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Lelouch and Alex sat in across from each other on the train. After his speech, Zero ordered The Black Knights to split up to avoid being caught. The two of them got changed and boarded the train since Lelouch was determined to get back to Ashford before Nunnally and the others. By now, the train was half way back to the settlement, but neither had spoken to each other since Lelouch told him to follow him to the train. "Uh, hey Lelouch..." Alex said breaking the silence.


"That stuff you said back there. Did you mean that? About being knights for justice, and stuff?"

"I meant every word of what I said."

Alex thought a bit before asking his next question. "Why are you doing it though?"

"Because I love my sister."


"You're familiar with The Emperor's policy, about the strong and weak?" Lelouch asked. Alex nodded and he continued by saying "All his policies basically encourage people to take advantage of those weaker than themselves. So in a world where people get ahead in life by crushing the weak beneath their feet, where does that leave someone who can't walk or see like Nunnally?"

Alex turned and stared out out the window for a minute before asking "So what do you plan on doing with the Black Knights anyway?"

"To start, I plan to fight Britannia until I've liberated Area 11, and establish an independant nation where anyone can live freely regardless of whether they're Britannian, Japanese, or anything else. After that it all depends on what happens, but we'll most likely be at war with Britannia until we defeat them."

"What!? But thats crazy! Do you seriously think you can beat them?" Alex said as he looked at the boy across from him as if he had gone insane.

"I do, because if I don't, Nunnally doesn't have much of a future. And not just Nunnally, but the Japanese and all other people that Britannia conquers."

Alex returned to looking out the window for a minute, then asked. "Okay, say you actually manage to do all that, what then?"

"I suppose I may have to remain Zero to stop anyone that tries to threaten the peace I create, but I'd like to live a peaceful life taking care of Nunnally after everything is done."

"Thats it?"

"Thats it. I don't care about the power; I just want to create a world where Nunnally can live happily."

Alex once again looked out the window, and remained silent for the rest of the ride. He thought about what Lelouch had said back at the hotel, and what he had ben told on the train. He also thought about what he had seen in Area 16 while still the military. As the train began to slow down as it arrived at the station, he spoke up again. "Do you really think you can do all that stuff you said?"

"It will be difficult, but I told you before that I will do it. For Nunnally."

As the train stopped, Lelouch stood up, but Alex remained sitting. "What if I continued to help you?" he asked.

Lelouch remained silent for a minute before answering. "Are you sure you want to do that? Remember, I'm not forcing you to do this. I'm not evening asking you to join. If you do continue to help and become a part of the Black Knights, its your own choice."

"Yeah, I know. That stuff you said earlier, about protecting those without power, and liberating Area 11 and creating an independant nation, I agree with the stuff you say you want to do. I've regretted the stuff I did in Area 16, but I just ran away because I couldn't do anything. Not a day has gone by that the things I did there haven't haunted me. I want to help you. I want to join the Black Knights, protect the weak, and fight for justice."

"And this is of your own choice?"


"Then I accept you as one of the Black Knights. But you'll have to remain as 'Rook' for now; they don't even know that I'm not japanese."

"Thats fine."

"And one other thing. My Geass. It has the power to force anyone I make eye contact with to follow any command that I give them, though it only works once on anyone. So though I could have forced you to join if I really wanted to, I didn't."

Alex was surprised that Lelouch had told him about his Geass, and at what it could do. "Then why tell me about it?"

"As a sign of trust. Besides, you already know about Geass, so it would only be a matter of time before you figured it out, and I figure its better to tell you about it directly than for you figure out what it does and suspect that I used it on you. It goes against my beliefs to use it that way. I prefer to acquire followers with my actions and for them choose to join, then to force them to obey me. Now come on; we don't want to get stuck on this train."


"Great job out there Suzaku!" Lloyd congratulated the young Knightmare pilot. "You really did a number on linear cannon out. We got some great data on the Lancelot."

Suzaku took a bottle of water that Cecile had just handed him, and took a big gulp before saying "I'm just glad that my friends and all of the other hostages were saved." 'Zero... What are you trying to do? You rescued the hostages and even me that one time, but you also killed Prince Clovis..." he thought.

"Suzaku, why don't you go back to school and spend some time with your friends." Cecile said. "I'm sure they're a little shaken up by everything that happened tonight, and you should let them know that you're glad that they're safe."

"But don't I-"

"Oh, don't worry." Lloyd interrupted. "We're just going to be analyzing the data from tonight's skirmish. Don't need you for that."

"Alright, thank you." he said with bow before leaving.


After arriving back at Ashford, Alex left shortly after with F.F. to get home before the rest of his family. Lelouch sat on the couch and attempted to grab a slice of the pizza that was left, only for C.C. to pull the box away from him. "So I take it every thing went according to plan." she after taking a slice.

"Yes. My new organization, the Black knights, has been formed. The JLF's hotel jacking attempt, while unexpected and ahead of schedule, was the perfect opportunity unveil. And the situation was also the perfect opportunity to recruit Alex to my cause."

"So you got him to join you? Are you sure thats a good idea?"

"I've already informed him of my Geass. As I told him, its better for him to hear it from me directly than for him to figure out what it does and think that I've used it on him. And according to the information I found on him, he is a skilled Knightmare pilot, and if you combine that with his Geass, thats all the more reason to want him on my side."

"I see."


"So you joined up with that Lelouch guy?" F.F. asked as she and Alex made their way back to the

"Yeah. I want to help with what he says he'll do. Protect the weak, be knights for justice, all that stuff." Alex answered her.

"So you're still feeling guilty about all that stuff you did back then?"

"Please don't bring that up. I want to forget about anything that happened in Area 16."

"Well, you can help him if you want. Just don't forget about our contract."

They continued walking and F.F. made a left turn as Alex kept walking staight. "Hey, my home isn't that way."

"I know, but a convenience store is this way, and I'm in the mood for chocolate flavor this time."


On the G-1 base as it made its way back to Tokyo, Princess Euphemia sat on the bridge with her sister. Cornelia didn't want to let her precious younger sister out of her sight after what had happened. Euphie thought back to her meeting with Zero earlier. There was something about the way he spoke to her, almost with familliarity. And she also had a strange feeling that there was something that she was missing. Something she should have realized earlier, but couldn't place it. 'What could it be? What could I have missed?"

Seeing her sister's troubled expression, but misjudging it's reason, Cornelia placed her hand on Euphie's. "Its alright now Euphie." she said with a smile. There was no other person more precious to Cornelia than Euphie, and she was greatly relieved that she was safe.


"Nunnally! I'm so glad you're alright!" Lelouch said as his sister arrived home with Milly and the other girls, minus Amelia who had gone to her own home. He wasted no time in embracing his beloved sister in a hug.

"Its alright now big brother. We're all safe." Nunnally reasured her older brother.

"I'm really sorry about what happened Lelouch." Milly apolagized. "I shouldn't have brought-"

"Don't worry Milly." Lelouch cut her off. "None of what happened tonight is your fault, and you're all safe, so I don't see any reason for you to apolagize."

"Right. Well the rest of us should get going. Its late, and I'm sure we're all exhausted after tonight. Lets go you guys." she said as she lead the other three girls out of the room.

Shortly after the others left, Lelouch put Nunnally to bed, and stayed with her until she fell asleep.


"This sucks." Harrison complained as he walked into the front hall of his home with Nicholas. "Even though Zero showed up, the only one who got any action was that Lancelot machine and its pilot."

As the entered, they saw Alex and Amelia nearby. Harrison payed them no mind and walked to his room, while Nicholas walked up to the two. "Amelia, I'm glad to see that you are unharmed after tonight's ordeal." he said. "Did you just get home as well?"

She nodded and said "Yeah. I went with the others to Ashford before I came home." she explained "I didn't even get a foot inside before Alex hugged me and told me how worried he was." she added with a giggle. "Wheres father?" she asked.

"He stayed on the G-1 Base with Princess Cornelia. We came home ahead of them." Nicholas walked up the stairs in the hall. When he reached the top, he spoke up. "Its late. You two should get to bed." he told them in a stern voice.

"Alright." the both agreed.

Alex made his way back to his room to find F.F. laying on the bed looking at his helmet, her half eaten carton of ice cream sitting next her. "So this is your disguise?" she asked without glancing his way.

"Yeah. Keep that and the uniform hidden with you."


The next day, all the talk around Ashford was about yesterday's events. Some was about Zero and the Black Knights, but most about Milly and the others being involved and appearing on TV. Amelia even had to be driven to school to avoid all the reporters who wanted to talk to her. "I can't believe the only place I can spend my weekend outside of the house is at school." she grumbled shortly after entering the student council room. With everything that happened, Milly called everyone together today.

"I know how you feel." Shirley agreed walking in with her. "Yesterday, this wasn't how I was expecting to spend today either." She then looked around and saw only Milly, Nina, Rivalz, Suzaku, and Seiryu. "Wheres Lulu and Kallen?"

"Lelouch said he had to do something today." Rivalz answered.

"And Kallen said she was still feeling sick." Milly answered. "Wheres your brother Amelia?"

"He said he was going somewhere, but he didn't tell me what he was doing." she answered.

Since she had been told ahead of time, Shirley didn't pay much attention to Alex's absence, and instead thought about both Lelouch and Kallen being gone together. 'No no, stop thinking like that. Milly said Kallen was sick, so its not like they're together...'

"So why did you call everyone together today?" Seiryu asked.

"Since our weekend was ruined yesterday, I thought we should do something else instead to make up for it. Heres a list of things we'll need, so everyone split up and take care of your objectives." Milly ordered around everyone with her usual enthusiasm.

Shirley headed off with Amelia, Rivalz and Nina left after them, and Milly stayed behind in the room, which left the Kururugi brothers to take care of their objectives together. "I'm real glad everyone is safe." Seiryu said.

"Yeah, me too." Suzaku agreed.

"Thankfully Zero helped out again."

Suzaku went silent after his brother comment. "Zero... What is he trying to accomplish...?" Suzaku wondered out loud. "Why is he using methods like killing if he says he fights for justice?" He didn't seem to be talking to Seiryu; just thinking out loud.

'Well, I guess I shouldn't talk with him about the Black Knights...'


"You guys see the news? We're the talk of the town!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"Yeah. I haven't seen a single news story today that wasn't about the Black Knights." Sugiyama said.

"And we're front in all the papers." Inoue added.

The Black Knights all sat in their headquaters as they waited for Zero's arrival. They were all talking about what happened last night, and throwing their speculations about what they would be doing next. Their conversation stopped as they heard the door open and saw Rook walk in and take a seat.

"Hey, well if it isn't the other masked guy in this group. Wheres Zero?" Tamaki asked him, and Rook shrugged in response. "Whats up with you anyway? You barely say anything."

"Leave him be Tamaki." Kallen said. The guy's silent thing kinda bugged her, but she wasn't going to push him to speak.

After a few minutes, Zero entered and wasted no time in telling everyone his plans. He assigned everyone duties for the group, with Tamaki volunteering to handle the finances. Next he told them that he had contacted a group that would provide them with Knightmares to everyone's surprise.

"What?" Minami let out.

"You serious?" Yoshida asked.

"It will only be few at first arriving in a few days, but we will eventually be recieving more." Zero said. "Kallen and Rook will handle piloting them."

"Me?" Kallen ket out in surprise.

"Yes. You were the one pilotting Knightmares in this group before joining up with me, right?" Zero asked and she nodded. "Finally, I've done some information gathering, and tonight we will be breaking up an illegal arms deal going on tonight."

"What? We're already getting to work after last night?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes. We must to show everyone that we are serious about being knights for justice, and to do that we must get to work immediately. Any objections?" Everyone looked around from eachother, but no one voiced any objections. "Good. We'll meet up at the location of the deal tonight. Until then, I'll be upstairs." Zero said as he walked towards the stairs. "And Rook, I'd like to speak with you privately for a moment." Rook got up and followed him. They entered Zero's private quarters and he sat down at his desk. "So, you're not having any second thoughts?" Lelouch asked as he removed his mask.

"No. I made my choice, and I'm going to stick with it." Alex said as he removed his own.

"Alright. But you're free to leave at any time; I won't stop you."

"Thanks, but don't worry about me."


"Did you hear about last night?" one person was asking to another.

"Yeah. The Black Knights showed up at some warehouse and took out a bunch of criminals. I think there was some arms deal going on."

"Hey, the Black Knights showed up again last night."

"I heard. I don't know what happened, but apparently the busted some politician who was embezzling money."

"Zero and the Black Knights appeared again! They..."

"Zero is awesome! Him and the Black Knights..."

"Zero really is a knight for justice!

"The Black Knights!"


By the end of the week, almost eveyone ine Tokyo was talking about Zero and the Black Knights. Over the week, the Black Knights showed up again and again, and did just as Zero had proclaimed. They took down various people from crimal syndicates, to terrorists who involved civilians, and corrupt politicians, all fell to the Black Knights. As news of their exploits travelled, support for them grew as well.


"Hello Ms. Cecile." Suzaku greeted her as he came up to the hangar where the Lancelot was stored. "Lloyd called and said he wanted to show me something."

"Oh, hello Suzaku. Yes, we've just finished working on something new."

"Really? What is it?" Suzaku asked as the hangar door began to open. Once he walked inside, he was surpised by the sight that greeted him. Next to his Lancelot was a similar machine with a white paint job and blue in place of the Lancelot's gold. Though the two machines were similar, the were differences with the most noticeable being a large blue horn on the machine's head. "What is this?"

"This is the Lancelot Club." Lloyd said as he walked up to the two. "Its the first step to mass producing Seventh Generation Knightmare Frames."

"What do you mean?"

"You're aware of the extra sakuradite throught the frame of the Lancelot, correct?" Lloyd asked, and Suzaku nodded in response. "Well, though it offers the Lancelot high preformance, its much too expensive to implement that into more than a few units. This machine is to see if we can replicate the Lancelot's success without the benefit of added sakuradite. We're gonna be spending quite a while getting this caught one up with the orginal."

"So who is the pilot going to be?"

"Haven't met him, but hes supposed to and eleven and honorary Britannian like youself." Lloyd said to Suzaku's surprise.

"And you don't mind?"

"Not really. Why should I? Don't forget, its ability I care about, not ethnicity."

Shortly after that a door in the hangar was heard openning. "Sorry I'm late." a voice was heard. A young boy of Suzaku's age with grey hair came and saluted. "Private Rai Sumeragi reporting for duty."

"Rai?" Suzaku said, shocked to see his cousin was the new pilot.

"Suzaku?" Rai stated with equal confusion.

"Oh? So you two know each other already? Well thats good, it should already help with your teamwork." Lloyd said.


Well theres the sixth chapter. I guess thats a good spot to finish up this one. So how was this one? I know not too much happened this chapter. There was two weeks in between episodes 8 and 9, and I was trying to come up with stuff that happened during that period but didn't have any luck with inspiration there so I just put the important stuff in with some "filler" bits since I didn't want to cover episode 9 yet. Anyway, how do you think I handled Alex's decision to join? Maybe it seems a bit rushed, but I hope I can make it seem less so as I delve deeper into some of the stuff he had to do in Area 16. I know I could just show you all the important stuff from it right away, but I wanted to do it in a manner similar to the show, like with how they showed Suzaku's guilt for killing his father before we actually found out it happened. I had been planning to have the Lancelot Club's pilot to be Rai from the start, but for a short time I had considered Gino or Anya. But since I couldn't find too much about Lost Colors beyond a brief description and the mech data, I'll be taking some liberties with his character. Though I guess that doesn't really matter much since he was a player avatar in his game with the player picking his choices and actions. But he doesn't have Geass in this story. I already have enough people with Geass for this point of the story. Also, theres a pole for this story up on my profile, so if you're interested, head over and vote. Please review.