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This story is kind of old...2008. This story has nothing to do with the previous one-shot. They're different.


" A doll, a dress, a plushie, an umbrella..."

Wolfram was patiently listening to his fiancé who was reading for the fifth time the Wish list for his Shin Makoku family. The blond concealed a yawn of bother with both his hands then swiped the tears that had been falling from his eyes. However it attracted Yuuri's attention who turned around to face his friend. He sighed.

Why did Wolfram stick to him all day long? Did he not have better things to do?

" If it annoys you that much, you still can stay here, Wolf."

" Don't keep your fingers crossed, you wimp. I said I would go with you. I must be sure you are choosing the best gift for our daughter."

" Jeez, Wolfram; I can choose a doll on my own!"

" Hm...Whatever. By the way, are you done with reading it?"

" um...I hope I am forgetting nothing."

" You're amazing. Even after reading it over and over again, you're still doubting. You should hurry up. Big brother is not offering you a day off for you to waste it."

" You're right. I'll slip my shoes on and then go." Yuuri ended up replying, folding in square the list then slid it inside his pocket.

" Yes, me too."

" What? You're still coming with me?"

" And what's wrong with that?"

They stared at each one before lowering their gazes and grabbed their shoes. After a silent while, Wolfram chose to say:

" Our relationship has to be improved. Did you know two lovers need to be alone from time to time to reinforce their bond? I can tell with me you can fear nothing. I'm always there to watch out for our engagement." Yuuri sighed, rolling his eyes as Wolfram continued his speech with a kind of accomplished tone.

As if I didn't know it already. He is such a pain in the neck sometimes.

But that's also why you like him, right?

Yuuri blushed brightly at that thought and cursed the Maou for interfering more and more in his life with Wolfram. Shaking his head, he finished lacing his shoes than raised his bottom from the bed. He looked at Wolfram who was combing his hair a last time before the water crossing. He mentally made fun of his blond friend, saying himself this was useless to comb one's hair when they had to join Earth by water. However, he did know why Wolfram was doing that. He intended to please Miko Shibuya, his step-mother. He loved visiting her: she always made a great fuss around him, to the point Yuuri wondered who between the two of them she considered her son.

Then he was done with his hair, Wolfram followed Yuuri out of their bedroom and then the two of them prepared themselves to jump into the warm water.

Wolfram was really eager to go on Earth once again, maybe just for having an occasion to spoil Greta with Earthen presents but also because he was finding there an opportunity to spend a privileged time with Yuuri, and his family. He was going to take advantage of his time over there to his heart's content!

Into the water, while crossing it, Yuuri glanced over his shoulder to see if Wolfram was really behind him. When he found the blond was still at a distance from him, the Japanese boy reached out to grab Wolfram's hand and both of them travelled hand in hand.

See, you even searching for a physical contact with him.

Oh, shut up, Maou! Shut up!

Weirdly Wolfram watched as Yuuri shook his head, his mouth letting out bubbles of impatience. It made him wonder why Yuuri had been so nervous for a few days.

Some seconds later they reached the surface and aspired as much as air as they could.

" At last! We're arrived!"

" Um?"

" What? Yuuri?" his fiancé looked puzzled.

Wolfram didn't wait long to know what was worrying Yuuri. He didn't recognize the usual Shibuya bathroom either. This one was...it was just a bit vaster, and also looked older, from the crackled walls he could see. There were a table with soap boxes, white towels, red brushteeths, a footbrush too, and a pair of eyeglasses lying on it. Hanging to one of the walls, a large oval mirror was facing a huge wooden wardrobe. Below the mirror, there were a dressing table and a small chair.

With their eyes full of surprise, the two boys observed everything.

Despite the lack of modernity, the whole looked quite lovely and nice. There was a warm feeling surrounding them indicating they should not fear this unknown place as they would have in normal times.

" We better get out of here and dry us!" Wolfram muttered.

" Y-yes!" they stepped over the brink of the bathtub before Yuuri opened the wardrobe and tugged at two towels, underneath a pile of other towels. He handed one for Wolfram and peeling their clothes off their bodies they rubbed themselves to be dried off. Yuuri looked up at his own reflection into the mirror only to discover Wolfram's bare back's and bottom's reflections full view.


Flushing darkly he averted his eyes.

" Yuuri, there are clean clothes too, should we dress with them?"

" It's better than wandering stark naked here, isn't it?" Yuuri replied by scanning the piles of clothes presenting themselves to his eyes. Wolfram preferred scanning the tanned body before his eyes, he unwillingly licked his lips with his tongue.

" It's a pity. I did like what I can see from it."

" What?"

Yuuri looked at his friend, catching a glimpse of the lusted glint in the emerald eyes. Yuuri's blush intensified , he becoming as red as a beetroot. He shakily chose two red pairs of trousers, two white shirts, four linen black socks and two red jacket with white furred hems sewed to them.

Yuuri had a sensation to have already seen this kind of clothes somewhere.

Dressed, they went out.

They saw no one, even though the house was lit with lamps and a delicious smell of bread and hot wine tickled their nostrils, coming from another open-doored room. Yuuri guessed it was a kitchen.

All the pieces of furniture were wooden and downy pillows were covering the comfortable sofa. The colors were in the tones of red, green, white, golden and brown. It really created a warm atmosphere. The mantel piece was sheltering a small fire that gave its soft heat to all the living-room. Outside, the snow was falling, spinning in the wind. Yuuri also noticed the huge Christmas tree and he smiled at that:

" It seems someone else is celebrating Christmas here."

" Yuuri look at this!"

Oddly Wolfram was not the same than in Shin Makoku. He lost a bit of his caution and dared to open oversized boxes.

" Look, this is full of toys! They must have a lot of children!" Yuuri gave a look inside the boxes and felt tendered by the old toys bathing in. They had all the beauty of the old toys that people threw away or forgot. Wolfram picked a doll up and observed it. The curls were raven black, with big shining green eyes adorning the face, the porcelain skin was white and soft, and the clothes were a faded-pinked dress with frills and ties and white socks.

" She looks like the doll Greta wanted," the blond whispered.

" If I could ask the owner of this doll to give me it for Greta, I would do it."

" I'm not sure they want to get rid of such a beautiful toy."

A noise of steps startled the two boys and Wolfram dragged Yuuri with him to hide themselves under a napkined table.

" Lucien, bring the pearls here, I will create the other necklaces in the living-room, it's warmer here!"

Yuuri and Wolfram looked at one another, wondering who was living in such a place. They then could see shoes moving under their eyes, then small legs when they looked up, then narrow waists, the whole clad in blue and red clothes.

" Children?" Wolfram muttered, pressing unconsciously the doll against his heart. Yuuri was not sure until his eyes bulged out of his head. When he discovered the faces of those people, they were taken aback.

" What? Goblins?"

They had short red hats on their heads and their faces were wrinkled yet cheerful and looked kind.

A sudden realization hit Yuuri's mind as he finally figured out what the place they were could be.

They look like white snow's dwarfs...

" What are you doing here, my children?" someone lifted the napkin.

Wolfram and Yuuri startled, gasping, attracting the goblins' attention who were sitting on armchairs to create necklaces with pearls.

Yuuri's eyes grew wide when the person who had spoken looked really familiar.

" Santa Claus!"

The tall man had a prominent belly, a soft face with short white hair, white moustache and round eyeglasses on his round nose. He was wearing the same clothes than Wolfram's and Yuuri's.

" Yuuri, do you know him?" Wolfram couldn't help but say it, feeling betrayed once again by Yuuri even though he had doubts Yuuri could be interested in such an old man. The latter smiled at the two and nodded.

" Yes, this is me! Children are not supposed to be here, mostly during Christmas!"

Yuuri and Wolfram stood up after withdrawing themselves from below the table to face the man.

The amazement remained on Yuuri's face and Wolfram had to push up on his chin to close his mouth. " You look like you're swallowing flies!"

" But Wolf! This is Santa Claus! Babo Natale, le Père Noèl!"

" Explain me what it is FIRST!"

" In our world, he is offering presents and sweets to children for Christmas, he is always like this with red and white clothes and black boots! He's fat and old and enjoys eating chocolate with hot milk!"

" So he's not a pervert?"

" No, I don't think so!"

" Ahem!" the fat and old man coughed.

" Oh sorry, we didn't mean to..."

" Can the two of you explain me why you're here? This is however a secret place where we're making toys for children!"

" W-we don't know! We arrived here like this...um, by the bathroom..."

It was quite impressive to meet someone this mythical and famous. Santa Claus frowned before something came back to his mind and he nodded mischievously, his smile finding its place across his face.

" Oh, I see! You have an old doll in your arms," he said to Wolfram. The latter blushed and nodded quickly:

" Yes, it is an old doll, maybe you want to get rid of it, but instead you can give it to me!" and I'll give to Greta then...

" Do you like dolls?"

Wolfram's blush deepened. Yuuri giggled under his hand:

" Oh yes, he likes them, he has a bunch of dolls and plushies at home!"

" YUU!"

" At home? The two of you live together, don't you?"

" N-"

" Yes!" Wolfram exclaimed, giving a slight hit of elbow to his King. " We are engaged! He's a wimp but he is worth it!"

" Oh oh oh! That's nice to see. Its better to have two men loving each other than men fighting against each other!"

" Well said!"

Yuuri had stopped laughing, unable to believe Wolfram could still embarrass him in front of Santa Claus. The latter sat down on a chair and uttered:

" I will give you this doll if only you can help me."

" All right. What do you want?"

" This year I need help to distribute my presents. And you will be the ones to lend me hands for this work!"


" I can't believe we're helping a half unknown man but as long as it is for Greta, I will accept whatever is coming to me!" Wolfram grumbled as he charged the sleigh with the last bag of toys. Yuuri caressed the reindeers which were impatiently trampling on the ground. Then the two young men seated on the sleigh and Wolfram took the reins, the precious doll sitting between he and Yuuri.

" I didn't know Santa Claus had two sleighs, he must be gone now for his own work."

" He lent it to us. Yuuri, how does it work? The reindeers refuse to walk!"

" Maybe if you use the whip it could work!"

Wolfram gave slight whips on their skins and the animals started to move. The two young men exchanged delighted gazes; suddenly, to their dismay the animals accelerated the rhythm.

" Yuuri!"

" Slow down we-WAAAAAAAAA!"

The heavy sleigh had set off from the snowy ground and was now flying up in the air, in the dark yet beautiful sky. Out of breath, the two men looked around them with disbelief and amazement, blinking to the infinity of the horizon. Yuuri could feel Wolfram's heart beating at a fast rhythm.

Wait, why were they holding each other this tightly?

Yuuri let go of Wolfram backing up against the velvet seats. He noticed the glint of hurt in Wolfram's eyes before the blond looked elsewhere, his hands clenched around the leather reins.

Idiot. He needed some comfort and you just pushed him away again and again!

I did not mean...to...

Stop stuttering like a fool and do something!

I can't! Can't you see the enormity of the situation? I shouldn't think of getting close to Wolfram when we have our hands full!

You're just searching for an excuse to avoid him! When he leaves you for someone else, I don't want to see you cry.

W-What? What are you talking about?

This is what will happen if you keep rejecting Wolfram. He will break off with you before dating another man worth his love and trust.


It hurts thinking like that, isn't it?

Stop talking like a sadistic. Wolfram and I...Wolfram and I, we...

There's nothing between you, right? Because Mister Shibuya Yuuri is too wimp to jump at the chance and acknowledge his feelings for Wolfram von Bielefeld. Seriously Yuuri, think of how happy you could be with someone whose love for you is unconditional. Wolfram truly loves you. You won't find another one like him.

Yuuri sighed, his mood had darkened at a worrying level.

But not for a long time.

" Yuuri! Here is the first house of the list! Send the present!"

" What? I simply throw it ?"

" Do it! The red-hatted man told us to give it like this!"

And during hours, they offered the gifts the sleigh was carrying on.

The morning had still not shown its colors , surprisingly. Yuuri and Wolfram, tired, settled the sleigh on a large snowed roof, contemplating the moon and the stars. They took the hot chocolate, the pastries and the fruits from the pic-nic basket, and served themselves. They fell into an awkward silence even though tiredness could explain it. Yuuri, his piece of cake in hand, glanced at Wolfram.

He was so cute and moving with this clothes. A young Santa Claus. He was eating calmly, his eyes staring at a far distance. Everything looked so peaceful.

" Wolfram?"

" Hm?"

" Do you love me?"

It almost made Wolfram's heart skip a beat.

The blond turned his head to stare at his fiancé, thinking he was joking and making fun of him, but when he saw the seriousness in the black eyes, his heartbeat quickened as if he was participating to a cars race.

He averted his eyes.

" You already know the answer. Moron."

" I want to hear it."

" And for what? to laugh at me?"

" I will never laugh at something this serious and sensitive."

" In any case, that you hear it or not, you know it already and it is completely useless to repeat it."

" Maybe not."

Wolfram dared look back at him. The intensity of Yuuri's black eyes on him impressed him, warming his heart with a searing heat. He gulped down his saliva when Yuuri moved closer and cupped his left cheek with his right hand. He was dived into the most captivating black eyes.

" I have been thinking a lot today. And there is something I should do because I can not hold back myself any more. It's too much to take."

Without any other warning, Yuuri leaned forward to press his lips against Wolfram's. The latter was shocked beyond words, but...sensing Yuuri's extreme honesty and realizing Yuuri was neither hesitating nor backing, Wolfram closed his eyes and kissed back eagerly.

How long had the kiss lasted? They didn't know it themselves. They just knew it was feeling really good and comforting in this frozen world. Their lips moved against one another, as Wolfram's arms slid around Yuuri's neck and Yuuri's arms around Wolfram's narrow waist. Nothing else mattered than these sweet, calm and secret minutes...

When they parted, their cheeks reddened, their eyes gleaming with something akin to tenderness, and finally Wolfram said in a soft whisper:

" I love you."

" Wolfram, I...I think I love you too."

This time it was Wolfram who leaned forward to offer another kiss to his fiancé.

Somewhere inside Yuuri, the Maou was smirking.


" I hope you're happy with them,now, Shinou," Santa Claus said sipping a bit of his hot chocolate.

" Yes, thank you. I was getting bored of their everlasting shyness."

He just hoped Murata would not tense him with reproaches like 'you shouldn't play with others!'


When she woke up in the morning, Greta found next to her a beautiful doll with raven black hair, big green shining eyes, porcelain pale skin and clad in a frilly pink dress.

She squealed with joy.

We made her happy, Yuuri.

I think so.