Summary: The fairy land is in trouble. Mikan, the princess of the fairy land step up and decided to do something about it. Her only choice is to appeal to the land of the Demons. On her journey, she meets this boy whose name is Natsume and also is the prince of the Demons?! What will happen to her?


Chapter 1
Double Trouble - The princesses -

"Princess Mikan and Princess Hotaru, please listen to us and escape to a safe place now !" The guards were trying to convince the princesses. But Mikan doesn't want to leave her palace, so does Hotaru. They didn't even know what is happening outside. Is a war starting soon? But the enemy is who? "Give us a reason why we need to escape."Hotaru remained calm, waiting for an answer from the guards. Mikan was worried about the situation outside. Since the King and the Queen left this land for a long time, the Prime Minister, Narumi have been taking care of all the work. But this war was not predicted by him at all. It came so suddenly, the land was totally in chaos, nobody knows what was happening, what was coming, will the land be destroyed? Or the Demons decided to break the treaty and conquer the fairies' land?
"Some human from the Human Land is attacking us soon for no reasons ! The prime minister ordered us to bring the princess to a safe place, please! Cooperate with us princess!"The Humans? Why? Hotaru was about to ask something again, but Mikan suddenly ran off, heading to the throne room,"Mikan!..".

"Narumi!!!." Mikan shouted so loud that the throne room was surrounded by her echo."No! no! no! Mikan you should'nt be here! Please leave this palace now!" Narumi was surprised and angry by her appearance in the throne room, so does the other ministers. " I can't just leave like this ! Look, I'm a princess here, not a girl who is useless and should be hiding somewhere safe enough so I won't be killed and doesn't care about her people !Please, let me know what is happening, let me help !". Hotaru came by, she heard what Mikan said, "damn, Is she brainless or what?" Hotaru thought to herself. " Is too dangerous for you my princess ! You and Hotaru is the only royal family now in the palace, we can't afford to loose both of you! And the humans will be attacking us afterall!" Mikan was speechless, what Narumi said was right, they cannot die here, they have to survive and and.. and what? Mikan was shake up. A voice suddenly came from behind, it was Hotaru."How many days more will the Human attack the land?", " One week my princess, it might sound long, but we are short of armory et cetera. We didn't predict that this day will come"Narumi sighed. A few seconds later, Hotaru commanded everyone in the throne room." Listen up! Within these days, we shall do whatever we can. I shall be finding out solutions and problems leading to this war!This is the only thing me and Mikan can contribute."Hotaru annouced. " YES! Princess Hotaru!","That was so cool Hotaru !.."Thought Mikan.

Mikan, Hotaru and Narumi was in the meeting room, discussing. The Minister of Defence suddenly rush in and say " Prime Minister! We are still short in armory and people! Most soldiers have left this land and escape to the northern woods with their family!" The three of them were bemuse. "Damn! We will sure loose this land!" Narumi mused. "We might not, remember there are three lands? The Fairy, the Human, and the Demons? Since the human is attacking us, we still have the demons. We just need to talk to them." Hotaru remained calm as ever, no wonder she is known as the Ice queen, cold as ever. Not even a sense of emergency from her."How Hotaru? Call them? Send a letter?" Mikan asked, She was dead worried and tense. "Personally visit them of course."Narumi said. Now the country is in chaos, who will have the time to visit them? Mikan Sitting at the chair, leaning back. Thoughts of solution keep flashing by her mind, Hotaru is capable of anything, she will be a great help to Narumi. What can she do? She thought hard enough, but nothing came up. "Mikan, Mikan! Are you there?" Hotaru shake Mikan so hard, but it seems that Mikan is thinking something deeply and doesn't want to response."Mikan, I will be in the throne room with Narumi to settle some things, I will come back soon, please stay here and don't go anywhere." Hotaru rushed off immediately to the throne room, leaving Mikan alone still thinking. Mikan suddenly realise, Hotaru is working hard, she cares too much about her, pamper her too much. Now, she is really a useless girl waiting for the war to end. Wait a minute, the conversation just now was about someone visiting the Land of the Demons isn't it? She can voleenteer herself anyway! This is the only task she can do and no one else since everyone is busy. "Right! I shall inform Hotaru and Narumi about this!".


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