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Hello and welcome to my first Code Geass story, and first of my stories that isn't a crossover. This story is essentially a rewrite of the series. Some events shall happen differently, and I have some OCs that I plan to use. And for those of you that'll ask, the only pairing I've decided on using at the moment is Lelouch/Kallen, but there will probably be others. Also this story starts in between ep 6 and 7.


Lelouch set his cell phone down on his desk. He had just recieved another call from the leader of the terrorist group that Kallen was a part of, Ohgi. He informed him that Princess Cornelia had attacked and defeated another terrorist group. He had considered cutting his ties with them, but decided against it in the event that he needed their help in the future.

They were useful in keeping him informed of his half-sister's activities before they were broadcasted on the news. Based on her current actions, it was fairly obvious she was looking for him, or more accurately his alias, Zero. He knew she was most likely driven by the desire to avenge their half-brother Clovis who he had killed. 'I'll wait a little longer, and if she continues with the same method, I'll set a trap to capture her.' And with that thought, he got up and began to walk to the door. As he approached the door, it openned revealling a girl with long green hair carrying a box he had grown used to seeing since her arrival. "Pizza again? You know if you keep ordering that every day with my money I won't have much left C.C." He stated, as she walked in.

"I don't buy that. I'm aware that the Ashfords provide you with the money you need, as well as the large sum you've aquired from your gambling." she said as she sat down on his bed. She then took a slice from the box and took a bite before saying "So where are you off to?"

"Nowhere in particular, I was just going foe a walk." he said simply. "I know I've told you before, but don't go wandering around. It'll be trouble for me if someone sees you." this time in a stern voice as he exitted the room. But even though he had told her not to, he knew she probably would anyway if she felt like it. Lelouch told Nunnally that he was going for a walk as he was leaving and said he'd be back before dinner.


Princess Cornelia, the new Viceroy of Area 11, was looking over a paper that Darlton had handed her. It was a paper requesting transfer here to Area 11 from a man by the name of Cedric Kuester. "Cedric Kuester, he posses the title of earl, and is an accomplished soldier. His exploits on the battlefield are reknowned, though not as much as your own. He also has three sons, who along with him contributed the most victories in the acquistion of Area 16 a year ago, so much so that it could be said they single-handedly conquered it themselves." Darlton stated.

"His accomplishments are indeed impresive, but why would someone like him want to transfer here to Area 11, a place already under Britannian control?" Cornelia asked.

"I asked him, and he says he has great respect for you, and has wished to work under you, but his duties have prevented it until now."

Cornelia thought it over in her head for a moment before saying "Alright, I'll accept his request. He may prove useful in hunting down Zero."

Darlton nodded and said "I'll inform him of your answer imediately."


Lelouch's walk eventually took him of the school's campus and into the city, eventually coming to a park. He was contemplating several possible traps he could set for Cornelia, though he knew he should wait until implementing them. As he continued to think about capturing his half-sister, he was interupted from his thoughts by several voices.

"Whats some Eleven doing out of the ghetto?" one voices asked.

"Who cares why hes here, but I think its time he went back." a second voice said.

"Please, I don't want any trouble. I'm just here looking for someone." a third voice said.

Lelouch looked over in the direction of the voices and saw two men who looked maybe four years older than himself harassing a boy who looked to be a year younger than him. The boy had brown hair, and his clothes seemed to be a bit worn out. His back was to him, so he couldn't see his face.

Not too far away a red haired girl was watching the same scene. Kallen Stadtfeld was about to go over there and kick the shit out of those two Britannian assholes, when she saw a familiar black haired boy walk over to them. She saw he said something, but was to far away to hear it. Right after that, the two men said something and walked away, surprising her that they left without a fight.

Lelouch meanwhile walk over to the Japanese boy and asked "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine. They didn't get a..." The boy's voice trailled off as he hesitated when he saw the face of his rescuer. "Lelouch?" he asked, surprise evident in his voice.

Lelouch was equally surprised based on the look of his face. The boy was someone he had not seen in seven years, since Britannia invaded Japan, where he was presumed to have been killed. "Seiryu?"

Kallen was confused as she aproached the two. She had originally been walking over to make sure that the Japanese boy was okay, but was now curious about how him and Lelouch seemed to know eachother. "Excuse me." she said as she reached the two, interrupting them before they could continue their apparent reunion.

Lelouch looked over to her and was surpised to see her, though much less than when he saw the boy's face. "Kallen? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"Milly called me, and I was heading over to the school when I saw those two about to start a problem." she answered. She turned to the boy and asked "You're not hurt are you?"

"No, Lelouch stopped them before they could do anything." Seiryu said.

"So you two know eachother?" she asked.

"Yeah. My names Seiryu Kururugi." he said extending his hand out.

"Kururugi? Are you related to Suzaku?"

"You know him? But yeah, hes my older brother."

Kallen nodded and they made their way over to the school. "I didn't know Suzaku had a brother, he hasn't mentioned you yet." she said.

"Well, he probably doesn't know I'm alive. We got seperated around the time Britannia invaded, and I thought he was dead, so I can only asume he thought the same about me."

"So you came here looking for him?" Lelouch asked.

"Yeah. like I said, I thought he was dead all these years, and then I saw him on TV as the suspect for Prince Clovis' murder. I came here to the Tokyo Settlement as fast as I could. I'm glad hes been acquitted since then, or else we never would have gotten to see eachother again."

"I'm sure he'll be glad to see you again as well. He was really upset when we thought you had died. And you're lucky to have ran into me today, Suzaku happens to go to the same school as us."

"Really?" Seiryu asked, surprise and excitement in his voice.

"Come on, lets continue this conversation on the way back to Ashford. I'm sure Seiryu is eager to see his brother." Lelouch chuckled.


The three eventually came to Ashford academy. "Wow...Suzaku actually goes to a school like this?" Seiryu said as he looked around, surprised that his brother came to a school like this despite being an Eleven.

"Yeah." Lelouch said. The three of them then made their way to the club house used by the student council, and Lelouch turned to Kallen. "By the way Kallen, what did Milly call you about earlier?"

"I think it had something to do with the cat from the other day that Suzaku is keeping, but I wasn't paying full attention." she answered.

"Well I guess we'll just have ask her." He said as he entered the building, and the two followed him. They headed to the main room used by the student that Milly had decided would be Suzaku's cat Arthur's room too, and when they were in the hall the room was located in, they saw Rivalz and Suzaku both carrying a box inside, but the two didn't notice them. As they neared the door, Lelouch told Seiryu to wait outside the room for a minute, and he and Kallen walked in. Inside Suzaku, Rivalz, and Shirley were opening the box the two boys had brought in, while Milly overlooked them, and Nina sat at a desk in the corner working on the computer.

"Ah Kallen, glad you could make it. And you even found Lelouch on your way here." Milly said when she notice them walking in. "Or maybe you were together before that when I called you?" she said, her tone implying something. Her question also caused Shirley to nearly drop what she had just taken out of the box.

"What!? No! I just ran into him at the park on the way here." Kallen said.

Lelouch ignored Milly and Kallen walked over to Suzaku. "Suzaku, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, whats up?" he asked as he stood up.

He motioned for him to follow him, and they walked over to the door, but didn't exit the. "Seven years ago," he started. Suzaku gave him a questioning look and he continued, "When Bitannia invaded this country, you were seperated from someone, and he died."

Suzaku looked down and his expession saddend as he rembered his brother. "Yeah..." he said. But he wondered, why was Lelouch bringing this up now?

"What if thats not exactly how it happend?" Suzaku looked up and was about to ask what he meant when the door openned, and Seiryu stepped in.

Suzaku was speechless as he saw him, and just stood there staring for a good three minutes. Milly and Kallen stopped their arguement as he walked in since Milly was curious about what was going on, and Rivalz and Shirley looked over as well, and even Nina glanced over to see what was going on. "You..." was all managed to say.

"Its been a long time big brother." Seiryu said as he smiled.

Suzaku's eyes started to tear up, as he said, "All this time...I thought you were dead."

"What? Are you crying? Come on, cheer up!"

Suzaku wiped away the tears in his eyes, and said "I'm sorry, its just that I thought you were dead for the last seven years, and I just now find out that you're alive. I guess I got a little overwhelmed."

Before anything else could be said, Milly was between the two, and put her arms around their shoulders. "I don't know all the details of whats going on, but I do know that a situation like this calls for a party! Afterall, two long lost brothers have been reunited after seven years!" she said. Before anything else could be said, a yelp of pain came from Suzaku, who had just been bitten on the ankle by Arthur.


Lelouch had decided to get Nunnally to bring to the party, and was heading to her room. Upon reaching her room, he heard another voice with Nunnally as he entered and stated it was him. He saw another girl about his sister's age, and she had light brown hair in pigtails. "Oh, Lelouch. I didn't expext you to be back so soon." Nunnally said. "I was just talking with Alice. She just returned today from a trip with her family, and was telling me all about it."

Lelouch smiled at his sister's friend. Alice was one of Nunnally's only friends her own age, and he was happy that his sister had some of her own that she didn't know through him. She was a nice girl that had even gone out of her way to protect Nunnally from some bullies when they had first met and both he and his sister liked her, he had even told her that he was glad that she had met a nice girl like her. "Thats nice. I was coming to get you to see if you wanted to come to a party for an old friend of ours."

"An old friend? Who is it?"

"Thats a secret, so you'll have to come to find out."

"Alright." Nunnally turned to Alice. "Would you like to come too Alice?"

"I don't know, would even be allowed?" she said.

"I don't see why not. Milly is the one throwing it, and she has said you're a junior member of the student council like Nunnally." Lelouch answered her.

"I guess I could come since you want me to."

"Alright then, now that thats decided, lets head over to ballroom to join the others."


When Lelouch brought Nunnally to Seiryu, she reacted in a similar manner to when she met Suzaku after he started at the school, but after that everyone was having a good time. After a while, Suzaku ased Seiryu "So where are you planning on staying?"

"Hm? I don't know, I was so concerned with getting here that I spent the little money I had." Seiryu answered.

"Why don't you stay here at Ashford? We could enroll you as a student!" Milly said.

"Yeah, and if he needs a room, I don't have a roommate right now, so he can stay with me!" Rivalz said.

"Thanks you guys, but I don't know if I'd be allowed. I'm not even an Hororary Britannian." Seiryu said.

"Then just become one, its not that hard." Suzaku said.

"Yeah, but I-"

"If you become an Honorary Britannian, you'll be able to attend school here, and it'll be easier to see eachother."

"I know, but-"


"Suzaku, I know you want your brother to attend, but its his own choice and you shouldn't pressure him." Lelouch said.

"I know." he said. "Please, at least consider it." he said to his brother.

Seiryu sat for a minute, then said "Alright, I'll do it. I don't want to leave my only brother after all this time, and all of you guys are pretty nice so I wouldn't mind spending some more time with you all."

"Alright then! Suzaku, you take him to get his citizenship, while I go talk to my grandfather to get you enrolled! Oh, and since we didn't do much today, we'll have to get to work on Arthur's cat house tomorrow." Milly said, then exitted the room. Suzaku and Seiryu left shortly after.


It was later that day, and Lelouch, Suzaku, and Seiryu were sitting infront of the student council building while talking. Suzaku then got up and said "I have to head back over to the base. It was really great to see you again Seiryu." He then walked off.

The remaining two sat for a while before Seiryu said "He sure has changed since we were kids."

"Well you can't blame him, life sure has been hard on him. Its been hard on us all." Lelouch said.

"You're right, and I guess I've changed too."

Lelouch laughed a bit, then said "Yeah I see you've gotten braver, I remeber you used to be a bit of a wimp, and back then if someone threatend you, you would start bawling."

"Hey, what about you? I remember you used to challenge Suzaku to all sorts of contests between you two, and he would make you look like a fool if any of them involved physical activity."

"Ouch, looks like I lost this round." Leouch said, and the two started laughing.


Well theres the first chapter. When I was planning this story, I wanted to have another Japanese student at Ashford, but I needed a good reason for him to attend. Since Suzaku is the only Japanese student there, I decided to make the OC his younger brother. For those of you that don't know, his name, Seiryu, comes from the Japanese names for the Four Symbols of the chinese constellations: Seiryu, azure dragon. Suzaku, vermilion bird. Genbu, black tortoise. Byakko, white tiger. As you might have noticed, Suzaku and his dad also get their names from there, so when I named him I gave him a similar name. Alice isn't an OC, shes actually from the Nightmare of Nunnally manga, but shes not a member of the Irregulars in this story, just a friend of Nunnally. The Kuesters that were mentioned near the beginning of the chapter will be introduced in the next. Please review.