A/N: In which we have the Alec/Magnus Lime that started in the previous chapter. Mostly PWP, but hopefully entertaining PWP. ;) I still don't own them, though after writing this, I wish I could bring Magnus home with me.

Chapter 4


The bed in the bungalow was quite possibly the softest thing Alec had ever felt. Sprawled on his back, he sunk a good four inches down into the fluff of the purple bedspread. When Magnus's body stretched on top of his, the added weight caused Alec to sink even lower. He was in danger of drowning in lavender colored down, but as Magnus's kisses on his throat sent a wave of heat through his body, Alec thought that maybe that wouldn't be such a bad way to go.

Alec reached both hands down to cup Magnus's ass through the Shadowhunter gear he wore, and pulled their bodies closer together. When the warlock hissed and bucked his hips against him, Alec's fists clenched hard around the muscled flesh, and he smiled to himself, knowing that there would be little matching bruises there tomorrow to evidence their encounter. He clenched his fists again—drawing a little whimper from Magnus—before he slid both hands up and under his solid black shirt.

Magnus pulled his lips back from Alec's throat and tilted his chin so that they were eye to eye. "I thought you didn't like my outfit?" he teased. "I thought you were going to peel it from my body." Alec laughed and pushed Magnus up off of him as he sat up.

"Are you in a hurry?" Alec chuckled. "Impatient for something, maybe?"

Magnus sighed theatrically. "I admit, the centuries have done nothing to instill a sense of patience in me." A dark wave of lust washed over the humor glinting in his eyes. "And besides, I've been waiting for this for a long time."

Alec moved his body on top of Magnus's and slid his hands back down to the inviting curve of his backside. Magnus flinched as Alec gave another squeeze to the skin there.

"Why, exactly are you pulverizing my ass? Not that I mind," he shivered, "I was just wondering if there was a reason you were kneading me like dough."

Alec smirked. "Just marking my property, I guess."

"Your property?" Pleased amusement pulled up the corners of the warlock's lips. "I wasn't aware that my body belonged to anyone other than myself."

"Not just your body, Magnus. You. You belong to me."

Warmth and vulnerability flashed across Magnus's face, followed by a look of glib satisfaction. "Alright. But there is still one little problem with your logic, Shadowhunter."

"What's that?" Alec asked before leaning his body down to begin slowly tracing patterns on Magnus's neck with his tongue.

"You marked my ass. Anyone in the position to see that has already committed a grievous act of trespassing across your property line."

Alec smiled against the warm skin of Magnus's neck. "You're right," he whispered, and bit down on the tender flesh.

Magnus jerked his head back further into the pillow and groaned. The vibration of the sound traveled up Alec's lips and down his spine. He had intended to take his time, to savor every second of this encounter, but now that Magnus had brought it back up, Alec couldn't wait any longer. There were definitely too many layers of clothing between them, too much fabric buffering the perfect lines of Magnus's body from his eyes and his hands. That had to be remedied. Immediately.

Alec sat up, grabbing Magnus's shoulders to pull him up as well. He reached down to the hem of his own shirt, and lifted it smoothly over his head. Magnus smirked again.

"I thought my outfit was the one that offended you, not yours."

"It is," Alec sighed, and began sliding his hands under Magnus's shirt. "But I want to feel my skin against yours, and I knew the instant I saw you exposed I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. I wouldn't want to waste the time it would take to get my own shirt off, so I had to go first." He pulled the shirt over the warlock's head, reveling in how much easier it was to do while his hair fell soft and silky against his face, instead of held up in spikes by hard gel.

When both shirts lay together on the floor, Alec put one hand to Magnus's chest and pushed him back hard against the pillow. Magnus slid his arm around the boy's back and tried to pull him down, but Alec shook his head and showed off a little of his Shadowhunter training and strength to remain sitting. His knees, one on either side of Magnus's hips, were sinking down into the soft fluff of the mattress, making the friction and pressure of where their bodies touched more potent than Alec could ever remember it being. He arched his back slowly, rocking his hips only once to increase that friction and watching Magnus's face for a reaction. The warlock's eyes shot open wide and a strangled gasp escaped from his throat. Alec held his gaze and gave another little rock, never dropping his gaze.

Magnus reached a hand up to caress the skin just above Alec's stomach. It was the only part of him he could easily reach. "God, Alec," he stuttered, as Alec had gone back to the gentle rocking motion that was driving him too quickly to the brink of oblivion. "Come down here."

Alec didn't respond. Instead, he grasped both of Magnus's hands and pushed them down beside his head, restraining him while hovering his own body a foot over the warlock's.

"You're evil," Magnus whispered, but Alec just smirked at him.

"I told you I would tease you until you begged me to stop," he reminded him.

"High Warlock's don't beg."

"Is that a challenge?" Alec asked and leaned down to place one soft kiss along the warlock's clavicle, keeping the painful distance between their bodies.

"Perhaps," Magnus hissed.

"Good," Alec said and trailed a wet line down the warlock's chest. When he drew a dark nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, Magnus strained against the restraining hands. "Uh uh," Alec chastised against his skin, and pushed the other boy back down.

Magnus pulled his top lip between his teeth. "You know you couldn't really hold me down, Shadowhunter. Not if I didn't want you to."

Alec grinned. "Doesn't matter. You want me to."

Magnus chuckled, allowing that. The warlock pulled his knee up, sliding it softly along the outside of Alec's thigh, and Alec closed his eyes and sighed. The Shadowhunter's arms were shaking with the physical effort of keeping his body those few painful inches away from his lovers, and the rest of his body was shaking with the mental effort of it. It was a tantalizing sort of torture, seeing how far he could push his own restraint without caving in. The waiting would make the payoff better, he knew. And besides, he really did want to hear the warlock beg.

Alec sat back, pulling Magnus's hands up above his bare chest. Keeping eye contact, Alec pulled the very tip of all ten of Magnus's fingers into his mouth one at a time. Such innocent kisses, but Alec knew the effect they would have on the warlock. The promise behind the action was enough to make Magnus close his eyes and slam his head back against the pillow with a low moan.

"What was that?" Alec whispered, sliding the last finger slowly across his bottom lip as he spoke. "Was that begging?" Magnus shook his head.

Alec pulled the trembling hands away from his face and drew them together so he held both slender wrists securely in his left hand, then he leaned forward and pressed them down on the pillow above his lover's head. With his free hand he ran a phantom line of fingertips from the wrist of Magnus's right hand down to the inside of his elbow, over the slightly ridged muscle of his bicep.

As his fingers slid down the warlock's abdomen, he lowered his body down until he pressed firmly against Magnus's side. His hand slowed its descent as it passed over the sloping indent of the navel, and stilled completely right above the waistline of his tight black pants. Magnus's dark eyes opened to lock with Alec's, full of barely contained heat. Alec slid his hand just beneath the dark fabric, brushing over the soft skin that was both so close and so far away from where he wanted them.

"Still not begging?" Alec teased. Magnus shook his head again, giving a low hiss when Alec's fingers moved another inch down. "Still?" Alec prompted, and Magnus gave no answer at all. Alec let go of his wrists and slid his hand back up the silky skin of the boy's stomach before grasping his own hands in his lap. He grimaced and shrugged slightly. "Fine then, if you don't want me…"

Magnus shot up, grabbing the other boy by the shoulders and pulling him into a fierce kiss. When Alec pulled back for air, he realized distractedly that his lip was bleeding from the force of it.

"Don't you ever say that, Alec. Not even in jest. Not ever, ever again." Alec opened his mouth to answer, but the room around him was suddenly spinning. Magnus had twisted around, rolling their bodies over so that Alec was trapped beneath him. His skin was warm, and smelled of incense and magic and lust. Alec slid his arms around him and pulled him down closer.

The feel of skin on skin was a heady release, and Alec moaned against the curtain of Magnus's silky black hair that had fallen onto his face. Magnus pulled back to watch Alec's eyes as he bucked his hips against the boy once, twice, three times. Alec bit his own lower lip hard enough to draw more blood and arched his head back against the pillow, opening up his chest and neck to his lover.

"You want me to kiss you here?" Magnus whispered, and ran the back of his hand tantalizingly up Alec's bared neck.

Alec whimpered and nodded almost imperceptibly. Magnus leaned down and pressed his lips softly to the hollow beneath Alec's throat, giving it only the faintest and most chaste of kisses. Alec strained his neck back further, pleading with his movements for more intensity. Magnus parted his lips and darted his tongue out to taste the salty skin of the Shadowhunter boy, then slid his mouth upward to nip at his earlobe.

Alec shuddered involuntarily when he felt the warlock's breath hot on his ear. His stomach clenched in reaction to the tone of Magnus's voice, and to the content of his request.

"Tell me, Alec. I want you to tell me." He slid one hand up to cup the Shadowhunter's face, but kept his own face turned sideways, breathing his demand into the boys ear. "Tell me where to touch you—tell me where you want my hands…my mouth…my body. I want to know you want this. I want to please you. Tell me."

"I, uh…" Alec felt suddenly self-conscious. He knew what his body wanted, knew exactly the sensations and pleasures and friction that would turn his blood to fire. But there were other things he wanted, too. Experiences that his body had no sensory memory of, things that he'd never done before, but knew instinctively that he desired. Trying to translate any of this—any of the longing and want and skin-hunger—trying to give it verbal form, to simplify it to spoken language, he couldn't do it. He didn't even know how to begin. "Please?" he choked, feeling both uncertain and immensely vulnerable.

"Please?" Magnus's mouth was still pressed against the side of his face, and the involuntary spasm that rocked his spine from the feel of hot breath against his skin did nothing to help clear Alec's head. He nodded.

Magnus pulled back to search the younger boy's face. "What happened to my articulate Shadowhunter? The one who spouts dissertations about Downworld history and Clave law?" He slid his finger along Alec's exposed side as he said this, and Alec was barely able to manage a purposefully exaggerated shrug.

"Are you shy now, Alec? After everything that's happened between us, are you bashful?"

Alec sucked on his lower lip, tasting the hot tang of his own blood and shivered.

"Maybe," he whispered.

Magnus grinned at him and raised one eyebrow. "But how will I know what you want if you wont tell me?"

"You could guess," Alec suggested softly, trying to regain control of his breathing.

Magnus smirked. He nipped at the Shadowhunters ear and bucked his hips softly against him, causing both boys to groan. "Trial and error does have a certain charm," he moved against Alec's body again, drawing another moan, "but I think I want to hear you say it."

Alec arched his back, struggling to heighten the sensation of skin on skin, but Magnus had stopped moving, and was staring down at him solemnly. The absence of pressure was like a physical loss to Alec, once that he could barely tolerate. Instinctively, he raked his hands roughly up the goosebump covered flesh of Magnus's back until they collided at the nape of his neck. He pulled him down hard, desperately, but the warlock didn't budge. He continued to stare on silently into Alec's eyes, nearly drowning the Shadowhunter in the pools of molten chocolate. Finally, Alec gave up. "Magnus," he hissed sliding one hand up to knot in the silky strands of black hair.

At the sound of his name, the Warlock's eyes widened, but he didn't look away.

"Please, Magnus," Alec panted. "Kiss me."

The words were no sooner past the Shadowhunters lips than the warlock swallowed them up with his own. It was not a fevered kiss, not excessively hard or needy. In the past their kisses had usually been both, but that had been when Magnus was fighting against Alec's love of Jace. Now that his worst fear had played out, and in a way that led Alec back to his life, Magnus finally felt that he could slow down and savor the experiences. Before this night he'd always known that it would only be a matter of moments, and never too many of them, before Alec panicked and ran. But something about the way the blue eyed boy looked at him, something about the set of his jaw and the quiver of his lip made Magnus certain that there would be no more running. Their relationship had changed completely in the past few hours, and Magnus felt certain that it was on the precipice of another change entirely, one that he desperately wanted. But he wouldn't rush it, wouldn't rush Alec. He cared too much about him for that.

The feel of the Shadowhunter beneath him was incredible, the softness of his skin contrasting with the hardness of his musculature. Of all the lovers Magnus had ever had, none had been so honestly responsive to his touches and kisses as Alec. Magnus pulled softly on Alec's lower lip between his own, and Alec moaned and tightened his hands in the warlock's hair. When Magnus slid his tongue out, seeking entrance into the other boy's mouth, Alec obliged by parting his lips and moaning softly. He deepened the kiss, feeling his own heart rate and breathing increase in response to the rush of Alec's body and mouth moving with his. Even after their time apart, they still touched and kissed in the perfect rhythm that no choreography could ever hope to emulate, the natural syncopation of chemistry.

Magnus gasped and broke the kiss, determined not to give in until he'd gotten what he wanted from Alec. For his own peace of mind, he needed to hear Alec give voice to his wants. He slid his face along the boy's jaw line, until his lips pressed up against his ear and whispered as softly as he could manage.

"Say it Alec. Tell me what to do. Tell me what you want." Magnus slid one hand up to brush the damp bangs that had fallen on the boy's damp forehead, then he ran his fingers softly, teasingly down the boy's cheek and across that particularly sensitive part of the neck that he knew Alec was particularly susceptible to. A spasm racked the boy's body, and Magnus smiled and nuzzled his neck. "Tell me where you want to be touched."

Alec raised his arm and grabbed the warlock's hand, guiding it down his own body. He'd reached as far as his bare stomach when Magnus resisted and pulled his hand back slightly. When he spoke, his words were broken with the strain of keeping his breathing even. "In a hurry there, love?"

Alec bit his lip and nodded, closing his eyes and pulling on his lover's hand again.

Magnus resisted again, watching the desperate expression on the other boy's face until he opened his sapphire blue eyes. "Say it, Alec. I need to hear it."

Alec heaved a choked breath and stared into the Warlock's eyes. "Everywhere," he pleaded and gave the hand in his another tug. "Magnus, please. Everywhere."

Magnus hissed and yanked his hand away from the Shadowhunter's. Alec startled and stared up at him with a panicked expression, but the swirling colors of lust and victory were flashing in his lover's eyes, which calmed his alarm, if not his pulse. Magnus placed his palm flat against Alec's stomach. The hand was warm, much warmer than his own skin, and pulsing faintly with what felt like a small electrical current. As Magnus began to slowly move his fingers, the warmth and the sensation of electricity both magnified to the point that they were overwhelming, but not at all unpleasant. Alec strained to lift his eyelids and look down at where Magnus was touching him. There was a faint glow around the warlock's hand, and when he looked up in wonder at his face, there was the unmistakable ferocity of power shining through his eyes.

"Magic?" Alec managed to breathe.

Magnus nodded solemnly. "Heightens the sensation."

"Oh, God," Alec hissed and threw his head back, his entire body quaking with anticipation.

When the intensity of the touch and the magic was more than Alec thought he could bear, he felt Magnus's hand begin to move away from the place he needed it to be. As the hand slid up towards his chest, Alec whimpered unrepentantly. He was about to protest when Magnus bypassed the sensitive areas of his chest and went to his neck. Magnus held his fingers above the pulsing vein there for only a few seconds, just long enough for the heat there to begin to drive Alec mad, then they were moving away towards his face.

As his fingers went to trace the supple lines of Alec's lips, Magnus put his own lips on the magic warmed spot of his lover's neck that his hand had just vacated. He felt Alec's entire body quiver with the sensation as his mouth made a bonfire out of the tiny flame that his hand had stoked. He whispered an incantation into the skin as he kissed it, and then moved away to follow his fingers to the boy's lips. He covered Alec's lips with his own, and fought against the grin as Alec shouted into his mouth in surprised pleasure. Magnus pulled back slightly to stare into his eyes.

Alec touched the spot on his neck where Magnus had touched and then kissed, shuddering when his finger brushed it. "I can still feel…"

Magnus nodded. "You said everywhere," he said, his voice low. "I can make it so you feel everywhere I touch you, everywhere I kiss you, all at the same time. It will feel like my hands and my mouth are covering every inch of your skin…simultaneously."

"Oh, God," Alec repeated, and pulled the Warlock back down to him.

As Magnus's lips covered his again, Alec kissed him back with as much fervent passion as he could muster. The sensation of heat on his neck was dizzying. It felt like Magnus was massaging the skin there with his mouth, nipping softly at it with his teeth, while kissing his lips at the same time. He jerked as he felt the hot electric touch of fingertips slide down to his clavicle.

Magnus whispered something he couldn't understand and then left to follow the trail his fingers had just blazed. Just as it had on his neck, the sensation of touch lingered on his lips. It was hard not respond to the phantom kisses even though he knew there was nothing there to kiss back, nothing but the magic of his lover. Magnus repeated the glorious torture on his clavicle, and then on the other side of his neck before moving his hand down to rake it across the hardened patch of his nipple. Alec jerked hard, drowning in the myriad of sensations. Magnus's pinched it hard, making Alec buck up against him again, before he pulled his hand away and replaced it with his mouth. The heat and the magic and the sheer rightness of it boiled in Alec's veins and he shouted aloud, completely unselfconscious. Already he was almost lost to the pleasure.

Magnus used his teeth to bite and pull on the taught flesh and Alec jerked, lifting his entire body off the bed. Magnus pulled back to gauge his reaction. "Too much?" he asked hoarsely.

Alec shook his head quickly, but didn't open his eyes. "More," he demanded firmly. Magnus grinned and went back to his manipulations with his mouth. He closed his hand on the other nipple, matching the movements of his tongue, teeth, and fingers in synchronized teasing. He sighed the incantation quickly again, then slid his tongue across the boy's quaking chest to give equal attention to the other nipple.

Alec was quivering and twitching in earnest now, and Magnus knew he was close to the edge already. How often had he pictured that dark hair spread across his pillow and that exact expression on his streamlined face. Despite Alec's obvious enjoyment, Magnus knew that his own pleasure far surpassed the Shadowhunter's. The ability to bring those sounds and reactions from the other boy was the most gratifying experience he'd ever had. He slid his hand down to the top of the black pants and carefully undid the top two buttons. Alec writhed harder beneath him.

Magnus pulled the pants open just wide enough to maneuver them two or three inches down the boy's hips. He slid both hands out to grab the skin around his hipbones, loving the way Alec's muscles felt in his hands. He pulled the magic from his center, spreading it to both hands so that Alec would feel double the intensity of it. He slid his mouth down and used his tongue to trace the curves and hollows of flesh along the hipbone. Alec was struggling hard, so Magnus used his strength to grip the boys hips harder and kept him pinned to the bed. Unable to move, Alec's cries and whimpers grew louder, more desperate. Magnus wouldn't be able to delay much longer, but damn did he want to draw this out all night. He continued kissing and sucking on the soft flesh but released one of Alec's hips to slide his hand back down to the buttons. The fabric there stretched where Alec was straining against it in his excitement.

Magnus's own breath hitched as he ran his hand over the cloth that separated them. Panting, he undid the last three buttons and quickly moved his hand back up to grasp Alec's hips, which had begun thrashing again. He grabbed hold of the belt loops, then pulled the pants down hard, amplifying the motion with his magic until they slid of their own volition the rest of the way down the muscled legs and to the floor. Alec was left in nothing but gloriously brief black briefs. Magnus groaned at the sight of Alec's body, and bit down hard on his own lip trying to bring his thoughts back into order out of the dizzying fog of unadulterated lust.

He kept his grip on Alec's waist, kept him pressed into the bed as firmly as possible. His knees were between the boy's thighs, which were shaking visibly with the effects of Magnus's magic and touch. He kissed the outer thigh of one leg then slid the kiss inward, nipping and sucking on the skin there until he arrived to the soft muscle of his inner thigh. Alec was moaning constantly, one long stream of undecipherable cries, but when Magnus bit down hard on the tender flesh of his inner thigh, Alec screamed.

Magnus pulled back to look at Alec, to make sure that his sounds were born of bliss and not discomfort. The look on the boy's face told him exactly what he needed to know. Dark hair was flinging around the pillow as Alec thrashed his head from side to side, his hands clenched together over his head, gripping each other hard for stability. Every single muscle in his body was thrown into sharp relief as the he undulated on the bed. The sight of him so lost to pleasure, and the knowledge that he had been the one to have caused it was almost enough to undo Magnus. A violent shiver raked his spine and he rocked back on his heel between Alec's thighs.

"Shit, Alec. The way you look right now. I could…I want to…"

But Alec was too far gone to understand the words, if he could even hear them. Magnus wanted him present—fully in the now—for what he had planned. He pressed both of his palms down on the Alec's flat stomach just below his navel, covering two still darkened Marks and the intricate scars of several others. He slid his thumbs down until the brushed against the elastic of the black briefs and held them there, fighting his own desire to press down lower. He spoke a single low word, and Alec stilled completely on the bed. The spell was undone, the phantom touches and kisses gone. The only thing Alec would be able to feel now was where Magnus currently touched him.

Alec's head snapped up to look at him. His eyes were frenzied but aware.

"Are you alright?" Magnus asked, and Alec managed a groan and a slight head nod. "Is this what you want, Alec?" he massaged little circles under the elastic band. "Is this where you want me to touch you?" Alec groaned and nodded again, then threw his head back against the pillow and shut his eyes.

"No," Magnus demanded. "Look at me."

Alec lifted his head back up and his bangs slid down to cover one of his sea blue eyes. They locked gazes for a long moment, and then Magnus took a deep breath, and slid his hand down lower.