. We'd learned that, with this whole imprinting thing, in his mind he would only desire to move farther in our relationship once I also desired to do so. This revelation took a lot of unnecessary stress off of mom and dad, but mostly dad.

I slammed my door, and, with Jacob and me securely in the secrecy of his Rabbit, I held out my hand for him. He took my hand and chuckled lightly as he did so.

"Come on, you have to be more reasonable about this Nessie. Physically I'm about twenty-eight, and you, I'd guess you're more less thirteen. Do you understand how sick that is? Fifteen years, you can't tell me that wouldn't be even the slightest bit misunderstood by and outsider." Jacob always tried to make a joke out of everything; I guess that is one thing I love about him. He did have a very valid point, but, in my defense, I'm almost a teenager and my hormones have kicked in a little sooner than what I presume is 'normal' for humans.

"Just because we're mythical creatures doesn't mean the laws don't apply to us," he added in. I raise an eyebrow. "Ok so sometimes we choose not to follow all of the rules verbatim, but that's mainly to keep the rest of society blissfully unaware of our existence."

Jacob turns off the road and up the drive. He drops my hand again, another of his 'for both our sakes' stipulations that go along with our 'relationship', if that's even what you could call it. Dad, personally, felt great discomfort in Jacob and me, thus the dropping of my hand.

I crossed my arms tightly across my chest and slouched into my seat with my lip jutting out.

"Hey don't be like that. As soon as Bella and Edward go off to their cottage we can hold hands 'til your heart's content," Jacob laughs. Inevitably I laugh with him. It really is hard to be in a sour mood when I'm with him.

Jacob's laugh died quickly, though, as we pulled into the garage. He scrutinizes every car – the Mercedes; Jeep; BMW; Porsche; Volvo; Ferrari; and, saving his favorite for last, the Vanquish – before he sighs and pulls into his spot.

"Jacob, they're just cars, and you know you're going to get one from the family for Christmas. So stop all your whining," I say monotonously. Jacob always got weepy when the subject of cars was broached. He is ashamed of his little Rabbit when it is put up next to the newer, faster cars, but how many other people can say they actually built their own car.

As we walked into living room I saw Jasper sitting on the couch. He gave an odd kind of twitch and looked at us quizzically.

"Jake, why the long muzzle? And Nessie, what's got you bursting with pride," Jasper asks offhandedly. I look at Jake and we both shrug before heading up the stairs.

I barely to the second floor when I hear my name being called from outside.

"Renesmee come here I've got a surprise for you," I heard mom shout from the cottage.

At that the kid inside of me kicked in so I could act my age for a little while. My eyes light up as I speak, "Jake mommy's got a surprise from me let's go!"

I shove him to the side of the staircase and run as fast as I can to meet my parents. The human in me makes me the slowest runner in the family so Jacob easily catches up.

"Race you," he shouts as he streaks past me. Within seconds his laughter becomes only an echo in the trees.

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